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Top 7 Best Metaverse Crypto Coins List 2023 – Buy Now Before Price Explodes by 30x!

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The Metaverse is a parallel virtual world where we all can exist as digital identities and transact using digital currencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a vital role in this emerging ecosystem.  This article singles out the top Metaverse crypto coins – Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra (TARO), Calvaria (RIA), Tamadoge (TAMA), and others –investors can buy to profit off the future of technology. 

Tech and crypto investors are trooping into the Metaverse to invest in what they refer to as the “future of technology.” Even the giant social media company Meta (formerly Facebook) took a wild bet on the Metaverse and has reportedly spent close to $10 billion on its metaverse project.

Before you invest in any of the various untapped crypto investment opportunities in the Metaverse, it is essential to note that the crypto market is a fast-changing market; all investors should never invest more than they can afford to lose. 

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies 

Metaverse coins are the next big thing, but not all are worth your money. The following crypto coins are the top 7 tokens you should be investing in now.

  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – New Crypto Project for Gamers and Developers
  • Fight Out (FGHT) – M2E coin having a successful presale 
  • Robotera (TARO) – Latest Web 3-Based Crypto Coin In The Metaverse
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Could be biggest P2E game of 2023
  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – Affordable Metaverse Crypto Coin To Watch Out For
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Top Metaverse Token for Play-to-Earn Fantasy Sports Gaming
  • Theta Network (THETA) – Growing Project That Offers Web 3.0 Infrastructure For Media

Meta Masters Guild

Gamers will be in awe with the Meta Masters Guild, a crypto project to bring them together. It goes from just hosting a play-to-earn platform to pulling in the benefits of the metaverse. In other words, it is an ecosystem of players and game developers.

MEMAG, the native token of this crypto project, is currently on sale as the presale has begun and has hit 2.1 million already. With verification from the Ethereum blockchain, developers are sure of the transparency of all in-game assets. Indeed, it is a clever and resourceful crypto project that is quickly gaining popularity.

MEMAG token users can cash out their rewards or reinvest them into the ecosystem. Also, players earn rewards not just by winning but also by spending time in the games. The first three games are already on the site so gamers can start to get excited.

memag 2.1 m

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Fight Out 

M2E coins are certainly having a moment in the crypto world as many investors seem to think it could be the hot trend for 2023. With all these trends, as always, it is important to practice caution. We always advise to try find projects that are built to last and incorporate unique ideas that are different to anything else on the market. Fight Out is just that coin.

Enjoying a very successful presale it is clear Fight Out has already garnered a lot of attention. Their plan is very ambitious so its no wonder why. The plan is to create an all round work out experience that perfectly suits every users needs and goals. They will do this by giving users personalised workouts and rewarding them with REPs, the native currency, when the goals are met. 

In person and remote workouts will both be possible as Fight Out really wish to try build a community spirit. Another way they do this is by allowing users to purchase NFT avatars that will grow alongside them. The avatars can also be used in the Metaverse to socalise with other Fight Out users. If you are felling particularly adventurous you can even challenge other users to a fight, virtually of course!
FGHT presale

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Robotera is a beautiful Metaverse platform that offers a shared multiverse to users. You can create anything you’ve ever imagined, even a robot in your own likeness. You can buy lands in the Robotera virtual ecosystem and participate in the early establishment of the world. Your robot can also get resources from the land and create more companions.

Users of this shared metaverse can create, share, operate, trade, and explore multiple possibilities within their preferred NFT community. Robotera will allow you to visit theme parks, concerts, and other fun places in different ecosystems. Interested investors still have the opportunity to collaborate with Robotera, as information on their official website indicates that partners are needed to make the project’s NFT culture diversified.

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Calvaria is a very popular crypto among experts and investors alike at the moment. Many experts are tipping it to be the most successful P2E game of 2023, while investors are clamoring to get involved before the end of the presale of January 31st. However, they can of course still get involved after this as an IEO will take place with BKex. Following this Calvaria will have CEX listings with BitMart, Changelly PRO and more.

The game itself has many features that make it stand out from the crowd, but the most interesting is the free to play option. This is very rare for P2E games and speaks to the quality of the game. Users can even get a free NFT to start off their battle decks when they sign up> these decks are made up of NFTs players can purchase, they are then used in a battle deck to take on other opponents. Winners will earn RIA, the native currency, which players can hold onto. This is a great opportunity for players to fatten their wallet while playing a top notch game. 


Tamadoge is a crypto project which provides users with P2E opportunities within its virtual ecosystem, called Tamaverse. The Tamaverse combines the gaming sector with blockchain technology and the Metaverse.

Within the Tamaverse, users can create, train, battle, and trade unique Tamadoge pets. Users can also purchase Tamadoge pets NFTs on the platform’s built-in store and use them to compete with other users to earn rewards like TAMA tokens and unique Tamadoge NFT pets. TAMA is the game’s native asset used for in-game transactions and trades.

After kick-starting its presale in July, TAMA completed the nine phases ahead of schedule, generating $19 million despite the general bear market. After a super start Tamadoge suffered like most cryptos towards the end of 2022. Things seemed to have leveled off now though and investors are hopeful for a return to the big time in 2023.

superdoge (1)

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Battle Infinity 

Battle Infinity is another exciting, top-tier project in the Metaverse. It combines well-loved fantasy sports into the Metaverse using blockchain innovations. It offers crypto enthusiasts and regular gamers an opportunity to create a steady income stream.

Top players in the battle arena are rewarded for their skills and expertise in IBAT, the native token. All players on this platform can network and compete with each other. Battle Infinity also offers investors opportunities to purchase virtual plots of land in the Battle Arena, all minted as NFTs and can be traded or exchanged for FIAT.

Battle Infinity’s most prominent feature is the IBAT premier league. This is a fantasy football league where users purchase NFTs of premier football players to create a team. To improve gameplay, there are ‘crates’ tokens that users can buy for exclusive vouchers and prizes

IBAT is listed on major crypto exchanges like PancakeSwap, Gate.io, and LBank. With a market cap of $40 million, IBAT is expected to see continuous surges in price as it gets listed on other crypto exchanges.

battle infinity

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Theta Network 

The innovative blockchain initiative Theta Network seeks to upend the video streaming market. The Theta Network benefits from the counsel of two recognized experts in their fields, Steve Cheng and Justin Kan, who are, respectively, co-founders of Twitch and Youtube.

The network’s credibility is increased by the founders’ capacity to network with verifiable and reliable industry experts. THETA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, is available today on major crypto exchanges. Theta is mainly employed to carry out governance functions within the Theta metaverse environment.

Bottom Line

You will be entering an advanced niche industry that is still developing if you invest in the Metaverse right away. You’ll also have the chance to buy your preferred Metaverse token at a reasonable starting price. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio in 2023 by making some of the top long-term cryptocurrency purchases like the tokens mentioned in this piece.

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