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Pepecoin Price Plummets, as No Meme Token and $SPONGE Surge Following Musk Tweet

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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The meme coins craze continues as people are eager to get as many of these tokens as possible. Who can blame them when Pepe’s price skyrocketed pretty quickly, and $SPONGE followed? Now, after these two meme coins, we have another one called No Meme inspired by the tweet of Elon Musk – the person who has the biggest influence on the crypto market by far. As Pepe’s price drops, here is why No Meme ($NOMEME) and SpongeBob token ($SPONGE) take all the attention!

Elon Musk and Twitter

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Elon’s tweet launches NO Meme token to the stars – recorded 700% pump on Uniswap

Elon is known for many things – for being a very successful businessman, a rich man, a smart man, a man who has established a Tesla company, Space X, and the man who has bought Twitter. He uses it relentlessly to share his opinion, and every tweet he publishes causes a storm among crypto enthusiasts. Now, after he has supported Dogecoin many times, his tweet has inspired the launch of the No Meme token that looks set to achieve some incredible success. 

Musk’s tweet caused an immediate spike in the price of Milady Maker, a collection that is popular on OpenSea. According to NFT Price Floor, the Milady maker collections’ price floor last was around 5.4 ETC, up from less than 4 ETC a day before. The caption Musk imposed on the Milady maker NFT image he shared is the basis for No Meme Token that, has caused a major stir on the market. 

Looking at the stats of the No Meme token that can already be bought on Uniswap, it’s obvious that it achieved a 700% price pump in less than  24 hours. This success shows what the future could look like, so get it while you can!

Whales are buying No meme token – price pump ahead!

Whenever new crypto with potential shows up on the market, the whales come in and start investing huge amounts of money into it. Jacob Bury, the technical analyst and blockchain investor who has also established his YouTube channel that people usually turn to when in doubt, has already invested $3k into the No Meme token. 

Investing now can bring vast gains pretty quickly, especially when the hype is so strong, which is why whales decide to ride the wave and use it to the max. Multiple investments are pouring in from multiple investors investing up to $100k. Seeing such great activity already is a clear sign that it is time to act!

Buy NoMeme

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$SPONGE listed on 6 exchanges – the number of investors is on the rise

The $SPONGE cryptocurrency, which is based on Spongebob Squarepants, has been around for a few days, but it’s already listed at six of the biggest centralized exchanges worldwide. This is a remarkable success, considering it took Pepe Coin three weeks to be listed on a central exchange. The $SPONGE token can be bought on MEXC, Toobit, Polonlex, CoinW, BTCEX, and LBank, but the team announced there would be more soon.  

Listings were made in response to the incredible returns that $SPONGE provided for traders. The coin gained over 3,000% in 72 hours after listing on Uniswap. The trading volume increased to $115 million. $SPONGE has been exhibiting a consolidation pattern which could be a precursor to exploding price increases. The trading volume is currently $16 million, and it’s increasing again.

Whatever happens in the near future to $SPONGE, it has cemented its position as a meme coin that will last. The token now has more than 10,000 investors and a Telegram Group with more than 17k members already proving its popularity. $SPONGE also has a Twitter account with more than 38k followers. Matt Wallace, meme coin influencer and Elon’s friend is one of the followers that catches everyone’s eye. 


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PEPE’S price is down – Time to move on to $NOMEME and $SPONGE

PEPE became an instant hit from the moment it was launched. It completely shattered the usual path we could expect from a meme coin nowadays. The value of Pepe Coin surged 8000%, and then it crashed back down from having a market cap of $1,6 billion to $480 million, which is a huge difference that cannot be overlooked. 

Predicting PEPE’s future after such a volatile price movement is difficult. In the absence of any major catalyst, it seems unlikely that PEPE will ever again pump. Because of PEPE’s overwhelming growth, all crypto influencers who could support the coin have done it already. This development of the situation is pushing investors to move on to other cryptos that have a price pump ahead, which $NOMEME and $SPONGE seem to have, so get them before it’s too late!

pepe crypto

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There are so many things going on in the market, but it seems that all the news about the crypto market is about meme coins. After the price drop of PEPE, it is now time to move on to the meme coins that are pumping now – $NOMEME and $SPONGE. If you wish to make the most out of their popularity, jump on the bandwagon!

Will Macmaster Editor

Will Macmaster Editor

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