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Shiba Inu & Dogecoin Prices Continue to Drop Despite Fresh Bull Run as Love Hate Inu Raises $1.4 million

The cryptocurrency industry was more than happy for 2023 to begin. After what seemed like a long, hard, cold winter for much of 2022 suddenly turned bright as the New Year began. Starting in January, many different crypto projects that had floundered over the previous 12 months had started to turn things around and right the ship, so to speak – rewarding investors who decided to make purchases when prices were low at the end of last year.

Despite this fresh bull run, though, there are some crypto projects that haven’t been able to get on the bandwagon. Two of those projects are the leading meme coinsDogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). While other crypto coins are making their investors happy, these two meme coins are doing the exact opposite.

As a result, many other meme coins have performed poorly, too, as investors have shied away from the sector as a whole. That isn’t what’s happening at all with Love Hate Inu (LHINU), though. The new Vote-to-Earn meme coin is taking off, raising more than $1.4 million in its early presale stages. 

Below, we’ll discuss Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in more depth to see how they’re doing, and give reasons why Love Hate Inu is the next great meme coin that’s rewarding investors due to the different approach it’s taking to the industry.

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No Love for DOGE or SHIB

Crypto traders who are still invested in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – or who purchased the meme coins toward the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 hoping for a rebound – are surely disappointed. Neither has performed well as of late, only adding to the total losses both projects have sustained in the last year.

In the last month, as of March 21st, Dogecoin is down 12.78% in value and sits at $0.074. In the last 12 months, it’s down 37.66%. Shiba Inu, meanwhile, has experienced a similar drop. It’s down 17.61% in the last month and 53.92% in the last 12 months, and sits at $0.000011.

One of the main reasons why these crypto coins – and many other meme coins – are dipping while the market is on a fresh bull run is that it’s hard to make a use case for the coins. They’re a lot of fun, and an interesting concept, but outside of their own ecosystem, there really isn’t any use for them. That turns off a lot of investors, who are looking for ways that the projects they dump their money in have a way to grow substantially.

That’s not the case with Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, but it is for Love Hate Inu.


A New Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin

Love Hate Inu is a new Vote-to-Earn meme coin that’s taking the crypto world by storm. In a very short period of time, LHINU has raised more than $1.4 million, and it’s looking to blow through its presale stages in advance of anticipated exchange listings.

There are many reasons why this project is standing out quickly from the rest. For one, it’s more than just a meme token. The project’s mission is to provide a platform where people can come together and vote on topics in politics, entertainment or social issues without worrying about whether they’re going to be judged, attacked or retaliated against for their opinion. Love Hate Inu is a space where people can have their voice heard and be a part of a community that cares what you think, rather than one that is very divisive.

When people participate in these polls, they can earn impressive rewards, which is where the V2E aspect comes in. Again, this is much different from other meme coins, which simply don’t have this utility aspect to them. And the fact that Love Hate Inu is based in the thriving online survey software industry that’s only expected to grow makes it all the much better.

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Plenty of Opportunities on the Blockchain

Not only is Love Hate Inu different from other meme coins, it’s different from other survey software companies, too. That’s because it’s based on the blockchain, which provides an immense number of growth opportunities. 

At its core, Love Hate Inu is something that can be trusted, as the blockchain makes it secure, transparent and fair. It’s not able to be tampered with or changed, like a lot of the other online surveys can. And since people have to stake $LHINU tokens in order to participate in polls, there’s more legitimacy to it as well.

One of the best use cases for Love Hate Inu is the fact that the platform can be used by individuals and international brands to post their own sponsored polls and gain insight into different topics that matter to them. For instance, a brand might want to know whether a new slogan would resonate with people for their marketing plans.

And these brands can incentivize people to participate by offering NFT discount codes for those who take part – or by giving away swag or other impressive rewards. These are all ways that Love Hate Inu can expand exponentially in the future as the platform gains more notoriety.

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Buy Love Hate Inu in Presale Now

While Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to drop despite the fresh bull run, Love Hate Inu has been surging in early presale stages. It’s already raised more than $1.3 million and is projected to go through its presale in record time.

With the immense potential that this new Vote-to-Earn meme coin project is providing, you don’t want to delay your investment any longer. A price increase occurs at every new presale stage, so make sure you buy early so you can get the best price.

As the recognition of Love Hate Inu expands even more, so, too, will the value of the $LHINU token. This can be one of the best crypto investments you make in 2023, but don’t delay further or you’ll miss out on the biggest returns possible.

Will Macmaster

Will Macmaster

Will is a 28-year-old crypto expert from The United Kingdom who has been working and investing in the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. Beginning his career a journalist before progressing to content project management, he has worked within the digital sphere his whole career. Making him an experienced, trusted and reliable source about all things tech that you can trust for in-depth and knowledgeable information about all the latest goings-on from the world of crypto and more! 

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