cryptocurrency 3 nfts investments with more security gains than bored ape in 2022
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3 NFTs Investments With More Security & Gains than Bored Ape in 2022

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become a popular asset class in the cryptocurrency market. There are many reasons behind their popularity as an investment. NFTs can be owned by almost anyone and are secured by a blockchain. There are several NFT-related projects, one of which is Bored Ape. 

Bored Ape is a collection of almost 10,000 collectible NFTs. While initially, the collection of NFTs was popular among investors, its popularity started to wane. This was largely due to newer NFT products with more utility starting to enter the market. We take a look at three of these new NFT projects, which are more secure and are set for massive gains in 2022. 

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is one of the newest meme coins on the market with actual real-world utilization. The platform is built around a vibrant metaverse with a play-to-earn model. The main aim of the project is to mint, breed, raise, and train virtual pets that are represented by NFTs. It also has a native token, TAMA, which users can use for transacting inside the metaverse. 

As users complete challenges, they get Dogepoints in exchange. The user with the most Dogepoints at the end of each month receives free TAMA tokens. The project has plans of introducing AR support next year. This would allow players to almost touch their pets Each one of these pets has unique characteristics and abilities. 

Tamadoge is designed keeping in mind the best industry practices and has been KYC’d by Coinsniper. Each NFT has a 3D model associated with it, allowing users to utilize them as an avatar in pre-existing partnered metaverses. TAMA has been already listed on major exchanges like OKX and Bitmart, just to name a few. 

The growth of TAMA has attracted a lot of attention because of its surge in value. TAMA’s price managed to surge by more than 800% eight days after it was launched thanks to the top-tier OKX exchange listing. Early pre-sale buyers also received gains of around 1800%. As TAMA begins its retracement after its parabolic growth, this momentum has decreased slightly.

Tamadoge recently began its first NFT auction which will last for seven days. Some NFTs have received bids of over 1.8 ETH on the first day, challenging the 10x launch of the Bored Ape NFT collection. The NFTs up for auction belong to the Super-Rare collection which has 100 NFTs available. These super-rare NFTs can boost some of the features of Tamadoge pets before battling. The total collection features 21,000 NFTS categorized into common, rare, and super rare categories. 

However, considering the size of the community, which includes a 60,000-strong Telegram group, it is expected that bidding will go well beyond 1.8 ETH in the coming weeks. Some analysts have even suggested that some of the NFTs from its super-rare collection can hit bids of up to 5 ETH and higher.  


>>>Buy Ultra Rare Tamadoge NFTs Here<<< is an environment-focused blockchain and NFT project which assists businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. Users are allowed to purchase verified carbon credits, which are represented by NFTs. The ecosystem consists of four major components – Carbon credits, a social platform, a carbon marketplace, and a shopping platform. They can also trade the NFTs to gain value. 

Users can acquire carbon credits while engaging in regular shopping activities. This is possible as has partnered with top-tier global retailers. All of these retailers have agreed to dedicate a specific percentage of sales margin towards environmental projects. Once, carbon credit is equivalent to the removal of one ton of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. raised more than $5 million in total funds in its recent presale. As a result, the green-shopping and decentralized carbon credit platform are well on its way to reaching its hard cap of $10.8 million by the end of November. For added security, investors have a guarantee from Coinsniper which has verified the details of the project to ensure anti-rugging and complete project security. has designed a project that will incentivize green behavior by customers by offering them tokenized carbon credits with market value. It also does a great job of incentivizing businesses and retailers to be more environmentally conscious and join its platform. It has made the carbon offset more transparent by putting carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens. 


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Cocky is an NFT project that is attractive to people who love real-world music concerts and events. It is an exclusive NFT lifestyle club that provides NFT holders with access to top-tier world-class music events. To gain access to the events, users must purchase one of the many CockyCan NFTs. 

The Cocky NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Cans with 51 different variations in skins and colors, which represent the benefits each holder receives. Cocky randomly assigns the tiers during minting. Each of the different tiers unlocks a range of benefits, which include luxury accommodation, exclusive merchandise, bar rabs, additional invites, and subsidized transport to and from the events. 

Cocky NFTs have unique utilities, which are known as Mutations, which are represented in the form of a stamp displayed in the NFT’s background. Holders can earn mutations by participating in the ecosystem and attending events. A specific NFT can become more valuable as more mutations occur on it. 

Cocky intends on hosting two world events every year which will feature regular virtual events in the form of live streams, apart from regular in-person events. The NFTs act as tickets to the events held by Cocky. All the events that are supposed to be held by Cocky will be in the electronic music genre in prestigious locations. These locations might be unconventional, which put the focus on the landscape, history, and culture of the location involved. 

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There are many NFT projects taking birth frequently but not all have real-world utility or value. Luckily the above three NFT projects, in particular, has been looking to change that.