The New Crypto Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Crypto Replacement Just Hit $7 Million On Presale
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The New Crypto Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Crypto Replacement Just Hit $7 Million On Presale

Love Hate Inu (LHINU), the meme coin on everyone’s lips is having a tremendously successful presale, raising more than $7 million in a matter of weeks. It is proving to be the best presale on the crypto market in 2023 so far. Love Hate Inu is poised to replace Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as FOMO kicks in and investors scramble to get as many LHINU tokens as they can. As Stage 7 of the presale is just days away, there is not much time left to get this amazing token at an incredible price of just $0.000135.

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LHINU Price Set To Increase in the Next Stage

With the allocated supply of tokens dwindling down, Stage 7 will end in the next few days, weeks ahead of the timetable. In Stage 8, the final presale stage, the LHINU price will jump to $0.000145, a 7.4% increase. It doesn’t seem like much but for investors looking to make a bundle once LHINU hits the open market, it can represent a significant saving. It is no wonder that they are in a rush to buy as much as they can in the next day or two.

For many, the success of Love Hate Inu came as a surprise, but for the CEO of this project Carl Dawkins it was perfectly natural. Dawkins, who also serves as a UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, correctly predicted the exact date when LHINU presale will breach the $6 million milestone. He also said that the token will “absolutely smash” its $10 million hard cap goal ahead of schedule.

Mr. Dawkins also stated that the success of the LHINU presale is a direct result of investors’ trust in the Love Hate Inu business model, praising the development team for their work. Once the presale ends, he fully expects LHINU to explode on crypto exchanges, providing investors with some massive returns.

Love Hate Inu Winning V2E Concept Charmed Investors

Love Hate Inu is a comprehensive online voting platform that allows individuals and organizations to quickly set up and deploy online polls and get transparent and verifiable results every time. Based on blockchain, Love Hate Inu can provide anonymous, yet highly detailed data on every vote and prevent any tampering with the results.

To entice people to participate, the developers have come up with clever Vote2Earn mechanics that ensures high turn out which is critical for the success of any online polling. Every LHINU holder can vote in polls, but each time they vote, they stake their tokens. After the staking period is over, they receive rewards, providing motivation to vote again in the next poll.

In essence, Love Hate Inu is betting that people love to state their opinions regardless of the topic. When you add monetary rewards to the mix, they will absolutely participate in any polling they can, providing massive response and accurate results. As witnessed by the success of the presale, that is a view many investors share. According to them, Love Hate Inu’s business model played a decisive role in their decision to invest in this promising project.

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Love Hate Inu Solves a Major Problem

Not only Love Hate Inu provides accurate results for polls hosted on the platform, but it also does it way cheaper than the existing market solutions. At the moment, any brand looking to get some hard data on the mood of its customer has to pay an arm and a leg to hire an agency that would gather and interpret it. With Love Hate Inu, the process is much simpler. A poll can be organized in minutes, providing the organizers know what to ask. The V2E mechanics ensure that the response will be massive and quick, providing precise feedback that can be used for various purposes.

This approach ensures that Love Hate Inu will be an instant success as soon as the demo goes online in Q2 2023. By Q4, the developers expect to have a fully functional app launched and operational. Brands and companies that sign up early will have several early-bird promotional offers available.

But that is not the end game for Love Hate Inu. Starting from Q1 2024, the developers will work on a full metaverse integration, offering a completely new experience to its users. This will make voting even easier and more convenient.

LHINU Is Meme Coin That Will Replace DOGE and SHIB

One other feature that boosts LHINU’s popularity is its virality. Designed as a meme coin, it has one significant advantage over competitors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. LHINU’s utility within the Love Hate Inu ecosystem clearly separates it from other meme coins and provides it with huge advantages.

Due to the constant demand for LHINU within the Love Hate Inu platform, the token doesn’t rely solely on virality and Internet hype to drive its value. Unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, LHINU’s value emanates from its utility and the overall success of the platform. That means its price isn’t dependable on questionable speculation and celebrity endorsements but on its market value. This makes it vastly superior to the competition tokens, which are more of an internet fad than real cryptocurrencies. It also makes LHINU more resilient to the crypto market’s volatility and shields it from the wildest swings.

The combination of meme coin virality and real-world use makes LHINU a unique token on the market, helping its launch to mainstream flows and ensuring its success.

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Dubbed “marvel meme coin”, Love Hate Inu is much more than just another Internet fad like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Unlike other meme coins that rely on meme power to drive their value, LHINU uses its status as a meme coin only to gain popularity. Its value is not dependent on it and it is derived from the success of the app behind it, the amazing V2E voting platform Love Hate Inu. This clearly sets it head and shoulders above the rest and makes it an incredible investment option.


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