cryptocurrency 10 best crypto to buy now that will pump before 2024

10 Best Crypto to Buy Now that will pump before 2024

As a crypto investor and trader, knowing the best tokens to buy can make or mar your portfolios. Besides, many projects are sprouting which makes it hard to know the best for your investment.

Do not fret, however, as we’ve compiled some of the perfect projects, such as Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria, and Tamadoge, for your investment. These projects have the potential to multiply your investment.

Likewise, the tokens have the tendency to pump massively before the coming year, so now is a good time to buy them. We’ve listed about 10 different tokens with this potential and you can check them out below.

  1. Dash 2 Trade
  2. IMPT
  3. Calvaria
  4. Tamaoge
  5. Battle Infinity
  6. Chiliz
  7. Polygon
  8. Algorand
  9. BitDAO
  10. UniGlo

1. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a platform to trade data and monitor next-generation crypto analytics.

The purpose of this project is to give cryptocurrency traders access to powerful high-performance analytics, social trading, and other tools to elevate their trading experience. 

There has been a dearth of trustworthy, all-in-one trading platforms that enable educated decision-making ever since the inception of cryptocurrency trading. Finally, crypto enthusiasts may now utilize a terminal similar to Bloomberg that is solely dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

The primary driver of its enormous popularity and steadily increasing success is centered on the native token D2T. Dash2Trade is powered by D2T, a powerful ERC-20 token running on the renowned Ethereum platform, which powers all of its features and functions.

D2T may only be purchased through the public presale, which is currently in stage 2.

Already, the D2T presale has smashed a number of records. It’s one of the few cryptocurrency presales that raised up to $2 million in just 72 hours.

According to the official D2T website, the presale stage 2 has surpassed its halfway point as the total amount raised has surpassed $3 million. 

The Dash2Trade platform includes all necessary functionalities, like presale alerts, on chain analysis, social trading, whale tracking etc.


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IMPT is the green cryptocurrency that everyone is talking about. Crypto projects typically require a significant amount of energy, which contributes to CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The new cryptocurrency initiative is focusing on consuming less energy and creating a better environment to address the growing threat of global warming.

The newest green blockchain startup,, helps organizations and people alike to lower their overall carbon footprint by offsetting carbon emissions into the environment. Users of IMPT have the option of purchasing carbon credits via the IMPT marketplace or through the business with which the initiative is partnered. 

It is more important than ever to take action to protect the environment as the globe veers into a crisis, and IMPT is making it simpler for us than ever. This brand-new blockchain initiative invites all cryptocurrencies enthusiasts to join them in their mission to use blockchain technology to make the world greener. The crypto market, which accounts for a significant portion of the world financial markets, is where the goal of influencing the general public can only be achieved, and IMPT is currently doing this.

With the introduction of carbon credits that consumers may purchase or obtain through purchasing, this ground-breaking idea aims to reduce the carbon footprint.


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3. Calvaria

Calvaria (RIA) is the finest crypto P2E battle card game. It’s a compelling battle card game with an epic plot and rewarding prizes for all players. Two versions of the game will shortly be released.

 On a mobile device, one of these would be a playable Play-to-Earn game that is available for download. The idea that makes cryptocurrency accessible to the general public is the foundation of this amazing crypto P2E initiative.

The RIA token, a utility token based on the ERC-20 standard, serves as the project’s foundation. On the official website of Calvaria, a presale is currently underway where you can purchase this token. The Calvaria development team would be the one to directly issue this coin.

Once the game is complete, the Calvaria development team will directly issue this token, which will have 0% transaction taxes. With 480,353 USDT raised, the RIA presale has already passed stage 2, although you can still buy.


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 The majority of meme currencies struggle to grow into sustainable projects because they can’t develop legitimate use cases for their tokens outside of their ecosystem. The exact opposite is being done by TamaDoge (TAMA).

TamaDoge is creating long-lasting value for the TAMA token by fusing P2E and NFT since players are motivated to accumulate NFTs by taking part in the entertaining game.

TamaDoge users may take their dogs onto the metaverse to hang out with friends, breed, and train their dogs.

TAMA has a great P2E component and is also very environmentally friendly. By design, it is both pre-mined and deflationary, eliminating the need for supercomputers to mine tokens and make them available. This distinguishes TamaDoge from other meme coins on the market and is a key factor in its ranking as one of the top cryptos to buy for under $1 right now since it’ll pump massively till 2024 and beyond.


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5. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a planned play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem built on the metaverse that has already undergone KYC verification by CoinSniper. Users can design their own avatars within this metaverse and participate in Battle Infinity’s games to win big prizes.

Battle Infinity, one of the quickest cryptocurrency presales to sell out this year, is currently under development and intends to increase the appeal of metaverse-based platforms. Players can engage in six different platforms inside the Battle Infinity ecosystem. One of the most well-known is the IBAT Premier League, which offers a blockchain-based fantasy sports league with NFTs that is unique in its kind.

In addition to this, Battle Infinity provides a built-in NFT marketplace where users may buy and sell items as well as mint and sell their own artwork.

Users of Battle Infinity will also be able to buy virtual land plots that may be utilized for in-game billboard advertising. The Battle Infinity ecosystem will even have a DeFi exchange (IBAT Battle Swap) that enables smooth token switching.

The world’s native $IBAT BEP-20 coin will be used to power the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The 10 billion token supply of $IBAT will be used for rewards distribution and staking. Investors had the opportunity to purchase 28% of the total supply during the presale. Thus, making the token the one of the best to buy right now.

battle infinity

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6. Chiliz

Worldwide sports enthusiasts will adore Chiliz (CHZ), which gives them the option to buy Fan Tokens. This will demonstrate how fervently people cheer on their preferred professional sports teams. Football, one of the most popular sports in the world, is the main topic of discussion here.

Holders of CHZ can vote on initiatives that their preferred clubs pursue while also earning certain exclusive benefits. CHZ expects sports-obsessed followers to take action, and they are likely right in that assumption. They could reap tremendous rewards if they can branch out from football to other sports.

 Through its Socios platform, the entertainment and sports network Chiliz aids international traders.  Additionally, you gain some governance powers when you possess its native token, CHZ.

You can take part in decisions on the color of the captain’s armband and many other things thanks to these powers. These tokens can also be exchanged for other tokens on the Chiliz market.

These days, sports teams from all across Europe, like AS Roma, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and many others, use this platform to design and give their supporters personalized tokens.


7. Polygon

The performance of executing transactions is a problem that the Ethereum network, upon which Polygon (MATIC) is based, has always had. The network can frequently become crowded due to the volume of transactions, which is one of the main causes of this. 

Through its scaling approach, Polygon is attempting to address this.

Gas costs and transaction times are drastically decreased using MATIC. As a result of the performance of Ethereum and Polygon being directly correlated, the former is dependent on the latter. But even after the Merge, that might not necessarily be a terrible thing.

polygon (matic)

8. Algorand

Algorand (ALGO) is a self-sustaining decentralized network built on the blockchain. Its support for several applications, which draws many developers to the network, is one of its claims to fame.

Every solution they provide is effective, safe, and—possibly most importantly—scalable. Any project that wishes to have a practical use case outside of their own ecosystem must have these characteristics.

This is going to be a significant development for all cryptocurrencies moving forward if they want to achieve long-term success in 2024 and beyond, which is why ALGO compiles this outstanding list of cryptocurrencies to buy.

Algorand (ALGO)

9. BitDAO

 BitDAO’s goal is to create a tokenized economy that is totally decentralized and accessible to anyone who wants to invest money in early-stage Web3 enterprises.

Bybit, a Chinese derivatives exchange, founded it, which lends some credence to its potential for significant future gains. 

Additionally, it has a number of very significant investors, including Founders Fund, Dragonfly Capital, and Pantera Capital.

Given this reputable support, it has the potential to generate significant returns for investors in the near future.


10. UniGlo

The initial adopters of Uniglo (GLO), a new DAO (or decentralized autonomous organization), stand to gain the most. Every user who has a GLO token will cast a vote on whatever occurs within its ecosystem, just like everyone else in its market.

How the shared treasury will be invested will be the key concern for voters. 

The goal is to create an ever-expanding library of different digital content. GLO might be a token that is backed by a treasury through NFTs, other cryptocurrencies, collectibles, and other assets like gold that are tokenized. Thus, it has the astounding potential to achieve 25x gains.



Knowing the token to invest in might be a dilemma. Since rugs are quite common, it’s crucial to conduct adequate research before investing. Thus, we’ve researched and compiled the best 10 cryptos that’ll pump before 2024. You can check them out above and they’ll give you high returns for your money.