cryptocurrency the tama ultra rare nfts are here what you need to know

The TAMA ultra rare NFTs are here – what you need to know!

After successfully generating USDT 19 million in its token presale in a record-breaking eight weeks, Tamadoge shot to fame a few months ago. Since then, Tamadoge has gained popularity and is sweeping the bitcoin and NFT communities.

A limited number of 21,100 NFT digital collectibles, divided into three categories—ultra-rare, rare, and common—will be included in Tamadoge’s future NFT collection. Each Tamadoge NFT will have distinctive qualities and skills that will enable players to compete and advance up the leaderboard in order to earn $TAMA prizes.

After the release of the Tamadoge main game metaverse, all Tama parents (Tamadoge owners) will receive a puppy version of their NFT. The early beta of Tamadoge’s battle smartphone game will be released in the upcoming weeks and Ultra rare NFTs from Tamadoge have already been made available, and the collection will remain on sale for a further six days.

The 100 NFTs will have better stats in the Tamagotchi-like game where participants train and raise their pets before competing against one another. Players who triumph in bouts compete for the best spots on a global leaderboard, collecting awards and TAMA tokens.

TAMA has experienced a dramatic surge in the past few weeks, quickly overtaking Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to take third place among meme coins by volume. Earlier this week, the coin reached an all-time high of $0.194, which is more than 100% higher than its first listing price of $0.03 and more than 2,000% higher than its early presale price of $0.01. The coin is still up more than 200% from its initial exchange offering (IEO) pricing on OKX, where it is currently trading at roughly $0.07, and a rumoured listing on Binance should cause the price to rise once again soon.


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What are Tamadoge NFTs?

Unlike most meme coin ventures, Tamadoge offers a much larger ecosystem known as the Tamaverse in addition to the possibility for significant rewards.

The Tamaverse can be entered through the NFT pets. A total of 21,100 pets — 100 ultra-rare, 1,000 rare, and 20,000 common — will eventually be made available on the market, each with a distinctive appearance, personality, and set of skills. Unlike most memecoin ventures, Tamadoge offers a much larger ecosystem known as the Tamaverse in addition to the possibility for significant rewards.

It has been rated among the top NFT games for 2022.  Owners of the pets will feed, tend to, and raise their pets into adults before they engage in combat, similar to the 90s craze Tamagotchi. They develop them by purchasing digital goods from the pet store, such as food, toys, and treats, which also serve as TAMA’s deflationary mechanism by burning 5% of all pet store transactions.

The owners of the ultra-rare pets have a 90% better chance of finishing higher on the scoreboard thanks to the pets’ heightened agility, awareness, and speed. While the dogs will later become 3D and then leap out the screen in an augmented reality app, the Tamadoge team is now working on more P2E arcade games in their ecosystem.

How to buy Ultra-Rare Tamadoge NFTs?

On the Ethereum NFT marketplace OpenSea, extremely rare pets are currently being auctioned off for purchase. The highest offer for a pet at the time of writing is 1.8 ETH, or roughly $2,440, with a starting price of 1 ETH (or roughly $1,350).

Investors who wish to participate in the auction must own Wrapped ETH (WETH) in order to submit a bid. The auction will continue for six more days before ending on October 13 at 2:00 PM UTC.

Below is brief advice on how to purchase extremely rare Tamadoge.

  1. Connect to OpenSea :

To connect to OpenSea, you install MetaMask or similar wallet.

  1. Find Tamadoge NFT collection: 

The Tamadoge ultra-rare collection must be located. Make sure you choose the right collection by using the link above and be on the lookout for fraudulent collections. Then look for the specific NFT pet you want to bid on. 

By clicking on the specific dogs, you can view other people’s bids.

  1. Hold WETH : 

To place a bid, make sure you have enough Wrapped ETH (WETH) in your MetaMask wallet. 

You may either purchase it on UniSwap and transfer it to MetaMask or you can purchase it straight on MetaMask with a debit or credit card.

  1. Place Bid: 

Finally, click the ‘Place Bid’ button and sign off on the request and wait until the auction is complete.


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Tamadoge Price Prediction

 In recent weeks, the price of Tamadoge has resisted gravity while other cryptocurrencies have continued to fluctuate. TAMA’s price was $0.0743, which is a little less than the peak of the previous week of $0.088. From this price’s lowest point this year, it has increased by more than 336%. 

The coin has a total market cap of more than $76 million, according to CoinGecko. The hourly chart reveals that the TAMA price has recently been in a bullish trend. It has recently undergone consolidation and developed what appears to be a symmetrical triangle pattern, which is seen in yellow. 

The Stochastic Oscillator has also risen a little bit while the coin has gone marginally above the 25-day moving average. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has also developed a bearish divergence pattern at the same time. Other coins that have performed excellently just like the TAMA coin is the IMPT which raised up to $220,000 in the first 24 hours of presale. 

Final Notes

Tamadoge is positioned to be this year’s best memecoin to buy. Investors are always seeking new projects to back. The TAMA price, however, has benefited from a few notable early listings and the actual excitement surrounding the underlying Tamadoge project and what it will eventually offer.

TAMA started a beta presale on July 25, 2022. Tamadoge could be purchased by investors for $0.01 per token, with a minimum expected purchase of 1,000 tokens ($10). Investors may purchase TAMA using ETH or USDT, which they may then exchange for TAMA. 

Alternatively, customers can use a debit or credit card to purchase TAMA with fiat money. For investors looking for cryptocurrency with the backing of big brands , it is best to consider projects like IMPT which has over 10,000 brands working with them.