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The 6 Best Cryptos To Buy On Presale This Week!

The crypto market is a trading ground for thousands of coins ready to deliver excellent use cases and gains to their investors. Despite the past year’s bearish storm, the market has recovered slowly and is now on a bullish path, to the delight of crypto experts and traders.

While investing in top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum at discounted prices is a fantastic idea, there are new exciting altcoins ready to deliver better gains. Moreso, they are new altcoins with impeccable utilities, and their presales are the next best thing to get involved with before the bullish seasons arrive.

This article details the six best crypto presales to participate in this week, including Love Hate Inu, DeeLance, Metropoly, Ecoterra, and RobotEra. Consider their utilities, and examine which works best for you.


Six Exciting Crypto Presales To Invest In This Week

Are you ready to participate in the best crypto presales for the week? Consider these six promising crypto presales sure to provide the best gains in the market. 

  1. Love Hate Inu: A revolutionary vote-to-earn platform.
  2. DeeLance: A decentralized platform for freelancers
  3. Metropoly: A decentralized real estate platform
  4. Ecoterra: World’s first recycle-to-earn platform
  5. RobotEra: A fantastic and engaging metaverse crypto
  6. Securedverce (SVC): The Best P2E first-person shooter platform


  • Love Hate Inu (LHINU): A Revolutionary Vote-To-Earn Platform

If you are searching for a platform where you can share your views freely and anonymously, Love Hate Inu is your perfect answer. This platform introduces the Vote2Earn mechanism, where you can express your strong opinions and feelings via voting and get paid in digital currencies.

Interestingly, Love Hate Inu is a meme coin providing a unique real-world unity, thus mixing pleasure and business in its tokenomics. Therefore, you can participate in future community polls, engage in societal issues, vote, and earn rewards.

Its native token, $LHINU, powers the voting ecosystem, and you need to stake it before you can vote. Love Hate Inu is the hottest meme coin right now, surpassing the $2 million mark in its presale event. This future of voting will undoubtedly provide excellent gains in the market. Do not miss out!

lovehateinu logo

>>>Buy Love Hate Inu Now<<<

  • DeeLance(DLANCE): A Decentralized Platform for Freelancers

DeeLance is the world’s first fully decentralized network for freelancers to connect with prospective employers. Freelancers or users can work in a decentralized environment where they have complete control over their work, are not charged expensive fees, and can earn in crypto.

DeeLance features its NFT marketplace, metaverse, and recruitment platform. These features ensure users explore more digital skills, form lasting relationships on the platform, and earn $DLANCE, DeeLance’s native token.

This freelancing platform will be pivotal in ensuring freelancers get paid when they perform gigs through escrow services. Its presale event has started, and you can invest now and secure more profits as it advances in stages.

deelance 5

>>>Buy DeeLance Now<<<

  • Metropoly (METRO): A Decentralized Real Estate Platform

Metropoly is a decentralized platform that allows users to share in the real estate market without breaking the bank. By introducing fractional investment, Metropoly enables prospective users to purchase luxurious real estate assets for as low as $100.

Metropoly utilizes NFTs to tokenize real estate properties and divide them into fractional NFTs so the average users can purchase them and earn passive income. Moreso, this platform reduces the time spent on property maintenance and documentation.

Using its utility token, METRO, you can purchase these fractional NFTs at the Metropoly Marketplace. This native token is available in its presale with a minimum investment of $100. Its token launch is set on April 1, 2023, so grab a few tokens left and set yourself up for rental income for life.


>>>Buy Metropoly Now<<< 

  • EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): World’s First Recycle-To-Earn Platform

Eco-friendly cryptos are market movers, and EcoTerra is on the horizon to deliver excellently. This blockchain-based platform implements a Recycle2Earn mechanism that rewards individuals and companies that recycle their waste products and engage in carbon offset programs.

Ecoterra will provide users access to its recycle-To-Earn feature on its EcoTerra mobile app. Then, users can scan their recyclable items and earn $ECOTERRA tokens. You can hold or spend your earned tokens on supporting ecological activities and green energy generation.

Ecoterra is running its nine-stage presale to distribute 1 billion $ECOTERRA tokens. Ultimately, the final round will provide over 100% gains to early users before the market launch. So, do well to get your hands on its cheap tokens.

ecoterra presale

>>>Buy EcoTerra Now<<< 

  • RobotEra (TARO): A Fantastic and Engaging Metaverse Crypto

RobotEra is a fascinating play-to-earn platform that provides users with numerous earning opportunities when participating in its metaverse. Players will take on robot forms, explore and reconstruct Planet Taro, mine resources, and buy lands in this virtual world.

Also, they can create and monetize robot companions and share the metaverse with other users to make money. You earn in $TARO, RobotEra’s native token, as you engage in its metaverse. RobotEra’s presale is still ongoing, and you still have a chance to fill your bags with its tokens before the next quarter of 2023.

robotera taro

>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

  • Securedverce (SVC): The Best P2E First-person Shooter Platform

Securedverse is another P2E to invest in 2023. As a decentralized platform, it rewards users for actively participating in its first shooter game. It provides a secure, fun, and play-to-earn features to its players so they can earn passive income while gaming.

Gamers are expected to compete higher uo the leaderboard and earn its native token, SVC. The presale is ongoing and you have the opportunity of being a part of this project before future listings. 



Closing Thoughts: Buy The Best Crypto Presale Now!

There you have it! You should not miss out on these five promising cryptos, especially in their presale stages. Their impressive utilities attest that they will provide incredible gains when they list in the market. So what should be your goal?

Consider the tokens discussed in this guide, engage in their respective presales, and sit back to enjoy incredible investment returns. The bullish seasons will surely arrive, so consider diversifying your portfolio to expose yourself to more gains in the market. Ensure not to miss out on the best crypto presales!

Will Macmaster

Will Macmaster

Will is a 28-year-old crypto expert from The United Kingdom who has been working and investing in the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. Beginning his career a journalist before progressing to content project management, he has worked within the digital sphere his whole career. Making him an experienced, trusted and reliable source about all things tech that you can trust for in-depth and knowledgeable information about all the latest goings-on from the world of crypto and more! 

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