cryptocurrency babydoge vs tamadoge what is the best memecoin in 2022

BabyDoge Vs Tamadoge – What is The Best Memecoin in 2022

Most investors are still too anxious to invest following the recent meltdown in the cryptocurrency market. Meme coins have recently taken the market by storm, with new meme coins appearing almost daily. Due to the curiosity of celebrities and the previously existing fan bases, these coins have grown in popularity.

Meme-based coins enable the admission of newcomers to the crypto scene, creating varied communities across the globe. This is particularly crucial because choosing the correct meme coin to invest in is crucial for success. 

The babydoge and Tamadoge are two popular meme coins of 2022 that use the dog mascot. There are other meme coins that use the dog mascot but these two will be the focus. 

Babydoge meme coin was launched on June 1st, 2021. The founder is reportedly Christian Campisi, despite the fact that there is no information about the development team on the website or in the whitepaper. Tamadoge meme coin on the other hand was launched on July 25, 2022. 

The team behind the babydoge include: senior blockchain developer Siphamandla Mjoli, head of growth Carl Dawkins, lead game developer Thomas Seabrook, full stack developer Éric Lamontagne and senior interaction designer Neil Palethorpe.


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Tokenomics of the Tamadoge and Babydoge.

Babydoge saw a 1000% price hike within just two weeks of its launch date. It reached a staggering $200 million market cap by the third week, and by the fourth week, there were 160,000 owners of the coin.

Tamadoge is launched with a fixed lifetime supply of 2 billion coins, with 1 billion of those coins available for trading. Coins were priced at $0.03 at launch (although pre-sale buyers got a discount), giving Tamadoge a $30 million market cap. 

Although BabyDoge did well during the previous bull run, the market was much more challenging for the majority of 2022. The price has decreased by 81.9% to $0.000000001144 from reaching an all-time high of $0.000000006345 on January 16.

For anyone, that constitutes a significant capitulation. Positively, the coin’s price has increased by almost 100% from this time last year, and its short-term performance has remained stable, if not outstanding.

Leading (CEXs) like OKX and Bitmart provide TAMA for purchase, and the token is also available on decentralized exchange (DEX) uniswap.

Tamadoge’s prize is creating a lot of waves, and this momentum isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This is providing investors with much-needed returns during the current cryptocurrency dip.

OKX was the first major CEX to list Tamadoge last week, allowing traders to benefit from the tremendous hype surrounding the project.

According to Coinmarketcap, OKX has over 1.4 million weekly visitors and regularly handles more than $1.3 billion in daily trading volume, ensuring TAMA has a massive audience of potential investors. TAMA is also available on the OKX DEX.

The popularity of the OKX exchange has certainly helped Tamadoge grow, as the token’s price is up over 200% since it was listed last week, leading many to consider TAMA as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy.

Notably, presale investors have experienced gains of more than 700%, given the discounted price point they could buy TAMA at.

Tamadoge’s OKX listing was swiftly followed by a listing on BitMart, another widely used CEX. The awareness raised by these listings, combined with the increased accessibility has helped boost demand even further leading to the triple-digit returns that investors are experiencing.

Although these returns are impressive, it seems like Tamadoge is just getting started. Tamadoge development team has also filed an application to be listed on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

TamaDoge has also lined up listings on LBank and MEXC, with the token going live on Oct 5. Not only do these listings boost accessibility even further, but they also help increase the token’s standing within the market, providing hope that a Binance listing could be a real possibility.

The babydoge and tamadoge coins have utilities mostly in the entertainment industry as compared with green tokens like the IMPT which presently has a pre-sale of up to $2 million. These coins have been able up to come up with market capitals of $80 million and $200 million respectively.


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What do Tamadoge and Babydoge offer investors?

Green token projects like IMPT offer investors opportunity to partner with over 10,000 brands across the world.

On the other hand the  “world’s best community coin,” BabyDoge, a deflationary meme coin, is getting ready to launch its own automated market maker (AMM). BabyDoge claims to have donated $750,000 to dog organizations since its founding to bolster its dog credentials.

The same transaction tax system used by projects like IMPT and others is also used by Babydoge. Despite the fact that transaction taxes can take on a variety of bizarre forms, BabyDoge is one of the meme coins that mercifully keeps things straightforward. Each transaction involving the BabyDoge is subject to a 10% tax, with 5% of that tax going to the BabyDoge liquidity pool. The remaining 5% is given to token owners.

Tamadoge token attempts to merge the rather trendy nature of so-called dog coins with the potential of elements present in the play-to-earn industry. Tamadoge “is coming out of the gate barking, becoming one of the largest hyped meme coins of all time and stretching the boundaries of the Play-to-Earn sector, in order to deliver a game that people will be climbing over each other to utilize,” according to the system’s website.

The Tamadoge token makes an effort to combine the rather popular nature of so-called dog coins with the potential of components found in the play-to-earn sector. The Tamadoge system “is coming out of the gate barking, becoming one of the greatest hyped meme coins of all time and expanding the boundaries of the Play-to-Earn sector, in order to create a game that people will be climbing over each other to employ,” according to the system’s website.

The Tamadoge system essentially blends NFT trading with virtual pets, according to what it actually does. In fact, it shares a name with the tamagotchi, a popular computerized virtual pet in the late 1990s. “Tamadoge pets are at the core of the Tamadoge project,” the system’s whitepaper states. You can purchase these mintable, tradeable NFTs, which are pets, using your Tamadoge token. Each Tamadoge Pet is created as a baby, and each one has particular attributes, advantages, and disadvantages.

In other words, players can purchase their NFTs, watch them grow, and then engage in player-versus-player combat if they want to win them.

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