cryptocurrency d2t presale continues success hits 7 million milestone

D2T presale continues success – hits $7 million milestone!

There are lots of new coins on the crypto market, which gives plenty of possibilities for investors to choose from. Dash 2 Trade is a platform that hit the $7 million milestone, and with the revised hard cap, all the investors are in a hurry to invest as soon as possible. In addition, there are also Calvaria and IMPT presales that are also progressing extremely fast, which is why they will be included in our article as well. All three projects are certainly quite appealing and have lots of attractive features that will keep the investors interested, which is why investing in them now is a wise choice!

D2T attracts enormous interest

There are numerous features that Dash 2 Trade platform has that investors will find extremely useful. Dash 2 Trade decentralized trading platform allows users to backtest their strategies and see how they would have performed in the past. This is extremely useful for traders since it means that they can execute trades automatically, with no manual element needed. In addition, there are trading signals that can serve as a cue to the investors to buy or sell when the opportunities present themselves in the market. Strategy builders and social trading tools can certainly make adopting strategies and trading a lot smoother than without them.

With the highly interesting features that this platform has to offer, everything indicates that it will become a leading one when it comes to crypto analytics. Having a platform where you can find all the information you need in one place can significantly reduce the research time and also decrease the risk to the minimum.

Dash 2 trade

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D2T Presale raised $7 million

Dash 2 Trade platform is powered by its native token D2T, which is currently on presale, and even though it started recently, it is progressing fast to the end of stage 3. So far, more than $7 million have been raised because it is in the best interest of the investors to get access to this highly useful platform as soon as possible. It will surely help every crypto enthusiast to make the most out of the opportunities that can be found on the market. 

At the moment, the price for one D2T token is 0.0513 USDT. The price will increase in the following stage, which means that one token will cost 0.0533 USDT. The hard cap is revised now, and the moment the presale raises $13,4 million, the presale will be over. This also means that the following stage will be the last one. It’s important to mention that the contract code is fully audited by Solid Proof, which shows that the platform is 100% secure. Also, the team is verified by Coinsniper. This means that investors can be at ease when investing in D2T, which is certainly important when there are many rug pulls lately.

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$RIA presale will soon be over

Calvaria is a platform that provides an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to enjoy two versions of the game. One version is available as a play-to-earn, where players can make significant gains down the road, while there’s also free-to-play if you simply don’t want any involvement with cryptocurrencies just yet. Calvaria is a revolutionizing project that will change the way people interact with cryptocurrency. By creating an accessible, fun, and engaging game that can be accessed on both mobile phones and PCs, Calvaria will make crypto more mainstream than ever before!

The presale of its native token, $RIA, started recently, but it is progressing fast toward the end. There will be a one billion token supply which is fixed, and it will surely impact the demand and the price of $RIA tokens in the future. This means that you should better hurry up and get your $RIA tokens if you want to dive into Calvaria’s world – there won’t be another opportunity like this one again because it is expected that the price will go up as soon as $RIA gets listed on the exchanges.


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IMPT – Eco-friendly presale hit $13 million milestone

IMPT is a platform that aims to contribute to easing the issue of pollution on our planet. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by connecting individuals and businesses alike who want to make a difference. This platform will be the place where all the interested individuals or representatives of organizations will be able to measure the impact they have on the environment, which will be presented in the form of a score. This will enable every individual to be fully aware of the level of impact they make. 

This platform will show the world that making a contribution to environmental preservation doesn’t have to be expensive. With more than 2 billion individual projects and more than 10k of the most famous retailers who showed that they want to join the cause that IMPT is focused on, it is an appealing chance for every crypto investor out there to do their part.

Since the ongoing IMPT presale has already hit the $13 million milestone, it is obvious that the interest is enormous, which means that we can soon expect it to finish. If you wish to invest and make an impact, this is your chance to do it before the price increases!


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A successful presale is usually a sign that the future of the coin will be quite prosperous, which is why so many people want to invest before the presale ends. Dash 2 Trade will certainly become a go-to place for investors who want to upgrade their skills; Calvaria is there for the players who would like to explore the depths of this battle card game, while IMPT presale is for the ones who would like to make a difference. The choice regarding the presale you want to invest in will certainly depend on your interests, but one thing is for sure – all three presales are extremely successful and deserve our attention!