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Traders Predict New AI Crypto Coins Might Explode 200x

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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology, but it’s starting to make its way into just about every industry in the world. The power of AI – thanks to the advancing technology that is available to nearly everyone – allows companies and people to do things that were unimaginable even a few years ago.

As such, AI-based projects have become hot investments. Now, AI is making its way into cryptocurrency, too, with many new exciting projects hitting the market and attracting the attention of investors everywhere. In fact, many traders predict new AI crypto coins might explode 200x in the very near future, making them hot ticket items for sure.

Two of the most promising new AI-based crypto coins are AiDoge (Ai) and yPredict (YPRED), Below, we’ll dive deeper into these two exciting new coins to figure out just why they’re primed for such amazing returns – and why you need to hurry up and act fast if you want to get in on the ground level of these investments.


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AiDoge Provides the Best of Both Worlds for Explosive Growth

AiDoge is combining two of the hottest niches in cryptocurrency today – memes and AI. Coins in both of these niches have exploded in value recently – such as Singularity, The Graph, Conflux and Pepe Coin. But, unlike all of these other coins that pumped recently, AiDoge provides long-term growth potential along with short-term massive returns.

The AiDoge platform provides a meme generation experience for users that’s driven by AI. Advanced AI technology is behind the platform, which allows users to quickly create relevant memes based on text prompts they provide. In addition to the AI-powered meme generator, AiDoge has text-based prompts as well as Ai tokens for purchasing credits.

What separates it from other similar projects is the fact that its cutting-edge algorithms are able to create contextually relevant memes that are trained on extensive meme datasets and crypto news. This ultimately ensures that all memes that are created through the platform are of high quality and up to date.

Users who stake the $Ai token can early daily credit rewards and access many of the platform features. The staking feature is what’s so critical to the long-term engagement for users and platform stability. What’s more, there’s a huge potential for virality with AiDoge, since users can easily share the memes that are generated by AI onto their social media pages.

aidoge presale

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Gain a Trading Edge with yPredict

Crypto traders are constantly searching for new angles and data sets to take advantage of to help them make smart investment choices. yPredict is the newest crypto trading insight platform that’s helping them do just that.

The platform provides state-of-the-art predictive models and data insights that are built by the top 1% of AI developers and Quants. This enables market participants to gain an unbeatable edge in various industries such as health and human resource, finance and more.

The platform provides real-time trading signals from cutting edge predictive models – all powered by AI. Users can also get real-time sentiment analysis on all popular crypto coins, as well as technical analysis by AI. The AI built into yPredict also allows users to detect the most promising chart patterns for coins that they have shortlisted.

From an investment standpoint, 10% of each new subscription to the platform will be shared with holders of the $YPRED token through a staking pool. Subscriptions are generated on the marketplace, which includes all the AI signals that are offered through the various models listed on the platform. What’s more, the token acts as both the default and discounted payment option for subscription payments and all premium offerings on the yPredict app.

All of this makes yPredict likely to soar in value very quickly, because there will be a ton of users who will be putting the utility token to good use.


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AiDoge and yPredict Provide Massive Growth Potential

Both AiDoge and yPredict are in a great position for investors. Unlike some of the other AI-based coins listed above, they are not pump-and-dump schemes. Many crypto traders – and even some industry publications – have warned that some of those other AI coins are full-on scams, with Pepe Coin being one of the leading ones.

That’s not too hard to see, as many of those coins experienced explosive growth in recent weeks, almost for no good reason. They don’t have any underlying metrics or backbone to speak of that would make their tokens have utility and, as a result, have long-term sustainability and growth potential.

That’s simply not true, though, for both AiDoge and yPredict. While they are both expected to experience similar explosive growth as some of those AI coins, neither is being considered a pump-and-dump scheme or short-lived – and for good reason. 

Both of these projects provide an actual service that’s in high demand by people around the world. Plus, the demand for the offerings that AiDoge and yPredict provide isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite is true. It’s very likely that more and more people are going to desire the AI-backed services that both AiDoge and yPredict offer, which is going to only increase the value of both of their utility tokens over time.

ypredict presale

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Get in on the Ground Level of AiDoge and yPredict Now

While both AiDoge and yPredict are already attracting loads of investor attention, there is still time to get in on the ground level of these projects to take advantage of the explosive 200x returns that they’re promising. 

AiDoge has already raised more than $107,000 and is in its presale. There are about 10 days left before the current stage ends, at which time a price increase will occur. So, there’s no time like the present to buy AiDoge so you don’t miss out on the best price available.

yPredict, meanwhile, has raised more than $1.46 million during its presale. It’s currently in the final stage of presale, too, which means there isn’t a lot of time left for you to act. The current price of $0.03889 provides a great 15% ROI at listing over the $0.045 list price. So, buy yPredict now before you miss out.

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