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Crypto Analyst Reveals His Top Three Investments for April

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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto analyst April top picks

Popular crypto analyst Andre Outberg has revealed his top three crypto investments for April. One of them is a brand-new GameFi/GambleFi Solana project that has gained popularity recently.

Outberg is behind the Crypto Whale Pumps Telegram group and has almost 150,000 subscribers.

He also has a history of successful crypto investments (like TG.Casino), so the community trusts his recommendations. Outberg named Mega Dice, Dogeverse, and Bitcoin Minetrix as his top picks.

Crypto Whale Pumps recommendations

With the Bitcoin halving and Dogeday nearing, this is an exciting time for crypto analyses, so let’s go over his recommendations and reasons for investing in them. 

1. Mega Dice ($DICE) – GameFi & GambleFi Solana Coin Raised $350K+

$DICE is a new Solana token that combines GameFi and GambleFi to provide a seamless crypto casino experience. Here’s what Mega Dice offers:

  • 4,500+ casino games and 50+ sports and eSports
  • Crypto futures with up to 1,000x leverage
  • Decentralized crypto payments with minimal fees
  • Staking rewards and bonuses
  • Early-bird presale airdrop of 5M $DICE tokens
  • 2.25M USD airdrop in three phases
  • Token burning and strategic buybacks to improve stability, scarcity, and value
  • Instant casino accessibility through Telegram
  • Lootboxes, crypto cashback, and rewards paid in $DICE tokens
  • Preferential access to games for token holders

The crypto analyst mentions Mega Dice’s similarity to TG.Casino, which made him significant profits after doing a 4x on launch.

Moreover, $DICE’s casino is already functional, with an established user base, which further cements the project’s trustworthiness.

Currently, $DICE is trading at $0.069 and raised over $350,000.

While it’s unclear how much Andre Outberg invested in $DICE, the token is first on his top presale list, which shows his confidence in the project.

Visit the official presale website to learn more about Mega Dice and participate in the presale.

2. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) – Doge Crypto Raised $6.8M

Outberg’s second pick is Dogeverse, a recent doge project that raised $6.8M in less than two weeks of going on presale.

One $DOGEVERSE is worth $0.000297, and investors have staked 10.3B tokens already.

The analyst’s choice seems well-reasoned since investors have bought over $100,000 worth of Dogeverse in the last 21 hours, and traders are still buying Dogeverse.

Dogeverse transactions in the last 21 hours

The project is the first multichain meme coin launched on four major blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain), with Base and Solana going live soon.

With 20B tokens allocated for liquidity and another 20B for staking, Dogeverse should be sustainable long-term, especially if its presale ends on a high note (like Dogecoin20’s presale did today).

Visit the official presale website to see what Dogeverse is all about.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – Crypto Cloud-Mining Platform Raised $13M+

Andre Outberg’s third pick is Bitcoin Minetrix, a leading cloud-mining crypto platform that raised over $13M since going on presale.

One $BTCMTX is currently worth $0.0147.

$BTCMTX introduces the stake-to-mine concept and uses smart contracts to make cloud mining fairer, more transparent, and safer.

Users receive cloud mining credits by staking the token, which they can exchange for mining hash power. These credits are non-transferable and non-tradeable, making them uncompromisable.

Bitcoin Minetrix advantages to traditional classic mining

According to the project’s whitepaper, Stake-to-Mine promises increased accessibility of Bitcoin mining for crypto enthusiasts. 

The decentralized tokenomy ensures safety and security, while the proof-of-stake protocol guarantees quick transactions and low costs.

The presale isn’t over yet, so visit the official website to stake Bitcoin Minetrix.

Wrapping Up

Andre Outberg’s announcement came at a pivotal moment, with the Bitcoin halving and Dogeday only days away. According to him, the three crypto projects show good potential. However, whether or not they sell their presales successfully remains to be seen. 

Remember that crypto investments are a high-risk venture, and you must DYOR extensively before buying crypto coins.

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