What Blockchain Is Sweat Building On?

Sweat is one of the more interesting new blockchain projects on the markets. It’s move-to-earn mechanics allow users to generate SWEAT coins by simply walking, jogging, and exercising. The project raised over $13 million throughout 2022, showing that there’s a large community behind it.

The platform aims to motivate users to stay active, making them healthier and wealthier at the same time. The SWEAT currency was launched on September 12, rewarding all early investors with another batch of SWEAT tokens that meets their initial investment. Let’s see more about the technology behind SWEAT, as well as the best alternative projects likely to result in high gains by the end of the year.

How Does the Sweatcoin Work?

Anyone can start making SWEAT coins by moving, but only after creating a Sweatcoin account. You only have to download the Sweatcoin app and follow the instructions to get started. After providing the usual information, you will also have to connect your account with the device you’ll use to track your progress.

The app be used on Android smartphone, an iPhone, or an Apple watch. The app uses GPS to track your movement and calculate your results. The sensors in your device will record steps whenever you start moving. Keep in mind that the app isn’t as accurate when using a treadmill, so it’s best you use it outdoors. Now to get to the part everyone wants to know more about. The app will reward you with 0.95 SWEAT tokens forever 1,000 steps you make. The tokens will appear on your Sweat wallet. You still can’t cash in on the tokens, but you can exchange them for a prize from the Sweatcoin marketplace.

Once the app goes live, users will be able to exchange Sweatcoins for SWEAT tokens that will reach most major CEX listings by the end of the year.

NEAR Blockchain Behind SWEAT

SWEAT is building its entire platform on top of the NEAR blockchain. That means that SWEAT tokens are NEP-141 tokens, but they also work on Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens. However, Sweatcoin initially talked about building a dedicated digital format that was supposed to be called Walkchain. The new technology was supposed to increase tracking accuracy. If you check the official SWEAT litepaper right now, there is no mention of the new blockchain, so it’s likely SWEAT dropped the plan due to huge costs and long development times. 

Sweatcoins and SWEAT show some promise for the future, but there is still a lot of work to do before users are able to exchange their tokens on the markets. That’s why we’ll give you a few alternatives that will likely lead to high returns by the end of the year. 

Best New Blockchain Opportunities To Invest In 2022

The crypto markets lost 2/3 of their market cap after the crypto crash earlier this year. Most established digital assets are struggling to survive in the new climate, but a few blockchains are designed to flourish in such a situation. Here are the top three choices and more info about each one.

  1. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin With Huge Gain Potential
  2. Battle Infinity – Revolutionary Blockchain Fantasy Sports Game 
  3. Lucky Block – Decentralized Competitions Platform 

Highest Gaining New Blockchain Projects Reviewed

1. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin With Huge Gain Potential

Tamadoge built a huge buzz around itself in the past few months. It’s the latest addition to the meme coin ecosystem, and it will likely change the way we think about these tokens. Tamadoge has plenty of advanced features to offer, including high-end tokenization, play-to-earn games, built-in NFTs, and a vibrant metaverse.

The project is designed according to the best industry practices, and it offers an impressive mix of features and design solutions. It is loosely based on a popular game from the early 90s called Tamagotchi, and it also puts the player in a role of a digital pet trainer. All pets double as NFTs, and if you forget about them, they could die, and you will lose them forever. However, as you play the game, your pets become stronger, they learn new skills, and become more valuable. Of course, you can sell, buy, and trade pets in the Tamadoge Pet store using TAMA tokens.

Unlike other meme coins that have poor token utilization and an endless number of tokens in circulation, Tamadoge offers only 2 billion pre-mined tokens. Moreover, 5% of all tokens used within a month will be burnt regularly to diminish supply and drive their price higher. The Tamadoge presale was a huge success, raising over $19 million months ahead of schedule. It has recently be listed on OKX exchange and is set for LBank listing later this week!


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2. Battle Infinity – Revolutionary Blockchain Fantasy Sports Game 

Battle Infinity is another excellent blockchain project with a unique approach to crypto markets. It’s the world’s first blockchain sports fantasy game set in a metaverse with features like a built-in NFT store, DeFi elements, a fantasy sports league called the IBAT League, and more. The platform’s native token called IBAT is needed for any transaction within the game, giving it excellent utility.

The core of the game revolves around building a fantasy sports team and battling other teams in the Battle Arena. All team members double as NFTs, allowing players to trade them using IBAT tokens. All players will get a chance to enter the IBAT Premier League, and the most successful teams will be rewarded with extra IBAT tokens. 

The platform also offers a few passive income options, including renting virtual billboards, with more to come down the road. IBAT tokens are already available on LBank,  and should appear on many other CEXs soon. The tokens already gained over 700%, making them one of the best investment options in 2022.


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3. Lucky Block – Decentralized Competitions Platform 

Finally, Lucky Block is the third entry on our list of the best alternatives to Sweatcoins. It’s the fastest cryptocurrency to reach a market cap of $1 billion, and it’s the world’s first fully-decentralized NFT competitions platform. Namely, Lucky Block organizes daily prize draws in a decentralized manner, ensuring all players have the same chances of winning. The LBLOCK token works as the utility token and its used to purchase tickets to enter the draws.

The project went through a complete overhaul recently, introducing the new LBLOCK V2 coin, which is a ERC-20 token. The original LBLOCK coin is built on the Binance Smart Chain, so it couldn’t be listed on CEXs. However, after moving to the new blockchain, LBLOCK tokens became available on Gate.io, MEXC, and LBank. LBLOCK tokens gained over 7,000% since their release in early 2022, making Lucky Block one of the best new cryptos to invest in.


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It’s becoming more evident that the entire crypto industry is changing. New projects like Sweat, Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block facilitate features like the play-to-earn mechanics, metaverses, and many other modern technologies to create a gaming experience of the future. Invest in any of these projects and you could enjoy high returns in the near future.


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