Mark Zuckerberg Hints at UFC Metaverse as Fight Out (FHGT) Presale Explodes to $5m
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Mark Zuckerberg Hints at UFC Metaverse as Fight Out (FHGT) Presale Explodes to $5m

The world of virtual reality and the metaverse continue to be hot topics as significant players in the tech industry continue to explore their potential. One such player, Mark Zuckerberg, has recently hinted at his company’s interest in branching into the world of UFC with a potential UFC metaverse. This news has caused a stir in the tech world and may have directly impacted FGHT, a virtual reality token, as its presale has exploded to $5 million in value.

Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a video of himself fighting UFC fighter Alexander Volkanovski, which led to speculation about the company’s potential interest in a UFC metaverse. This news has caused a buzz in the tech world as it could be a potential game-changer for the virtual reality industry.

5.1 m raised fight out

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Meta and UFC partnership

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook (now known as Meta) and estimated to have a net worth of $60 billion, has been spotted at multiple UFC events throughout the years. In October 2022, Meta officially partnered with UFC to bring virtual reality experiences of UFC events to viewers.

In addition to Meta’s partnership with UFC, Fight Out is also involved in the MMA space. The company has UFC fighters Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas as project ambassadors, and they have been working together to create a unique MMA experience for their users.

Fight Out: Revolutionary Fitness and Move-to-Earn (M2E) Crypto Project 

The Fight Out app is poised to transform the fitness and move-to-earn industries through a unique rewards system. Users will be incentivized to complete workouts, enhancing their digital fitness profile. This profile is a customizable NFT avatar that is “soulbound,” meaning it cannot be sold or exchanged. Instead, it represents the user within the Fight Out metaverse, creating a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for each user.

Fight Out utilizes innovative technology to create a tailored training program for each user based on their fitness level and objectives. The platform monitors various factors, such as movement, sleep, and nutrition, to provide an all-in-one solution for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. The training program focuses on strength and cardiovascular fitness, technique, and mental wellness, making it a comprehensive resource for achieving optimal physical and psychological health.

fight out (FHGT) experience

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The $FGHT token

The FGHT token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a fundamental component of the Fight Out project. Holders of FGHT tokens can earn passive income by staking them. What sets the token apart is combining elements of move-to-earn and metaverse cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most distinctive cryptocurrencies currently available.

Users of the FGHT token can use it to participate in competitions and events on the Fight Out platform. The token is also the exclusive currency used to buy anything within the Fight Out metaverse. Additionally, users can purchase REPS using the token to make in-app purchases. By staking the token, users can earn rewards like discounts on gym memberships, health centers, access to co-working spaces, and other third-party services.

If someone wants to invest in Fight Out, they should buy $FGHT tokens during the presale period. This is an excellent chance to get in early and take advantage of the potential growth of the project.

Fight Out Presale Journey: M2E Cryptocurrency Presale hits $5m 

The project’s crypto presale kicked-off on December 12, with the team aiming to raise the necessary funds to complete and release the app. Fight Out raised over $1 million after completing its private sale in early December 2022, and the team opened the token to the general public – its presale has now raised over $5 million.

Traders are scrambling to acquire their tokens as the price rises every 12 hours before the token’s presale expiration date on March 31, 2023. Fight Out is also providing unique incentives to early investors, such as the opportunity to get an additional 67% in FGHT through a bonus program and a 5% USDT referral scheme.

FGHT tokens will be listed on several exchanges like Uniswap, LBank, BitForex, and starting from April 5 after the presale. The excitement around the project is so high that these exchanges have already confirmed the listings.

How to Purchase $FGHT Token

If you’re considering investing in Fight Out Token ($FGHT), following the guidelines and researching the process before making any financial decisions is essential. By following the steps on how to buy $FGHT, which includes setting up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and creating a purchase order, you can invest in the coin and potentially see returns.

1 – Setup a Crypto Wallet

The initial step for investors is to create a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is intended to store cryptocurrency and facilitate transfers. Fight Out’s team suggests using either MetaMask, if you’re using a computer, or Trust Wallet, if you’re using a mobile device, as your crypto wallet to manage your $FGHT tokens. Although there are many options, these wallets are recommended for ease of use and security.

2 – Acquire ETH or USDT

The next step is for investors to acquire Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT), as the two digital currencies the Fight Out presale dashboard supports. Most centralized and decentralized exchanges allow for the purchase of these currencies, which may subsequently be transferred to the cryptocurrency wallet created.

3 – Buy FGHT tokens

After ensuring their wallet has enough ETH/USDT, investors should select the “Buy $FGHT with ETH or USDT” button. They can then enter the amount and see how many $FGHT tokens they will receive. After that, all the investor has to do is click “Buy Now.”

4 – Claim FGHT Tokens

The FGHT tokens will be created during a Token Generation Event (TGE), which will occur once the presale is over. Then, presale participants can instantly access their purchased tokens through the Fight Out website.

FGHT presale

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Fight Out’s innovative approach to combining fitness, gaming, and crypto is attracting much attention in the market. With Mark Zuckerberg’s hints at a potential UFC metaverse and FGHT’s involvement with MMA fighters, the future of Fight Out looks bright. Investors who want to get in on the action should follow the guidelines to buy $FGHT tokens and take advantage of the bonus and referral programs while the presale is still open.

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