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RobotEra Hit $1 Million in Presale- Here’s How to Buy the Best New Metaverse Crypto Now! 

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RobotEra, the newest Play 2 Earn game set on planet Taro, crossed the $1 million mark in its presale. Around 50 million tokens now remain available for purchase before the RobotEra enters the presale stage 2 and increases its price.

This metaverse game, where robots try to rebuild the planet destroyed by war, has been called the next The Sandbox due to the possibility of creating land. But, unlike The Sandbox and other similar Play 2 Earn games, RobotEra offers better earning opportunities.

Also, experts say RobotEra is one of the fastest-growing Play 2 Earn games that has the potential to be worth $10 trillion by 2030.

This article will cover everything you need to know about this trending Play 2 Earn crypto, including a guide on how to buy it and why to invest in RobotEra.

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So, let’s start.

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>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

How to buy the best new metaverse crypto?

The process of buying RobotEra is straightforward, and you can complete your purchase in a few steps:

1 – Head to RobotEra’s official website and connect your wallet. You can use MetaMask or choose one of the supported wallets like Trust Wallet.

2 – When you connect your wallet, choose one from the following options:

  • Buy TARO with ETH
  • Buy TARO with USDT

In both situations, you must ensure you have enough ETH or USDT in your wallet to make the purchase. Enter the amount of TARO you want to get and click BUY.

3 – Confirm your transaction. You will be asked to confirm your transaction twice. The first-time approval is for the USDT contract, and the second is for your transaction amount.

4 – Claim your TARO tokens. Once the presale’s over, investors will be able to collect your coins. All details will be published on the RobotEra website.


>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

RobotEra Price Prediction 2024 – 2030 

RobotEra’s price will pump with the first exchange listings and the release of the RobotEra multiverse.

Here is an overview of RobotEra’s price.

Year  Price Prediction
2024 $0.0063 – $0.0099
2025 $0.025 – $0.0980
2026 $0.023 – $0.0968
2027 $0.066 – $0.132
2028 $0.0724 – $0.1465
2029 $0.0981 – $0.324
2030 $0.1134 – $0.676

The adoption of Web3 ecosystems will largely influence RobotEra’s price. Crypto enthusiasts expect Web3 should become a big thing in the future, so we can expect RobotEra to grow together with the market.

Moreover, RobotEra’s price will be influenced by other factors like perceived worth by the investors, adoption of the gameplay, regulations, and more.

>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

A Sandbox-like metaverse system but with terrific additions

The main goal of RobotEra is to give players a powerful multi-dimensional metaverse platform that combines entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction.

RobotEra players can create their assets like land, robots, buildings, sports courts, NFTs, and more. They can also build theme parks, purchase real estate, and share their world with other players. 

Players can battle their opponents and earn rewards or sell their assets on the marketplace to capitalize. Additionally, players can get great money when they raise sacred trees, sell NFTs, run advertisements, or stake tokens.

RobotEra is more than a Play 2 Earn platform as it successfully combines NFTs and gaming, providing a unique blockchain-building experience.

Players can meet on a neutral ground called Central City and complete different challenges and quests to earn rewards. In the metaverse, robots will be a part of one of the seven fractions – Guardian Song, Ω, Justice League, Pioneer, War Academy, Lava, or Desire Paradise.

Lastly, RobotEra is a decentralized system where token owners and players can propose tactics to be used in their fraction and decide how to use the coins in the ecosystem.

The project has established a positive reputation among crypto investors and enjoys the active support of the community. One of the reasons for such support is that RobotEra plans to launch new updates to the ecosystem every three months. Also, the project’s roadmap will change depending on the community feedback. 

robotera factions

>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

Why should you invest in RobotEra?

With all its unique and powerful attributes and a wide array of earning possibilities, RobotEra is one of the best tokens you can invest in this year.

To sum up, here are a few reasons why you should invest in RobotEra:

  • You can earn great rewards with simplicity. Earn passive income by staking, creating your assets, and selling them on the marketplace or completing different tasks.
  • You get a chance to decide on crucial questions in the ecosystem.
  • You will enjoy a unique gaming experience.
  • You can benefit from the price increases and future ecosystem growth.

So, go to RobotEra’s official website to buy the token before the price increases.


Will Macmaster Editor

Will Macmaster Editor

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