$LUNC Price Predictions; Which Coins Are Pumping in The Bear Market and Why?

Predicting a token’s future value goes a long way in ensuring crypto enthusiasts and investors get the best return on their investment. Many platforms have gained popularity either by airdrops or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the crypto market. Still, investors use technical analysis and other underlying factors to determine the certainty and longevity of a project.

Terra Luna Classic ($LUNC) is a digital asset that has seen tremendous growth since its launch into the cryptocurrency market. Despite current crypto market conditions, Terra Luna Classic is gaining bullish momentum, catching the attention of crypto experts and investors. 

This post provides information regarding the prospective price of Terra Luna Classic ($LUNC). Also, for prospective investors looking to invest in a promising crypto asset, Tamadoge is on the horizon with outstanding features and utilities worth considering in the current bear market. Keep reading to learn more!

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Price Predictions

The pattern of Terra Luna Classic has seen some bullish prospects in September. Earlier this month, there was a bullish surge in the $LUNC price following an announcement from the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). He stated that Binance is implementing the Terra classic burn mechanism by burning all trading fees on $LUNC trading pairs.

Despite the mixed reactions concerning Terra Luna Classic’s future, the technical analysis perspective of the crypto asset looks very bullish. It has closed above the significant resistance level. To continue its price to the upside, $LUNC must break beyond the $0.000328 resistance levels.

As seen in the charts, LUNC/USDT recently broke out of a descending channel resulting from two weeks of price action. However, investors need to note that the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) shows that the price of LUNC/USDT is in the overbought region. 

Price is currently retracing towards a $0.00020 support level. So, investors can choose to purchase at that price level. In addition to the Relative Index chart, there is a bearish divergence, which could mean a short-term pullback before continuing the uptrend. It could also lead to the consolidation of candlesticks as buyers and sellers are considering the next move or any significant event that could break support or resistance levels on the charts.

Despite the crypto market’s overall bearish condition, Terra Luna Classic is a league on its own in its recent uptrend. If the price respects key support levels, the Terra Luna Classic token will reach as high as $0.0005 in the coming weeks.  

Furthermore, it’s important to note that, although the bullish intentions regarding the $LUNC price, many investors could consider alternatives that can provide the “Buy Low, Sell High” euphoria in this bear market. Consequently, Tamadoge is an excellent choice of investment that offers high-value utilities that could potentially propel its price upwards despite the current overall bearish trend in the crypto market.

Tamadoge: A Coin Showing Excellence in a Bear Market

A popular school of thought among the crypto community is that “The best projects shine in the bear market.” This statement is profound in Tamadoge as it shines in excellence despite the bearishness of the crypto market. 

In case you missed out on Terra Luna as it gained a massive uptrend in price, Tamadoge could perform similarly or even more incredible in its price action. Tamadoge recently completed a successful presale by raising over $19 million in capital, which is more than Ethereum’s $17.3 million raised during its 2014 Initial Coin Offering. During the presale, Tamadoge tokens were sold at $0.01, $0.02, and $0.03. 

To further prove its excellence, after listing on the OKX exchange as TAMA/USDT, many investors saw potential returns of over 180%, as more investors purchased Tamadoge tokens. With its early success, crypto experts believe this token’s long-term price will be astonishing. 

It then begs the question: what is Tamadoge? Basically, Tamadoge started as a meme coin similar to Dogecoin. At the time of writing, Tamadoge currently holds more than $22 million in market capitalization with a significant 24h trading volume of over $2 million. Moreover, it comes packed with intriguing utilities that capture crypto audiences worldwide. 

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn gaming project that enables users to create, breed, and battle with their Tamadoge pets. The Tamadoge pets are NFT-powered. Users are rewarded when they compete with their Tamadoge NFTs to secure the top spot on the leaderboard every month. 

Tamadoge solely focuses on gameplay by rewarding users based on performance and simply by playing Tamadoge. This feature enables organic growth within the Tamadoge ecosystem. Also, the Tamadoge native token is $TAMA, which drives the Tamaverse – the platform’s Metaverse where the Tamadoge Pets thrive.  

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Tamadoge Tokenomics

Strong tokenomics are vital to any project’s success. Many p2e platforms provide inflationary tokens with an infinite circulating supply, thereby making it difficult for the project to thrive. 

To begin with, the total supply of $TAMA tokens is 2 billion. Half of the tokens have been sold in its presale. 20% of the remaining supply is reserved for Centralized Exchanges (CEXes) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) listings. The remaining 30% will be unlocked gradually over ten years to fund existing and future Tamadoge projects.

In terms of revenue generated, Tamadoge tokens also feature a deflationary mechanism that helps achieve price stability. For every Tamadoge internal transaction made, there will be a 5% burn rate which drives scarcity and offer higher prices of $TAMA tokens. The remaining 95% is allocated to marketing and project development (about 30%) and a play-to-earn prize pool for users who lead the leaderboard (65%).

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The Tamadoge Future Roadmap

To further drive the value of the Tamadoge token, the project plans to be listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEX). Centralized Exchanges provide more widespread popularity and bigger liquidity pools than Decentralized Exchanges. As such, many crypto investors and institutional traders will take advantage of this fantastic project when it becomes listed on CEXes. 

Currently, Tamadoge already has a confirmed listing on the LBANK exchange, a centralized exchange. Also, Tamadoge plans to launch on several top DEXes and CEXes in line with their roadmap.  

Furthermore, Tamadoge aims to feature a series of Metaverse partnerships and release its Augmented Reality App that will enable Tamadoge pets into the real world by 2023. These are exciting developments, and more is happening on the Tamadoge platform. 

Final Thoughts 

When you carefully consider how Dogecoin, a meme coin with limited use cases, soared in 2021 by almost 70,000% from an all-time low in 2015 and became a top ten cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, then it becomes easy to understand why Tamadoge will attain extraordinary heights with its outstanding features and utilities. 

Tamadoge could become the next best meme coin considering its structure of tokenomics. It features a deflationary mechanism, has a low supply of 2 billion $TAMA tokens, and provides an awesome gaming experience to users. 

Moreover, Tamadoge is currently listed on the OKX exchange. If you are a first-time user of the platform, you stand a chance of winning a mystery box valued at $10,000. You need to sign up on the exchange and download the app. Then you can claim your mystery box. 

Finally, future listings on Centralized Exchanges will further drive demand for Tamadoge, increasing the token’s value. Suppose you have missed out on Terra Luna ($LUNC). In that case, a Metaverse game gives you a unique opportunity to purchase some $TAMA tokens before the FOMO train leaves the station. 

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