cryptocurrency dogecoin shib continue to crash in value as tamadoge continues to pump

Dogecoin & SHIB continue to crash in value as Tamadoge continues to pump

Not all cryptos yield profit, so investors adopt the “pump-and-dump strategy” to filter off worthless tokens. Most cryptos lose value because they were bought early and sold later or people do not demand them. The same applies to Dogecoin & SHIB – they experience devaluation because they can no longer attract investors compared to Tamadoge or IMPT

Tamadoge has a promising future. For example, the platform introduced ultra-rare NFTs, token utilization, and play-to-earn Tamaverse. On the other hand, IMPT is the biggest presale happening right now.

This article covers Dogecoin & SHIB’s downfall and how TAMA & IMPT continues to pump. Happy reading!

Dogecoin – why it continues to crash in value 

Dogecoin & SHIB’s prices have been falling in the past few days. This may not be new to crypto experts because several news outlets predicted that the tokens would cease to exist by 2023. Although they are not in total extinction, they performed poorly among other cryptocurrencies. For example, Dogecoin lost about 91% in value (last year) and about 60% in value (this year) since the token’s all-time high. 

Statistically, Dogecoin’s recent market performance shows that the coin is down 79.3% in a 12-month chart and lost 21% in the last 30 days. In addition, Dogecoin lost about 76% of its mining revenue last year (there were 15 mineable tokens at the time, and DOGE was in position 11). Dogecoin owns approximately 60.27% of the entire meme coin economy, valued at $14,400,000,000, and other cryptocurrencies like SHIB share 39.73%. 

Even though Dogecoin has the tenth largest market cap, it is below SOL and just above DOT in value and market positions. These stats show that Dogecoin has the potential to do more than it is performing now; however, the project lack potential investors. 

Dogecoin’s poor market performance has been accumulating gradually since last year. Crypto with such a market cap should perform exceptionally. However, the reverse is the case for Dogecoin. 


SHIB – why it continues to crash in value 

SHIB shows poor performance like Dogecoin. For example, SHIB has lost about 60% of its assets since it reached an all-time high valued at $0.000086. SHIB has been fluctuating for the last few months: it makes marginal gains and dips in a bearish market. A lot has gone wrong with the crypto because it fails to maintain the marginal increase but keeps declining. 

SHIB faces three significant problems: reduction in holder’s account, reduced transactions, and dipping price. SHIB’s market performance has been discouraging investors. And this is a concern because no one is willing to pump money into a less qualified token.

Investors abandon the project because it lacks utility to grow: there is little or no partnership or new infrastructure. This is why experts predicted that the coin may be in extinction by the end of 2023. This prediction may come true if investors keep leaving the project at this rate or if the coin value keeps dropping. 

SHIB transactions fell 70% between Q4 (last year) and Q1 (this year). SHIB transactions further reduced from 329,893 to 216,260 between March and April 2022. SHIB Q1 report for 2022 came out on April 28, showing an underscore token’s trading activity. A recent revenue chart shows a reduced “company’s overall revenue (43% reduction) and crypto revenue (39% reduction).” The record shows that the millennials influencing the crypto’s excellent performance in the past year have taken a break from investing in the project. 

 In the effort to make SHIB gain value, the platform is planning to cause inflation and scarcity by burning a large amount of the tokens. This strategy will reduce SHIB circulation and open the door for more investors. The SHIB token inflation and scarcity are strategies that may work – it is not certain. However, TAMA and IMPT are SHIB alternatives; they are the best investment and have been leading charts for weeks. 


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Tamadoge – why it continues to pump 

TAMA is a significant blockchain gaming initiative because it distinguished itself among the top meme coins. It incorporates several projects that the meme market is lacking. For example, players engage in combat and earn passively (a play-to-earn Tamaverse). They also earn when they mint or care for Tamadoge pets. 

TAMA performs exceedingly great because of the project blueprint. For instance, users invested in 50% of the net token worth 2 billion during the presale; 20% of the asset was kept for future listing on exchange platforms. The remaining 30% will be released over a decade of minting operations. The blueprint shows that TAMA has an excellent plan for its users right from the start. 

TAMA is popular and people’s choice because the project includes casual gamers, non-crypto enthusiasts, and crypto experts. Tamadoge made great success, especially during the presale: it remains one of the tokens that made over 10,000,000 dollars in the first month of the presale. 

TAMA continues to pump because of its listings on some major CEX and DEX platforms, and its ability to create demand/attract investors. 

Like Tamadoge, another Crypto set for the Q4 rally is the IMPT token.


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IMPT – the newest crypto  to join the progressive trends


IMPT is the biggest presale happening right now. IMPT is like TAMA because it makes waves right from its presale. In just over a week since the beginning, the token has raised over $4 million. The tally now makes outstanding impressions at approximately $3.6 million as of writing, while it aims the hard cap of $10.8 million by November 25. 

The coin is available at stage 1 presale value “1 IMPT = $0.018,” and the stage 2 presale value “1 IMPT – $0.023” is set to begin by December 1. The “presale 2” may start before the speculated time. 


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Some characteristics of a good investment include “effective portfolio diversification, long-term viability, cost-efficiency, and liquidity.” Dogecoin and SHIB do not show all these characteristics, but IMPT and TAMA have them all. Do not forget that a good investment comes with less risk; thus, ensure you invest your money wisely.