7 Reasons to Invest in Renewable Energy Stocks in 2022

Following the continuous rise in global energy demand, which is a result of too much dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, especially fossil fuels. 

Scientists and environmental experts are beginning to decry the negative environmental impact of these unclean energy sources. Learning about renewable energy stocks and cryptocurrency projects that have the interest of the environment at the core of their projects is what this article will be focusing on. 

Globally, industries that value a healthy environment are working toward ensuring a safer environment that will no longer rely on unclean energy sources. Amidst all these, cryptocurrency platforms are not left out as they are also working actively to minimize the emission of greenhouse gasses which will be very crucial to ensure the survival of the blockchain

Impt.io and TAMA top the list of cryptocurrencies that have placed energy efficiency as one of the key components of their project, having recognized the negative environmental effects of greenhouse gasses. 

Impt.io – An Impactful Carbon Offset  Cryptocurrency Platform 

Impt.io is one of the latest cryptocurrency platforms that has proven to make energy efficiency a vital part of their project. It is a platform that gives its users an avenue to measure their impact on the environment while they invest positively in it. In addition, the Impt.io platform makes it possible for users to enjoy cheap and efficient mechanisms that will assist every user of the Impt.io platform in combating poor climatic conditions.  

According to Bitcoinist, a well-known Bitcoin news portal, Impt.io is a platform that has proven to simplify carbon offsetting. The blockchain makeup of IMPT.io allows you to trade carbon credits while avoiding double counting and fraud.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) – A Multi-utility Crypto Token with High Eco-Sustainable Potentials 

Tamadoge’s merger with Ethereum has seen the Tamadoge platform switch from the energy-intensive proof-of-work (POW) mechanism to an energy-efficient proof-of-stake (POS) network. Like other coins running based on the Ethereum blockchain, TAMA will become highly energy efficient and environment-friendly due to a massive reduction in the carbon footprint that is always associated with the Ethereum blockchain.


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Crypto Investors are Gradually Gearing towards Energy Efficient Cryptos – Below Are 7 Reasons For the Shift 

  • Government efforts towards eliminating greenhouse gasses emission: As part of the global resolve by companies and governments to fall back on clean energy sources, especially renewable ones, most industries around the world have been tasked with the responsibility of attaining net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Following this resolution, the pressure to decarbonize is mounting gradually as companies and governments seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions like Carbon dioxide, Methane, Fluorinated gasses, Nitrous oxide, etc. With this in mind, crypto investors are forced to direct their focus toward energy-efficient cryptos.


  • The Eco-friendly impacts of these cryptos: Another reason for the shift toward green crypto stocks is the fact it is more eco-friendly and will not endanger the health of the populace, unlike other nonrenewable energy stocks that emit poisonous gasses into the environment. 


  • Huge Potential profits from carbon credit markets: Investing in eco-friendly cryptos have not only proven to be good for the environment. It can also be a good source of making good money for yourself. Carbon credits are tradable assets issued to companies in the form of permits that allow the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas. With the introduction of the Carbon credit market as one of the most impressive means of fighting environmental pollution, the carbon credit market is set to explode very soon as more people are tending toward this market. 


  • Renewable energy sources are cheaper: Renewable energy sources can never be exhausted, unlike nonrenewable energy sources. With renewable energy sources, sustainability is very much assured.


  • Blockchain sustainability: The long-term sustainability of the crypto blockchain is heavily dependent on how fast the blockchain begins to divert from nonrenewable energy stocks to renewable energy ones. This is as a result of the blockchain being earmarked as one of the sectors that contribute to the highest emission of the world’s greenhouse gasses. 

  • Intensified efforts geared towards exploring different renewable energy sources: With the increasing awareness of what renewable energy sources have to offer, individuals are now bending towards exploring the different and numerous renewable energy sources as they seek to diversify in their choice of renewable energy sources.


  • A sense of fulfillment: There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with the fact that you are investing in a project that will be of immense global health benefits. 


IMPT is one of the best energy-efficient cryptos that is currently on trend with impressive presale stats 

IMPT token is the official token of the Impt.io crypto project. The IMPT tokens presale went live at the beginning of October, and it will be divided into three stages. Out of the 3,000,000,000 IMPT tokens available, 20%, which will amount to 600,000,000 tokens, is currently selling at the rate of $0.018 per token. 

Impressively, the token presale first phase passed $150,000 USDT in its first 24 hours, and before 48 hours, it had already passed the $250,000 USDT price mark. Buying IMPT tokens now before it starts selling for $0.023 will be the best decision you can take now that will pay off in the long run.

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TAMA – Why Users Should be Excited About the Project’s Progress 

TAMA users are anticipating two Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings on LBank and MEXC Global. Both CEX platforms are notable exchange platforms that should give TAMA users every reason to remain hopeful of an imminent price boost. 

According to TAMA’s data on CoinMarketCap, TAMA tokens have been placed on the watchlist by 7,982 users. It is up by 7.89% today and will still ascend more height following its anticipated CEX listings today. On the other hand, TAMA users should also be expecting the release of Tamadoge’s ultra-rare NFTs, which will serve as the key to enjoying Tamadoge’s play-to-earn gaming features. 



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TAMA and IMPT tokens are both in a stage where you can invest and be assured of good returns in terms of profit. Also, the self-gratification that comes with investing in an eco-friendly project is something you will not like to miss out on. 



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