Tamadoge Confirms $0.021 Support in Consolidation for Next MASSIVE Push

After a few days of being traded on the OKX platform, Tamadoge establishes security above $0.021, and the price seems to have adequately balanced for additional price growth in the not-distant future. 

Tamadoge is arguably the hottest meme coin in the crypto space. It is a coin on the lips of many after seeing how well it did in the presale, racking up to 19 million dollars. In addition, the coin’s listing on the OKX crypto exchange further spreads the reach of the coin, and the interaction with the coins that follow will result in the growth and sustainability of the coin. 

Tamadoge Creates a Baseline at $0.021

Following its launch at the price of $0.021, then shortly moving up to $0.031 after it was listed, the price of Tamadoge has reduced back to $0.022, which means it is only a bit more expensive now than it was when it got listed. 

The market cap of the coin is presently lingering at about $22 million, with a completely diluted market cap of $44 million. 

If you compare Tamadoge to other play-to-earn crypto metaverse games, or you even compare Tamadoge to other big meme coins, it is obvious that there is a lot of room for the project to keep growing and could further increase many times over from this point if the market conditions once again become favorable. 

It is believed that the vast majority of investors who remain will be intent on keeping for the long term instead of making rapid flips now that lots of the individuals who purchased in the presale have had the option to sell at a profit.

A project’s long-term price growth must be distributed by “weak hands” that control a large portion of the supply to “diamond hands” that have a long-term commitment to the project.

The ecosystem grows more resilient and sustainable and has the potential to consistently break new ATHs as the community gets more decentralized and continues to take on additional members.



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Tamadoge Has Accumulated Over Twenty Thousand Holders in 48 hours

In the first two days after being launched, more than 20k crypto wallets had gained some TAMA.

The Tamadoge team’s first set of product releases is being highly anticipated by the community, which is prospering and has members based all over the world.

A significant accomplishment, especially because most of what the product offers for holding the token is yet to be realized, is the onboarding of tens of thousands of users already.

More users are attracted by Tamadoge’s future Tamaverse.

The ecosystem of Tamadoge, which will mostly be built around the Tamaverse, has a native token called TAMA.

The Tamaverse is a custom metaverse created for TAMA holders that offers distinctive Web3 experiences.

In the Tamaverse, members of the community can interact with one another, upgrade their equipment, and compete for game awards that are valued in TAMA.

There are several ways the community may continue to enroll new users to their platform since Tamadoge has mostly been attempting to capitalize on the nexus between the pixelated visuals of Tamagotchi and the community-generated buzz surrounding DOGE and SHIB.

Tamadoge Listed As One Of The Most Promising Crypto

Numerous websites keep tabs on some of the more intriguing new token sets entering the developing crypto sector.

There are currently more than 20,000 brand-new coins available on the cryptocurrency market. The Tamadoge project is the one that has many investors thrilled, even as the majority are concentrated on blockchain gaming or meme coins. 

Several analysts have suggested the Dogecoin-like project as a crypto jewel and one of the greatest coins with the capacity to yield 100X by 2023.

Tamadoge is among the top 10 most promising meme coins of the previous week, according to a tweet by Crypto Insights.

Popular names like Pitbull, Vita Inu, RichQuack, Hamster Coin, and many others were also included on the list. The fact that Tamadoge is only now making waves in the cryptocurrency exchange listing frenzy makes it one of the most remarkable. With its successful presale, its debut on a centralized market may cause early investors’ investments to soar. Investors can now claim their TAMA coins on the Tamadoge official website and also on the OKX crypto exchange platform


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Bottom Line

With Tamadoge’s increase and following decline to a rate higher (albeit marginally) than the listing price, we can assume the coin has set a threshold point at which it cannot fall lower than in the foreseeable future. With its ever-growing popularity, it is safe to say the coin can only go up from here and for a long time. 


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