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The Best Crypto Presales for 30x Gains in 2023!

Investing in certain cryptos during the presale is a great thing because presales allow investors to connect to exciting projects before their official launch. You should keep in mind that presales could be risky, but, if you do your research well, and opt for some that are already achieving some success and are highly rated by experts, then you can be free to invest. 

Presales can provide you with an extraordinary return and many other things, depending on the presale of which crypto project we are talking about. As things stand right now there are as many as 6 cryptos resells you should join for 30x gains:

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU)
  2. Fight Out (FGHT)
  3. C+Charge (CCHG)
  4. Metropoly (METRO)
  5. RobotEra (TARO)
  6. Securedverse (SVC)

crypto presales

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Do you want to express your opinion by voting on political, social, and entertainment topics and get rewarded for it? If the answer is positive, know that you are not the only one, and this is confirmed by the successful presale of Love Hate Inu’s LHINU, the best vote-2-earn coin!

The Love Hate Inu platform has already in the first few days of presale gathered a huge number of users, thanks to the funny, interesting, and shearable illustrations of the characters, and there are more and more people who want to invest in this promising meme coin that shows the chances of huge gains during 2023.

This crypto presale is taking place extremely successfully, the first million has already been raised, and at this moment you can buy LHINU for 0.00009 USDT. Crypto experts describe LHINU as the No.1 vote-to-earn crypto, so don’t miss your chance to grab it. Join this crypto presale ASAP before the next price increase, share your opinion with the world, have fun, and profit from it. 

lovehateinu logo

>>>Buy Love Hate Inu Now<<<

Fight Out (FGHT)

Imagine a situation in which you are paid to exercise and take care of your health. In the past, this scenario would only be possible in dreams, but today, it is possible in real life, thanks to the Fight Out platform and its native FGHT coin, the best play-to-earn fitnesss coin.

The Fight Out platform rewards users for the results achieved during exercising and for successfully overcoming fitness challenges. In short: Fight Out richly rewards and motivates you to persevere in this active lifestyle, and to make everything even more interesting, the platform allows you to use a customizable NFT avatar that you can also upgrade as you progress.

In addition to personalized exercises, which are by your capabilities and goals, Fight Out also provides consultation with top experts in this field. Savannah Marshall, Amanda Ribas, and Taila Santos are just some of the big names that have supported this most promising move-2-earn platform.

FGHT coin is still on presale and you can buy one coin at the price of 0.03090 USDT. There are many reasons why you need to join this crypto presale, but besides profit, the most important reason is certainly related to improving the quality of your life. Do a good thing for yourself, and grab the best move-2-earn crypto now.

fight out

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

C+Charge (CCHG)

If you are looking for a crypto that can bring you 30x gains in a few months, then make sure to join the presale of the best green crypto for 2023, C+Charge’s CCHG!

C+Charge’s main goal is to provide a simple, safe, and transparent EV charging process, and to encourage more and more drivers to switch to this environmentally responsible choice. The best eco-friendly crypto project motivates users by rewarding them with carbon credits, and additional motivation for investing in CCHG is without a doubt the token burning that the platform conducts every week, thus additionally influencing the stability of this coin.

The C+Charge presale is nearing its completion, so hurry up and buy CCHG at a great price while you still have the chance.

>>>Buy C+Charge Now<<<

Metropoly (METRO)

Owning real estate is the best long-term investment, and that’s exactly why Metropoly, the platform building the first NFT market for real estate investment, is experiencing such success!

Owning the platform’s native token, METRO, will give you the chance to start investing in real estate with just $100, and start earning passive income. User interest in METRO is huge and this presale broke all records because the last milestone was achieved before the end of the presale! But there is still a little time left to buy this coin at the presale price of $0.0625, so be quick!

metropoly logo

>>> Buy Metropoly Now<<<

RobotEra (TARO)

Fun, interaction, exploration, creation, decentralized management, and of course earnings: these are all things you can get if you join the RobotEra presale, and buy its native TARO coin, the best metaverse crypto for 2023!

RobotEra has already managed to collect more than $1 million during the presale, and at this moment, in this presale phase, you can buy one TARO coin at a still good price of 0.020 USDT per coin. Hurry up and buy this promising crypto that, as experts claim, will explode in price after the presale ends. 


>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<<

Securedverse (SVC)

And the last presale for today is the presale of Securedverse’s SVC coin, which you can currently buy for 0.0143 USDT. It is an easy and simple blockchain-based game, with multiple heroes and maps, which requires users to plan smart strategies. 

It would be a good idea to join this presale if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy SVC at a good price.



At this moment, the crypto world offers us a huge number of coins that we can buy on presale, but we should not join every presale without thinking. The wisest move is to analyze these new crypto projects, observe their development so far, and analyze their predictions for the future. Out of the “sea” of crypto projects, several of them stand out in many ways.

So if you want to invest a little and at the same time provide yourself with a nice profit, together with many other benefits, make sure to join LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, and TARO presales!


Will Macmaster

Will Macmaster

Will is a 28-year-old crypto expert from The United Kingdom who has been working and investing in the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. Beginning his career a journalist before progressing to content project management, he has worked within the digital sphere his whole career. Making him an experienced, trusted and reliable source about all things tech that you can trust for in-depth and knowledgeable information about all the latest goings-on from the world of crypto and more! 

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