cryptocurrency new prime minister rishi sunak is pro crypto what this means for your investment

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is pro-crypto – what this means for your investment!

 The current UK PM, Rishi Sunak is a crypto fanatic which implies there might be significant reforms in the UK Crypto space. 

 His first speech as the Prime Minister even positive crypto changes. Many people believe Sunak’s future is cryptocurrency like Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, and IMPT – thus, the Blockchain industry can experience a revolutionary shift. 

Meanwhile, during Rishi Sunak’s term as a finance minister under the former Prime Minister’s Johnson regime, he mentioned converting the UK into a crypto center. At this time, he introduced the Financial Services and Markets Bill.

 If the Bill becomes law, it can give local regulators huge control over the Blockchain industry. In fact, he directed the Royal Mint, which produces the UK’s coins, to develop a Non-fungible token (NFTs) collection.

Moreover, the founder of Binance (Changpeng Zhao) also expects massive reforms from Rishi Sunak, and it’s displayed in one of his tweets.   

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What does Rishi Sunak’s appointment mean for your investment?

As a crypto investor and trader, you aim to maximize profit and reduce your loss. However, under the regime of Sunak, your investment will be more regulated and have legal backing than before. Likewise, Binance, the world’s largest crypto daily trading exchange, might be unbanned from the UK.

 Hence, having a pro-crypto individual as the current Prime Minister will increase your portfolio and ensure more secure investments.  Meanwhile, some of the best tokens you can purchase in the light of the newly appointed PM are Dash 2 Trade, RIA and IMPT.

What’s Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an informational trading signal platform that gives traders in-depth market analysis to create strategies and take profits. In addition, it allows access to crypto signals, social trading tools, metrics, presale alerts, and other features for new and experienced traders.

The crypto space is filled with numerous projects and tokens, requiring a lot of work.

But with Dash 2 Trade, traders and investors will find gems easily and spot Alphas that others can benefit from.

Features of Dash 2 Trade

  • Social indicators

The social indicators and on-chain analysis are one of the main features of the D2T dashboard. The feature allows users to find tokens that can make significant price changes. Social indicators are driven mainly by perception and technical analysis. Thus, the Dash 2 Trade platform provides these metrics to users to maximize profits.

  • Presales 

Presales bring about exciting opportunities – the tokens have different attributes since they’re not being traded in the market. Therefore, keeping track of the presales is advisable as it’s an excellent way to spot gems in the crypto space. The platform will give traders basic information about presales and score them according to some requirements. 

  • The Token.

Fortunately, Dash 2 Trade platform has an ERC-20 token that users can hold to access different features. Some of the features include social trading competitions, access to the dashboard, advanced tooling, etc. 

  • On-chain analytics

D2T will feature some on-chain analysis for tokens and wallet activities. Hence, D2T holders will get to teach whale movements and the market maker across different blockchains.

  • Listing announcement

New listing alerts can cause a considerable change in the price of any token. There’s usually an additional increase in trading volume whenever a token makes a listing announcement. Thus, D2T subscribers can access this first-hand information and position themselves for gain.

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Why should you buy D2T when Sunak is the current Prime Minister

As you know, Rishi Sunak is a pro-crypto whose appointment will bring about numerous positive changes in the crypto space. Before those changes begin, you must be in the best position to reap the benefits.

Investing in D2T will provide you access to different trading and investing tools across the crypto space. The platform is 100% secured by SolidProof, and Coinsniper verifies the team. Traders even have more benefits when they hold D2T tokens. 

The team raised about $500k in 24 hours when they launched the presale. Thankfully, the presale is currently at stage 3 with 1 D2T equivalent to 0.0513 USDT. So, before the presale closes, buy D2T to reap the full benefits of Rishi Sunak being the current PM,


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What is RIA?

Gamification is a useful method for attracting gamers and non-crypto users to the area without any effort. The crypto field could benefit from the development of a good game with play-to-earn features, which Calvaria seeks to do.

By developing a top-notch immersive game and including blockchain technologies that will boost widespread adoption in the cryptocurrency business, Calvaria aspires to achieve the best of both worlds. 

Regardless of the user’s level of crypto expertise, Calvaria aims to make the game easily available and accessible.

Two versions of Calvaria’s signature card game will be available; one will be free to play and conveniently available through mobile app stores (Google Play and Apple Store), introducing players to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The $RIA token serves as Calvaria’s official currency. The fixed quantity of 1 billion $RIA tokens is currently available on the official homepage of Calvaria, with around 30% of those tokens being made available during the presale. 

Users can lock their $RIA tokens while receiving passive benefits via a Proof-of-Stake protocol using these RIA tokens, which will have 0% transaction tax. Calvaria is currently running a presale which will give access to features on the platform.


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What Is IMPT?

The quantity of energy commonly used by crypto projects increases the amount of CO2 discharged into the environment. So, to combat the growing threat of global warming, the recently formed cryptocurrency initiative IMPT is focusing on conserving energy and enhancing the environment.

By offsetting carbon emissions into the environment, the newest green blockchain startup,, aids businesses and individuals in lowering their overall carbon footprint. 

Users of IMPT have the choice of acquiring carbon credits via the initiative’s business partners or through the IMPT marketplace.

As the world teeters on disaster, it is more crucial than ever to take action to safeguard the environment, and IMPT is making it easier.

The place where IMPT can be successful in influencing the general public is the crypto market, which makes up a large chunk of the global financial markets.

This innovative project intends to lessen the carbon footprint by creating carbon credits that people may buy or earn in exchange for purchases. Thus, it’s advisable to get into this project since it’s still early.

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Rishi Sunak is about to turn the UK into a crypto hub and it’s advisable to get into lucrative projects now. Some of the best projects to invest in include D2T, IMPT, and RIA.