FIGHT interest rates by investing in these PUMPING new cryptocurrencies

The changed situation in the world and the challenging problems we are facing served as a cue that sparked fear regarding interest rates. There is no doubt anymore that higher interest rates are our reality. According to Jerome Powel, Federal Reserve Chairman, there will be steps made towards preserving stability since the short-term key rate was boosted by the Federal Reserve to 3.75% – 4%, which is the highest point it reached in a decade and a half.  

The central bank issued an outline of the principles to begin decreasing the bond holdings on its balance. The time frame was not specified. The interest rate rise is the first such change after December 2018. 

Parallel with the rate increase, we can expect that the crypto market will also go through changes resulting in risk aversion. To be more specific, there is a high probability that higher rates will result in a decreased desire of investors to choose high-risk assets that have the potential for high returns, which is already noticeable.

This could also affect the prices of cryptocurrencies, and we have already seen many price dips this year. Since the stock market and the crypto market are becoming increasingly connected, there is a high chance that we could be in front of a bearish year caused by the changed macroeconomic outlook. 

In the midst of this challenging situation on the market, one cryptocurrency that has a high growth potential of up to 100x is TAMA. After a highly successful presale when $19 million were raised in less than two months, its foundation for the future is set, and it is highly likely that it will keep attracting crypto enthusiasts over the coming months. In addition, there are also D2T, RIA, and IMPT that are also looking quite promising, which is why we will mention them here as well. 


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Why will the investors turn to TAMA?

TAMA is a meme coin that will serve as a ticket for entering this highly interesting play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. Tamadoge is very appealing because the players will get the opportunity to mint their pets, feed them, care for them and then battle with them once they are ready. The battles will bring Dogepoints to the owners that will help them climb higher on the leaderboard. The most skilled players will then be entitled to prizes in the form of TAMA tokens. Each pet is an NFT that the players will be able to sell on the market. 

The reason why Tamadoge attracts so much attention is the fact that the concept is simple, interesting, and welcoming. We can expect that Tamadoge will launch some play to earn features by the end of the year. 

The next year will be the breakthrough year for the Tamadoge platform since the players can expect to see Tamadoge P2E Arcade Games but also to play with their pets by using AR (augmented reality) app. As further features get introduced to the public, there will surely be more passionate players that will want to explore Tamaverse, the metaverse of the platform. Tamadoge is a unique blend of fun features that will also bring prizes and earnings, which means that it will surely be the focus of investors in the coming months. 

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The investors will love Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a platform that can help investors save time and maximize their gains. Investors can access all the latest information about crypto and tools for on-chain analysis with just a click. Social statistics, which track discussions and can prove extremely useful when in doubt, is another feature available on Dash 2 Trade. There is also the possibility to see coins on presale, which will help you react fast and gain an edge over your competitors.

These features are the reasons why D2T’s presale is so successful. Although it has started recently, D2T’s presale is already in its third stage and reached a six million dollar milestone already, which is an amazing success that shows its immense potential. At the moment, the token price is 0.0533 USDT. All investors are eager to grab as many tokens as possible before the price goes up. You should not waste time if you want to invest in this useful and interesting platform because of the incredibly appealing features it has. 


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Calvaria will attract passionate players

Calvaria, a revolutionary new game, has generated quite the buzz. Wondering why this is the case? Well, it seems that Calvaria’s creators have truly thought of everything. In order to satisfy all the demands from both the investors, but also the passionate players, there are two versions of Calvaria. The first version is play-to-earn, which allows crypto investors to increase their profits. The second version is free-to-play, which will most likely be the choice of those who want to take a peek at what they could get from this platform first. 

The efforts of the people behind this platform are evident. They want to attract more people to the crypto market and give them a chance to experience what many investors around the globe are hooked on. The platform’s design is inspired by Mexican mythology and will be a hit with game enthusiasts who appreciate the artistic side of the games. $RIA, the token that powers Calvaria, is currently available for presale. It is already in the 4th stage, and it will probably end soon since 90% is already done.

The enormous success that this game has already achieved shows just how many people out there are interested in this game. If you want to invest in this game, you should hurry before the price of tokens gets more expensive!


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Reduce the carbon footprint with IMPT

The effects of global warming have been enormous over the past century, which is quite noticeable now. This is exactly the reason why it is necessary to do something about it and why we can see that even the crypto market is making necessary steps toward repairing the damage. Carbon offsets are proving to be an affordable solution that reduces emissions and drives positive climate change. 

IMPT, a blockchain-based platform, is a project with the mission to do exactly that. It is the intermediator that makes it possible for individuals and businesses to reduce carbon footprints in a safe and simple way which will consequently lead to making an impact and helping the environment. It is also the opportunity to invest in a crypto market and get a chance to earn. Users can purchase carbon credits via the platform, and it is evident that investors quickly understood the importance of this project.

One of the indicators showing what we can expect from a project like this in the future is the fact that $13 million have been raised so far. Since there is an ongoing Stage 2 of the presale, this is the best time to invest!

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Despite the very challenging times that we will go through and the inevitable effect it will have on the crypto market, there is still some room to grow. We can expect that the interest in TAMA will increase even more as the new features get introduced, and there are surely lots of things planned ahead. Since the price prediction for TAMA is very optimistic, together with D2T, $RIA, and IMPT, there are plenty of projects worth investing in it now while its price is low may be the best choice to make!


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