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5 Reasons to Buy Metaverse Crypto in 2022

The metaverse is one of the hyped aspects of Web3, and investing in metaverse cryptos is one of the best investment decisions. Metaverse cryptos are known for their high return on investments, and there are several metaverse cryptos out there. However, only a few are worth buying. 

After examining the factors behind good metaverse crypto to purchase, TARO ticks all boxes. The project’s approach is unique, and despite this bear market, their first presale round has been pushing on strongly. Many investors are getting in before it moves to the second round of presale.

Buying a cryptocurrency early before a pump is also essential for any investor. In this article, we go deep into why having the metaverse crypto, TARO, in your portfolio is a good investment play for a significant return on investment.

Robotera (TARO)

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What is RobotEra (TARO)? 

RobotEra (TARO) is a metaverse project that builds something similar to a sandbox world where players and participants can make the world they want.

Everyone participating gets an avatar robot to build the resources necessary to build the world they want. The robots are the official NFTs of the RobotEra ecosystem. These NFTs or robots all have attributes unique to them.

TARO’s presale is ongoing so far; it has been moving smoothly. And with such momentum, there is an expectation that it will provide investors with a good upside. 

The TARO coin is the native token for RobotEra’s metaverse. It has good utilities that support activities that will require players to spend directly influencing the value of it. They are currently in stage one of the presale, and a token of TARO sells for $0.020 USDT. 

robotera presale

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5 Reasons to Buy RobotEra’s Metaverse Crypto

Making a sound investment decision is complex. It requires research from Informed information. However, we have made everything easier and have gone in-depth with reasons to buy TARO.

  • Solid and Well Defined Roadmap and Whitepaper.

Every investor checks out a project’s roadmap to know the direction and plan of the team behind it. Using this metric and analysis of RobotEra’s roadmap and whitepaper, it is a tick for long-term investment.

A clearly defined roadmap helps with the future of a project valuation and a clear whitepaper they have put out in public. An investor can quickly point to where the value of TARO is gotten.

So far, the team has followed up with what they say they will, and that’s a good thing. Given that numerous projects these days can’t follow through with their words. So, seeing one that does so adds a solid reason for an investor’s portfolio.

  • Technical Advantages to its Gameplay or Product

RobotEra has a complete story and design, unlike other metaverse games or projects. The advantage it brings is that players don’t have to worry about dealing with incomplete levels or buggy gameplay.

In addition, this drives player interest more than the average metaverse game. And because of the team’s focus on its technicality, there are two editor options. 

First, players can optimize and change the aspects of their robots when they get into the game. And also, they could easily edit the lands they get to be personalized to their taste; this creates a comfortable environment for the players. 

  • Project’s Transparency

Another critical factor for investors is the transparency of whatever project they like. If a project is not transparent with its activities, it could be the fastest way for you to lose money.

So far, RobotEra has been transparent with its activities, which are trackable in real-time, giving credence to the team’s commitment to long-term success; this is an excellent reason to buy because investors can trust the team to go through with their plans.

  • Successful Ongoing Presale

Despite the current market outlook, they currently have a presale that is doing well. In the past week, most tokens have lost more than half of their market value. One could have expected that RobotEra’s TARO wouldn’t have been different.

However, the opposite has been the case. With the sales momentum, it’s a social signal that other investors honestly believe that the investment upside to being early will be significant. Add this to the history of presales doing crazy numbers for investors, and you get the reason behind this.

  • Dedicated Community 

A community makes or breaks a project, regardless of a market-fit product. If there isn’t a fantastic community that believes in what a project is doing, then it is as good as dead.

RobotEra’s community has been dedicated and behind the project’s progress from the beginning, reflected in the current presale, which has been moving very well.

A community helps with hype and not excluding the role they play in its continued progress and success. However, there are instances where the excitement needs to make sense in direct relation to the value of a project; in the case of RobotEra (TARO), the hype is understandable, given its product utility.

How to Buy RobotEra (TARO)

To buy TARO, you should follow the simple steps.

  1. Install MetaMask on your desktop or download it on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the buy page, and connect your wallet.
  3. Make your purchase with either Ethereum (ETH) or USDT.
  4. After the presale is over, you can claim your tokens.


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Final Thoughts

RobotEra (TARO) is the perfect metaverse crypto to buy with the current market outlook. Many people got their hands burnt due to investing in rug pull projects, so investing in projects with outstanding qualities like TARO is important. If you’re wondering what the best time to invest is, It is right now!

Will Macmaster

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