8 Best Penny Cryptocurrency under $1 to Invest In

As a rule, some crypto whales and investors do not invest in crypto coins with prices above $1. They argue that buying coins below the $1 price ensures they can get more quantities of the coin and make an excess profit if the price of the coin skyrockets.

This argument is valid, especially when we look at cryptocurrency coins like Shiba Inu and WIN, whose prices skyrocketed last year and provided holders of large volumes of the coins with huge profits. In recent times, penny cryptocurrencies like D2T, IMPT, and TAMA have also shown enormous potential and are poised to do even better in the coming years. 

As such, it’s only wise that cryptocurrency investors put their monies into these coins. To widen your scope and give you more choices, we shall dive into the eight best cryptocurrencies under $1 that you should consider purchasing.


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The Eight Best Cryptocurrencies under $1 that are Worth Purchasing

We’ve gone deep into the cryptocurrency industry to curate this list of the eight best penny cryptocurrencies under $1. These eight have shown strong resolve and determination for the future. Despite being below $1, they have shown that they have what it takes to exceed this price in the nearest future. The eight best cryptocurrencies under $1 are listed below;

  1. Dash2Trade (D2T) – Best Investment Worthy Crypto under $1
  2. IMPT.io (IMPT) – A Purposeful Carbon Footprint Reduction Project
  3. Calvaria (RIA) – New Trading Card Game With Blockchain Features
  4. Tamadoge (TAMA) – An Exceptionally Exciting Crypto NFT Project
  5. Blurt (BLURT) – Social Media Content & Curation Platform Token under $1
  6. Algorand (ALGO) – Secure & Decentralized Digital Currency Platform Token under $1
  7. Chiliz (CHZ) – An Under $1 Cryptocurrency in the Sports Industry
  8. Klaytn (Klay) – An Under $1 Metaverse & Gamefi-focused Cryptocurrency

  1. Dash2Trade (D2T) – Best Investment Worthy Crypto under $1

It shouldn’t be surprising that a native token for a cryptocurrency intelligence and analytics platform makes the top of our list. The Dash 2 Trade platform serves as social trading with offerings of trading tools that help you stay on top of your game and become a better trader. The D2T token is currently having its 3rd Presale Stage and has raised $6,689,780.42

Investors also have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing giveaway by visiting the Dash 2 Trade platform, where they stand a chance to win $150k. The current price of the token during this presale stage is 0.0513 USDT and will likely cross its target of raising $25,980,000 in a few weeks. Once fully launched, it could be on the runway toward crossing the $1 mark.

dash2trade (1)

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2. IMPT.io (IMPT) – A Purposeful Carbon Footprint Reduction Project

IMPT serves as the coin for the IMPT.io platform, which is currently collaborating with socially responsible brands to connect individuals and businesses working towards reducing their carbon footprint. 

IMPT is currently undergoing its stage 3 presale and is offered to the public at $0.023. This price will continue to increase until all presale stages are over. Investors who key into this token will be in profit once the token’s presale stages are concluded. 


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3. Calvaria (RIA) – New Trading Card Game With Blockchain Features

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a brand new trading card game built on blockchain technologies. It’s designed to bring online trading card games to the next level by allowing players to generate tokens and potentially make a profit. It’s inspired by other titles like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but with the ability to earn tokens and make a profit.

The platform’s native token, RIA, is required to play the game. Namely, players have to stake their tokens before every match. If they win, they get their tokens back along with the ones staked by the opponent. The tokens can also be used to upgrade card decks, unlock special characters, and much more.

Calvaria has entered presale a few weeks back, and has rased close to 1.8 million USDT during the first four phases. The third phase is now active, during which 1 USDT will get you 50 RIA tokens. The price will increase to 40 RIA per 1 USDT in the next phase, so hurry up and get your tokens before they become more expensive.


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4. Tamadoge (TAMA) – An Exceptionally Exciting Crypto NFT Project

The Tamadoge platform’s token is TAMA, which is utilized for playing Tamadoge games, purchasing NFTs, and earning rewards. It also allows you to purchase special items from the Tamadoge pet store. The current price of the TAMA token is $0.02187, and if it continues on its current trajectory, it will surpass the $1 mark in a few years. 


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5. Blurt (BLURT) – Social Media Content & Curation Platform Token under $1

The Blurt Social Media platform is modeled after the likes of Steemit and Hive and serves as a content platform for rewarding users for creating good content. Its daily reward pool serves as the reward model for users of the platform. The pool rewards users with $BLURT tokens for their daily posts and comments. Also, users who do not wish to post content can buy certain volumes of the coin, stake it, and use it in curating content.

In turn, they get 50% of the rewards due to these content creators. Currently, the price of BLURT is $0.0048, with an all-time high price of $0.116. As more people continue looking for easier work-from-home earning means, Blurt is poised to increase exponentially. This is absolutely the best time to purchase the BLURT token.


6. Algorand (ALGO) – Secure & Decentralized Digital Currency Platform Token under $1

The ALGO token powers the Algorand blockchain. It is used to pay for transactions, purchase goods and services, secure the needed consensus amongst participation nodes, and participate in DeFi. 

Currently, the price of ALGO is $0.31. It has previously climbed beyond the $1 mark but is poised to exceed its current price in the next few months. Price projections for the next three years will see ALGO surpass the $1 mark. With this and the offerings from the project, the token is a good investment.  

Algorand (ALGO)

7. Chiliz (CHZ) – An Under $1 Cryptocurrency in the Sports Industry

A cryptocurrency token focusing on the sports industry, CHZ serves as the official token of the Socios platform. Fans can purchase their teams’ tokens and influence some of the governance through voting with their teams. One CHZ token is currently worth $0.18, but with more collaboration, the token is poised to surpass the $1 mark in a short while.


8. Klaytn (KLAY) – An Under $1 Metaverse, & Gamefi-focused Cryptocurrency

The Klay token is the official token for the Klaytn blockchain, one with a major focus on the Metaverse, creator economy, and Gamefi. Many notable projects are built on its platforms, such as Age of Zen, AQX, Bithumb, Bitmex, and many others. Its Klay token is used for all transactions done on the blockchain network.

The current price of the Klay token is over $0.14 and is further poised to grow higher. It currently has a 24H percentage increase of 5.8%, and the future looks good for the cryptocurrency. With a $500m Klaytn Growth fund planned for the growth of the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn, there is a huge potential for the Klay token to grow beyond $1.

Final Reflections

Investing in these tokens currently below the $1 mark might prove to be the game changer in 2022. D2T, IMPT, RIA, and TAMA, are great options for short and long-term investments, especially considering that most of them are still in the presale phase. Invest early and you could get some incredibly high returns in the future.


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