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Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

The financial situation around the world is concerning. The recent interest hikes and inflation force many to seek investment opportunities to earn money and stay afloat in this sinking financial market.

The crypto market is not immune to the current market condition. However, it continues to provide avenues for users to make more money. This article discusses the best new cryptocurrencies that can significantly provide massive gains to the crypto community and investors. A few of them include Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, RobotEra, and IMPT.

What are the Best New Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

  1. Dash 2 Trade
  2. Calvaria
  4. RobotEra 
  5. Orbeon Protocol

Dash 2 Trade ($D2T): World-class Crypto Analytics Platform

The crypto market is filled with thousands of prospective crypto projects. It is easy to become lost on which crypto asset is trending and which crypto could offer considerable gains. Suppose you are new or experienced in the market. In that case, it is often helpful if there is a reliable guide to help you create a unique trading advantage in the market.

Thankfully, Dash 2 Trade platform is developing a crypto analytics platform aimed at equipping users with trading tools that would improve their crypto journey. The D2T dashboard provides trading signals, back-testing tools, auto trading API, crypto listing alerts, and technical indicators for D2T users. Also, the dashboard features a scoring system to analyze new crypto ICOs that could offer excellent gains when they launch into the crypto market.

However, the dashboard requires a subscription using its utility token, $D2T tokens, to access its premium features. The subscription tiers are the starter and premium (400 and 1000 D2T, respectively). The subscription-based dashboard has provided an urgent need to accumulate D2T tokens before it fully launches to the market. Interestingly, there is an ongoing presale where users can buy D2T tokens for cheap on the Dash 2 Trade official homepage. Do check it out!


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RobotEra ($TARO): The Best Metaverse Crypto

RobotEra is another excellent platform to consider. This blockchain platform features a play-to-earn metaverse focused on rebuilding a virtual world while providing income to its players. Users are invited to explore this virtual open world as robot NFTs freely.

Users can purchase and develop lands on a vast continent, accumulate resources, create robot companions, and share a unique metaverse experience with other players. Players are free to develop their lands as their imagination can take them while they earn rewards in crypto and NFTs.

Users can earn on RobotEra’s platform by staking, advertising, cultivating sacred trees, and selling NFTs. The RobotEra’s utility token, $TARO token, helps stabilize its economy while providing trading and investment opportunities for users.

This metaverse project will hit the crypto market very soon. Interested users can increase their investment earnings by participating in RobotEra’s ongoing presale event for a chance to scoop up some $TARO tokens at low prices. 


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Calvaria ($RIA): A Blockchain Platform with Play-To-Earn Game

If you are an avid gamer who enjoys earning rewards, the Calvaria platform is set to provide a flagship battle card game (Calvaria: Duels of Eternity) that will ensure such. 

This battle card game features NFT characters with skillsets and abilities that users can own and develop using in-game power-ups and resources. Then, users deploy these characters based on different card strategies to defeat their opponents on the battlefield and earn crypto rewards.

A unique feature of the Calvaria ecosystem is that it ensures users own their crypto rewards earned during gameplay. This feature enables users to sell their crypto on a secondary marketplace. 

Furthermore, the Calvaria ecosystem deploys two utility tokens for smooth operations. The $eRIA token is an in-game asset that helps users purchase resources, card upgrades, and power-ups to dominate the battlefield. Also, the $RIA tokens offer users staking protocols and Governance voting in the ecosystem.

While the $eRIA is not available for purchase until product launch, $RIA tokens are available in a ten-round presale, allowing investors, gamers, and users to accumulate $RIA tokens before the Calvaria platform fully launches in the market.


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The recent climate change and global warming are of grave concern. Consequently, everyone has a role to play in reducing the global carbon footprint. While we cannot overhaul metric tons of global carbon footprint overnight, a sustainable solution is at hand.

IMPT is implementing a carbon offset program that ensures users reduce their carbon footprint as low as possible. The platform achieves this by connecting users with eco-conscious brands and creating sustainable environmental projects.

When users shop with this IMPT-affiliate brands or participate in carefully selected environmental projects, they earn carbon credits. These carbon credits are tokenized as NFTs, which users can own and keep in their digital wallets or sell on NFT marketplaces.

If you are an eco-conscious user, is offering a sustainable program that would ensure the reduction of your carbon footprint for years to come. 

There is an ongoing presale of its utility token, $IMPT token (which will be later converted to carbon credits when IMPT officially launches). Endeavor to take advantage of this green platform and its eco-friendly offerings to ensure a sustainable planet.


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Orbeon Protocol ($ORBN): A Blockchain Platform for Early Startups

Investing in business startups can be capital-intensive. This investment opportunity is often reserved to venture capitalists and institutional investors. However, Orbeon protocol is creating a platform for retail traders and everyday users to invest fractionally in business startups that could offer promising growth in the future.

ORBN token is the utility token of the Orbeon ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs, these businesses can raise funds on the Orbeon platform by selling their stakes as NFTs users for as low as $1. $ORBN holders can stake to earn passive income and enjoy voting rights.


Final Thoughts

There you have it! This article reveals five amazing cryptos ready to offer exciting investment opportunities for users. While the financial market is still in a bearish state, investors and crypto users can consider investing in these digital assets because they offer impressive use cases to the crypto. 

Moreover, these cryptocurrencies are still in their presale stages; their prices are relatively low. Therefore, diversifying your portfolio with these feature-rich tokens will put you in a good position to enjoy massive gains when they get listed in the market.