cryptocurrency dont miss out on the biggest ultra rare nft drop of 2022

Don’t miss out on the biggest ULTRA rare NFT Drop of 2022

Over the past week, Tamadoge’s price has increased by over 235%, bringing its return to last month’s pre-sale price of 580%. Such advances are particularly noteworthy, even though TAMA has fallen back from the previous historic high, given that the cryptocurrency market as a whole is down 18.0% since August and 56.6% since the year’s beginning.

At $0.068395, TAMA is down 37% in the past 24 hours and 64% from its all-time high. This decline is most likely the result of previous holders taking profits. The altcoin still has post-presale momentum, and Tamadoge recently released a collection of extremely rare NFTs, so there is a good probability that it may rally in the next days.


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How Has The Tamadoge ULTRA Rare NFTs Impacted $TAMA’s Value ?

Investors could purchase TAMA at the commencement of its presale for just $0.01. Numerous people have already done so, with the sale raising a total of about $19 million before the alternative currency was listed on the significant centralized exchange OKX and its decentralized offshoot, OKX DEX (which is open to users worldwide).

On September 27, TAMA was listed on OKX after going much beyond its pre-sale price. In fact, it reached its record high of $0.194446 a week later on October 4, giving its early investors a return of 1,844%.

Despite decreasing over the past day, TAMA is still comfortably above its pre-sale levels right now. The altcoin may be entering a much-needed cooling-off period right now, and the price reduction could provide newbies who were lagging behind in the market with a great bargain.

TAMA recently had a couple other things to celebrate in addition to their OKX lineup. Last week, it was listed on MEXC Global and LBANK Exchange, and it recently announced a listing on coinsbit. Due to the issuance of 100 extremely rare Tamadoge NFTs yesterday, this will probably increase market liquidity and demand.

These non-fungible tokens, which are accessible on OpenSea, represent Tamadoge pets, which are modeled like Tamagotchis (and Shiba Inu dogs). In addition to being able to be traded, these pets may be fed, trained, and used in combat against other Tamadoges.

As Tamadoge moves from its exciting pre-sales period to a phase where it begins to develop and deploy its underlying product, the launch of these NFTs is an essential first step. In this case, the product is a play-to-earn metaverse, which will expand to offer a variety of arcade-style games that the 100 new NFTs can only access. In addition to allowing users to care for Tamadoge pets, this metaverse also allows users to earn rewards.

These qualities give TAMA strong fundamentals, which should allow it to maintain its value increase over the long and medium term.



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What Utilities Can Holders Derive From These ULTRA Rare NFTs ?

In a nutshell, Tamadoge (TAMA) currency is the first deflationary meme coin with utility. The crypto game sets itself apart from many other play-to-earn businesses by emphasizing usefulness and providing robust token economics.

The IMPT assets on the other hand serves as an efficient solution  that can solve the current carbon offset challenges. This is done through carbon tokenization that will allow the carbon offsetting industry to benefit from secure and transparent records. With the support of irreversible blockchain transactions that anyone can observe, it enables businesses and organizations to offer official certificates that can be used as certified proof of their carbon offsetting operations. 

The basic issues with carbon trading can be solved by businesses avoiding fraud and duplicate counting. Blockchain technology guarantees that no network user, even one who is absolutely unknown, may spend more than they have or spend it more than once by employing a distributed ledger that all users agree on and can read and write to.

Anyone can view the addresses where carbon credits are held as well as whether a certain credit has been retired or not as soon as the carbon credits are minted into NFTs.

A retired NFT is normally completely and irreversibly removed from circulation by a burning mechanism in protocols, making it difficult to resell retired credits.


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Why is it advisable to invest in IMPT ?

IMPT is a Web3 ecosystem that connects socially conscious companies and people looking for methods to offset their carbon footprint with high-impact environmental projects. The portal enables you to purchase carbon credits and make donations to a variety of (controlled) environmental restoration and regeneration projects.

Since the release of its website and whitepaper, IMPT has experienced considerable growth. The presale is reported to have raised $1 million in less than three days of operation. On the IMPT market, carbon credits can be purchased, sold, and retired.

When you buy products from firms who care about the environment, you may earn IMPT tokens through the IMPT purchasing platform. When they reach a certain threshold, you can trade them in for carbon credits on the IMPT market.

At the time of writing, 600 million IMPT are being offered for sale at a price of about $0.018 each. This is the first phase of the presale. For both voluntary and required participants, the huge Web3 ecosystem has some distinctive qualities that lower the barrier to entry into the carbon offset market. In the upcoming months, IMPT will generously compensate early investors, taking into account the rising demand in the market for carbon offsets.

As it can be seen, the token price will gradually increase as the presale progresses to the second and third stages. The earlier a user invests , the lower the price, and the higher the returns. People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprints. In addition to the required carbon offsetting, corporations are increasingly investing in regenerative projects to foster positive brand recognition.

As a result, both the mandated and volunteer parts of the carbon offset market are rapidly expanding. As of 2021, their estimated values were $271 billion and $2 billion, respectively. The voluntary market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2050, whereas the required market has grown by 128% since 2008.

Because IMPT serves these expanding industries, it ranks as one of the top long-term cryptocurrency bets for 2022. Although there have been numerous Web3 carbon offsetting platforms, the majority have not had a significant long-term impact. It’s because they didn’t pay enough attention to engagement and usefulness.

The technical barrier to carbon offsetting is lowered by IMPT for users of all backgrounds. On the IMPT marketplace, purchasing, selling, and retiring carbon credits takes only a few simple actions.

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