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Why you Need to Know About These Crypto Market Big Movers

A look into the Cryptocurrency market today presents us with the existence of more than 19,000 cryptocurrencies in total. However, even with the figures given, there is still an expected flood of digital currencies into the Cryptocurrency market.

Not only are the figures huge, but it could also be confusing for Cryptocurrency Investors (especially the newbies) to Identify which Cryptocurrency has the potency to become the next big market movers.

Too many digital currencies in the Crypto market are not helping issues. Investors are constantly on the lookout for which Cryptocurrency will be the next big-market mover and how they can make money off it since it is not every coin that is worth their time and effort.

However, a digital currency is not fit to be called a big-market mover if it does not meet certain criteria that are necessarily considered when dealing with big-market movers.

In that light, this article aims to reveal the next big market movers, why you need to know about them, and what makes a digital currency a big-market mover.

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What Makes a Digital Currency a Big-Market Mover?

The following are factors that contribute to Cryptocurrency being a big market mover:

  • Price of the Token

The token price is one major factor that determines whether a digital currency passes for a big-market mover. Given that not all investors have so much money to put into the Cryptocurrency market, low-priced digital currencies are easy to make money off.

  • Potential for Adoption

If a Cryptocurrency has the edge over others and is more likely to be widely adopted, then it is a big market mover as it is worth investing in.

  • Supply Factor

The total supply and current circulation of a digital currency are one of the crypto market metrics that determines if a digital currency is fit to be a big market mover.

The circulation supply determines whether the coin is being traded or held in a wallet. In addition, it makes investors understand a coin’s potential scarcity, which can affect its price.

  • Price and Volume of Trade

Digital currencies with an increasing price and trade volume are more likely to move forward and hold investors’ interest.

  • Utility

Not all cryptocurrencies serve a purpose; therefore, a coin project must proffer a solution to a problem in the market. Coins that offer utility in the Blockchain ecosystem pass for a big-market mover as they serve a practical purpose.

Digital Currencies that are Big-Market Movers

Using the above metrics as a means of judgment, the following are the next big market movers in the Crypto Industry and everything you need to know about them:

1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a deflationary meme coin with unique utilities. Its native token is the TAMA coin in its ecosystem called the Tamaverse.

The Tamadoge ecosystem allows users to engage in the Tamadoge game, which allows users to create, breed, and care for their visual NFT pets while also engaging them in battles.

These battles allow users to gain more dogepoint and step up the leaderboard. Resultantly, users with the most dogepoints are allowed to claim their rewards from the dogepool.

Tamadoge also has an interesting and unique tokenomics (termed TAMAnomics). Given that the TAMA coin is deflationary, 5% of all used TAMA coins are burnt every month, and 65% of the used coins are distributed as rewards to players with the most dogepoint.

Tamadoge does not charge transaction tax, unlike other projects. The project has generated more than 19 million dollars as it had a successful presale of the TAMA coin.

The TAMA coin is currently priced at $0.03 and is projected to be worth ten times more than it is over the next year.

Ultimately, Tamadoge is a big-market mover that would hold investors’ attention given its unique utilities and features, so it is advisable to invest in the TAMA coin as it is currently low-priced.


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2. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a global NFT competition platform and its token, LBLOCK, is a deflationary token that stands out in the Competition and Reward sector of the Cryptocurrency market.

The Lucky Block ecosystem allows users to participate in NFT competitions and win mouth-watering prizes ranging from a Lamborghini and a $1 million home to $1 million worth of Bitcoin.

LBLOCK’s tokenomics allows a 1% monthly burn to reduce supply and increase its value. In addition, LBLOCK gained almost a 3,000% increase in price during its presale, earning a Market capitalization of well over $750 million.

Lucky Block’s Whitepaper states that LBLOCK would have a trading volume of $10,000 per day over the next one hundred years. Currently, an LBLOCK token is priced at $0.000365 and is projected to be worth the least $0.00589 over the next two years.

LBLOCK’s token, supply, price, and utility are favorable to the investor and, therefore, capable of holding their attention and are worth investing in.

lucky block

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3. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is a metaverse-based Cryptocurrency gaming platform that boasts Innovative Fantasy sports features. The Battle Infinity platform observes an infusion of sports into its metaverse by fusing P2E and NFT elements. 

Given the features and utilities of Battle Infinity, it is one of the digital currencies set to witness a Crypto boom. Battle Infinity’s native token is IBAT. IBAT has over 40% of its coin in circulation.

An IBAT token is currently priced at $0.0033329 and is projected to increase in price over the years. But while it remains low-priced, Investors can buy and invest in it as it is one of the digital currencies that would witness massive expansion.

The Utility, price, and supply of IBAT are checked, and the IBAT coin is worth investing in.

ibat premier league

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With the influx of digital currencies all over the Cryptocurrency space, Investors and enthusiasts must take time out to identify coin projects that are big-market movers capable of booming and bringing profits.

The token price, supply, utility, and adoption potential are one of the few most important factors to put into consideration when identifying digital currencies that are big-market movers.

With the factors mentioned above put into consideration, TAMA coin, LBLOCK, and IBAT remain big-market movers that are set to explode positively in the Crypto market and, therefore, should be bought and invested in.


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