cryptocurrency new lbank labs backed metaverse crypto robotera goes live on pre sale

New LBank Labs-Backed Metaverse Crypto, RobotEra Goes Live on Pre-sale

The month of November has gifted investors with an amazing investment opportunity as RobotEra exhibits incredible potential to boom in the next few months. The new crypto NFT game is selling fast on its presale and shows no sign of slowing down. Other cryptos on presale are D2T, IMPT, and RIA, and we’ll talk about them today.

This year has seen a surge in cryptocurrency presales, and RobotEra appears to have made a huge statement in such a short amount of time. Investors, crypto analysts, and gamers appear to be thrilled by the amazing features of the new metaverse game.

What is more interesting is that RobotEra supports the LBank exchange. Such a strong alliance at such an early stage in the project should position the token to gain significant value in the coming months. You will learn about the RobotEra concept, the success rate of its presale, and why RobotEra is such a fantastic investment. So let’s get started!


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The Next Blockchain Gaming Giant

RobotEra, a brand-new NFT-focused metaverse game, is a Play-to-Earn game that allows you to build your planet in the Metaverse. In simple terms, each player is a Robot, and every robot is a major RobotEra NFT. 

All gamers who enjoy building and maintaining games will find countless opportunities on the network. Lbank Labs (a part of Lbank) has provided financial support and advice to ensure the new platform’s success.

RobotEra Goes Live on Pre-sale

In a year of major presales, RobotEra has the makings of a successful sale, with the platform already exhibiting some incredible potential. Since LBANK Labs has already provided RobotEra with private funding, it is reasonable to anticipate that LBANK Exchange will be among the first venues to list it.

RobotEra is at full speed with the launch of its presale, and its alpha version is set to begin by the end of the first quarter of 2023. Although the presale began on November 9, it has already sold over 8 million TARO, which is now sold for 0.020 USDT.

Interested investors can participate in the presale by visiting the RobotEra website, connecting their ‘Wallet Connect’ crypto wallet, and purchasing TARO using either ETH or USDT. 

The presale will consist of three stages, each selling 90 million TARO. These three stages account for 15% of TARO’s potential supply of 1.5 billion, with the largest portions reserved for its DAO-based treasury (33%) and play-to-earn prizes for participants (25%).

Why Buy RobotEra Crypto?

This section explains some of the primary reasons why investors should consider participating in the RobotEra presale today.

1. Presale Discounts

When TARO is first listed on a crypto exchange, it will almost certainly be at a price greater than the presale. As a result, those participating in the RobotEra presale will be able to aim for significant returns even if the broader markets are pessimistic. 

2. Metaverse is a Lucrative Investment

According to some estimations, the metaverse might be valued at over $10 trillion by 2030. As a result, investing in a metaverse-centric project like RobotEra could be smart, given that presale investors will secure TARO tokens at the highest potential price. 

3. Own Real Estate in the Metaverse 

RobotEra users can purchase their desired plot of land with TARO tokens. The user can then decide to build their customized project, such as a house, villa, casino, stadium, or swimming pool, on the plot of land. 

4. Generate Income

There are numerous methods to earn money in the RobotEra ecosystem through crypto-centric rewards. This includes the previously discussed procedure of selling real estate NFTs on the open market.

TARO tokens can also generate an excellent APY through crypto staking. It is also possible to hold events in the RobotEra metaverse and sell tickets in exchange for TARO.

robotera presale

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Other Top Exciting Projects

TARO is currently on fire, and its presale is ongoing at a blistering rate. Conversely, other exciting projects have just as much potential.

Here is a list of the top 3 projects to consider.

  1. Calvaria (RIA)
  2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
  3. (IMPT)
  • Calvaria (RIA)

With nearly $2 million raised, Calvaria (RIA) is already performing fantastically well. Despite being only a month old, the RIA presale is in its fourth phase and has succeeded in selling over 90% of the tokens available for presale in this stage. As of the eleventh and last presale stage, RIA will be sold at $0.055 per unit, implying that early investors can still earn more than 100%.


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  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a trading intelligence platform that is based on Ethereum and is set to premiere in the first quarter of 2023, with its presale presently in its third round. 

The D2T presale, which began just over three weeks ago, has already raised nearly $7 million, with 1 D2T currently costing 0.0513 USDT.

Dash 2 trade

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  • (IMPT)

On the IMPT market, carbon credits can be bought, traded, and redeemed. IMPT is a massive Web3 ecosystem that decentralizes and streamlines the carbon market.

IMPT also generates carbon credits as NFTs, avoiding significant fraud and double counting in the carbon market. It is now in its second presale round and is available at $0.023 per unit. 


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Final Thoughts

While RobotEra is still in its early stages, these many use cases and features point to a promising blockchain-based gaming environment. Some of the most significant projects in the blockchain ecosystem have been Metaverse or game platforms. So with the combination of such great features, the idea behind RobotEra, and the support of LBank Labs, RobotEra is set for success.