Top 5 Metaverse Cryptos to Buy in 2023 Set For 30x Gains
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Top 5 Metaverse Cryptos to Buy in 2023 Set For 30x Gains

The metaverse is a popular term you can hear everywhere in the past year or two. It’s a new type of online communication concept designed to make it feel more realistic and direct. The metaverse is a virtual reality where people can meet, hang out, play games, exchange ideas, and even trade.

The feature made its way into the crypto industry as well. It became a native feature on many new crypto projects and will likely define the entire industry moving forward. Keep reading as we review upcoming metaverse crypto projects in 2023, including Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, RobotEra, Tamadoge, and Battle Infinity.

Top Metaverse Crypto Projects 2023

The following three metaverse crypto projects are about to go live by the end of the year. All three are made according to the best industry practices, and if everything goes right during the launch, they could lead to considerable returns in the next few months

  1. Meta Masters Guild – World’s First Mobile Focused web3 Gaming Guild Platform
  2. Fight Out – New Move-to-Earn Crypto Platform With Huge Potential
  3. Robotera – Robo Builder Game Set In a Shared Multiverse
  4. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project With Play-To-Earn Mechanics
  5. Battle Infinity – World’s First Blockchain Fantasy Sports Platform

Top Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023 In More Detail

Each of these projects is in the earliest stages, but the last two have already completed the presale phase and made their first CEX listings. Invest in any of them, and you could get incredibly high returns in 2023 and beyond.

1. Meta Masters Guild – World’s First Mobile Focused web3 Gaming Guild Platform

Meta Masters Guild is the latest blockchain project that wants to spread the adoption of new technologies. It’s the world’s first mobile-focused web3 gaming platform with a decentralized gaming ecosystem that rewards active players with valuable prizes. 

The platform features numerous games, all allowing players to earn Gems they can convert into native MEMAG tokens. The players will be able to sell the tokens or invest them into the platform to get more rewards down the road. That said, the platform focuses on fun gameplay mechanics above all blockchain features. That’s why it offers a fun gameplay experience that keeps users engaged indefinitely. 

Meta Masters features play-to-earn mechanics that will allow players to earn the money they spent on a title back through a unique reward system. Players can spend MEMAG tokens on in-game NFTs available in the Meta Masters Store and all other in-game purchases. Of course, players can earn tokens through a reward system by simply playing one of many available games.

memag gaming

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2. Fight Out – New Move-to-Earn Crypto Platform With Huge Potential

Fight Out is another emerging crypto project that should be on top of your investing priority list. It’s also a metaverse project, but instead of playing games to earn tokens, Fight Out uses the Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanism as an incentive to motivate users to start exercising. In its essence, the project is similar to STEPN, but it offers higher rewards and more exercise choices as well as challenges.

Users can earn in-app REPS tokens as soon as they download the Fight Out app and purchase a virtual pair of training shoes. Each pair works as an NFT and has its own stats, so you have to pick the right pair according to your preferred exercise. Once you’re ready to go, the app will use advanced GPS tracking to monitor every step you make, rewarding you with more tokens.

You can either use REPS tokens to upgrade in-app features or exchange them for FGHT tokens. FGHT tokens will be available on all major CEX/DEX listings, allowing users to potentially earn some money while performing everyday exercises. FGHT tokens are available in presale right now, so don’t miss your chance to invest early. Head to the official Fight Out site and invest in the best M2E health and lifestyle blockchain project today.

FGHT presale

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3. Robotera – Robo Builder Game Set In a Shared Multiverse

RobotEra is the newest metaverse project to appear on the market in the next few months. The project revolves around a super-creative block-builder game similar to Minecraft. However, the entire world is set on a futuristic robotic planet where players can explore their surroundings, build cities, rent virtual plots of land, and much more. Of course, every detail is fully customizable, allowing users to create truly remarkable designs.

While it might look like another Minecraft clone, Robotera is a unique game with plenty of advanced blockchain features, including built-in user-generated NFTs, DeFI services, excellent tokenization, and much more. After you choose one of five available camps, you can collaborate with other players to build a world to your liking. Sadly, the game is still developing and should go live in early 2023. 

The platform’s native token, called TARO, will be used for all transactions within the metaverse. Still, players can earn them by completing challenges, selling their creations in the dedicated NFT store, and more. Furthermore, the project has a DAO approach, meaning every user gets to vote about the platform’s future. Moreover, players will also vote for the members of the metaverse government, managers, and more. 

Lastly, Robotera is designed as a shared multiverse, so it will likely add new cryptos and options to the game over time. So if you’re looking to invest in the top metaverse crypto project on the market, Robotera should be on top of your priority list.


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4. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project With Play-To-Earn Mechanics

Tamadoge is another exciting metaverse project destined to become the next “King of meme coins.” It’s the first such coin with excellent token utilization and advanced blockchain features such as a built-in NFT system, play-to-earn mechanics, and it’s set in a vibrant metaverse. The project has recently ended the incredibly successful presale phase, raising over $19 million months ahead of schedule. It’s one of the most anticipated high-growth crypto projects in the past few years.

The platform uses the best industry practices to build a fantastic gaming experience. Namely, Tamadoge is inspired by a popular hand-held game from the 90s called Tamagotchi. The goal is to take care of your digital pets daily, ensuring they are fed, healthy, and happy until they grow up. If you forget about your pets, they could starve and die. Since every pet works as an NFT, you would also lose the chance to sell them for a profit.

The platform’s native token, TAMA, is used for all transactions within the Tamaverse. There is a total of 2 billion tokens, and 5% of all TAMA coins used within a month will be burned to diminish supply. That will help drive TAMA prices higher over time, making Tamadoge one of the safest crypto investments in 2023. 

TAMA tokens are now available on multiple listings, including LBank, OKX, MEXC, and many others. The official Tamadoge game is about to launch, leading to a huge bull run for all TAMA token holders. Invest today and enjoy some impressive returns in the future.


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5. Battle Infinity – World’s First Blockchain Fantasy Sports Platform

Battle Infinity is another top metaverse crypto project likely to outgrow everyone’s expectations in the next few years. It’s the first metaverse platform that combines advanced blockchain features and fantasy sports games into one exceptional experience. Moreover, the nature of the project has attracted investors in mass, giving us a glimpse of what we can expect in the future.

Experts say that Battle Infinity will become the next Axie Infinity, but the truth is that it’s got far more potential than that. Namely, the platform is divided into six primary categories. The IBAT Premier League is the most exciting feature, as it allows users to build and battle their fantasy sports teams against each other in a full-fletched league. The Battle Arena is another option players can use to train their teams by battling others. 

The platform’s native token, IBAT, is used for all transactions within the metaverse. Battle Infinity will also feature a built-in token exchange called Battle Swap, allowing you to exchange your cryptos for IBAT tokens directly in the game. Apart from managing fantasy sports teams, players can also build virtual real estate, rent billboards for extra IBAT tokens, and much more. 

battle infinity

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Wrapping Up


There you have it – the top metaverse cryptos in 2023. Each of these platforms has the potential to outperform expectations and lead to massive gains in the upcoming period. If you want to invest early and get the highest possible returns, you should invest in Robotera, the newest project on the list, so it hasn’t yet entered the presale phase. 

We’ll keep you informed about the latest project development, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to buy TARO tokens at the lowest price.

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