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Why Crypto Wallet Tokens, SFP, and TWT are Trending!

News of falling prices of crypto assets has become widespread, negatively affecting their trading volumes and market capitalizations. Amid this tumble, crypto wallet tokens SFP and TWT have been trending under topics relating to increases in value, stability, and niches. 

Looking into their trending specifics, we seek to uncover why these crypto wallet tokens are trending amid crypto crashes. In addition, we look at crypto tokens like TARO, D2T, IMPT, and RIA have also been trending. 

The Trending Specifics of the Crypto Wallets SFP and TWT 

SFP and TWT are tokens of self-custody wallets. A self-custody wallet, a non-custodial wallet, is a digital wallet designed to store digital money like cryptocurrencies and various digital assets. It is an important participatory factor for DeFi. Concerning blockchain technology, self-custody wallets store “private keys” that grant secure access to blockchain-type assets. Private keys (a mechanism that confirms account ownership before transactions are processed) are paired with public keys (which help the blockchain network identify an account uniquely) to set up a secure transaction. A self-custody wallet is so because it bestows sole ownership and control over digital assets to any user possessing a private key.

TWT and SFP have realized gains in their trading volume and market cap, even to the point of hitting all-time highs. This is due to a reaction to events occurring in the crypto space. When the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, took to Twitter to reiterate a need to revisit self-custody wallets, mentioning the Trust wallet in the tweet, a wavering crypto community considered his words. Binance acquired Trust wallet in 2018 and has since regarded them as partners. This crypto wallet’s token has recorded a massive positive turnover in the highlight of Binance CEO’s tweet alongside its non-custodial counterpart SPF.

With the crypto market in an unstable and unfavorable position, many users have begun to flee crypto exchanges. They are porting to non-custodial wallets to avoid being on the short end of the stick. Following the precarious events surrounding the FTX exchange, the collapse of its stock value, and the attack that saw about $600 million stolen from its wallet accounts, it has sparked an exodus from exchange platforms.

In conjunction, crypto influencer and Youtuber Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, has also used his platform to support the move to non-custodial wallets, with some other social influencers making other favorable comments. SFP and TWT token holders also usually enjoy offers of discounts on in-app purchases and are given the power to vote and make changes to these wallets.

Trending Coins on the Market

Some other tokens have been trending before the buzz of the crypto wallet tokens began; they are:


TARO is the native token of RobotEra. RobotEra has received much attention in the crypto market, viewed as a prospective profitable metaverse project to invest in. It allows users to become robot avatars that live in a blockchain-built, decentralized metaverse virtual world. RobotEra is a metaverse-based crypto project that includes a new environment with virtual real estate—mixing certain parts of the P2E (Play to Earn) and PVP (Player vs. Player) systems.

The game’s interface design is a planet known as TARO, where each player has a robot character which is a unique NFT representation. Players can purchase parcels of land as NFTs and construct assets on them. Its native token, TARO, is what powers this virtual world, which players can use to purchase products, in-game resources, accessories, and other utilities in the virtual world. It has launched its presale event and is recording a high rate of buy-ins.

Robotera (TARO)

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D2T, the native token of the Dash 2 Trade platform, is fast rising as a prospective token. A social trading and analytics platform packed with amazing features, it has accrued a mass of investors. These features include; trading signals that give traders a profitable edge on their trades, on-chain analytics that follow the market trends and use social sentiments to generate suitable market choices, and new coin listings that give alerts on the new and latest coins in the market.

It launched its 9-phase presale event in October, with a timeline that concludes in January 2023. It has sold off more than 60% of its presale allocation with a proposed one billion as its available token volume. It is experiencing fast sales and might have achieved its presale objectives before exceeding the timeline.

dash2trade (1)

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The initiative is an eco-friendly project making strides to retard carbon footprints; it observes a cycle of burning a certain volume of its carbon credits to reduce energy consumption activities that accompany a larger amount of credits. Carbon credits can be bought, sold, and stored in the form of NFTs by users since it exists on the Ethereum blockchain network. It has partnered with several eco-friendly brands, allowing its customers to purchase and obtain items with carbon credits. Its presale event has had a successful campaign and is fast approaching its climax, as most of its tokens have already been sold off.


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RIA is the native token of Calvaria, a gaming platform that incorporates the P2E feature into its functionality. A card game with a free version that allows players to experience and understand the game before moving to the crypto-supported version, where they can earn as they play. RIA’s players are expected to choose a faction from a set and organize them to fight battles using their understanding of the card game to outsmart their opponents by creating appropriate strategies. RIA powers the Calvaria project and is used as the currency in the game’s interface. It is observing its presale event, with an over-eager investor pool snatching up tokens as fast they can.


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The trending specifics of SFP and TWT have been explained, and it is not surprising that these crypto wallets are trending right now. If the crypto markets continue to deteriorate, these wallets may become a haven for many investors seeking to escape the harsh realities of the dipping market.

Investors could also turn to coins like TARO, D2T, IMPT, and RIA, which show massive potential to bring great gains. These cryptocurrencies are capturing the interest of more investors than ever before, and you should not miss out. Invest now!