cryptocurrency impt crypto presale 2 now 56 sold why investors believe this crypto has potential to 10x

IMPT Crypto Presale 2 Now 56% Sold; Why Investors Believe This Crypto Has Potential to 10x?

Cryptocurrencies remain the most profitable asset class of investment. They have the exceptional ability to quickly recover from losses and reach astounding heights over the long run. However, each of us has a finite capacity for attentional focus.

Choosing which cryptocurrencies to follow and invest in may be time-consuming and confusing, which can deter some would-be investors from making a risky move that could have life-changing consequences.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top sustainable cryptocurrency IMPT, along with other top-performing coins like D2T, TARO, and RIA, and explore why these cryptocurrencies offer the best value compared to all others in the market.

IMPT Crypto Presale 2 Now 56% Sold; Why Do Investors Believe This Crypto Has Potential to 10x?

The IMPT token presale is the one that garners a lot of user interest and has remarkable success. In very little time since its presale stage 2 began, the token raised a considerable amount of money, and more than 56% of the round is already finished. With an ongoing successful stage 2 after an amazingly successful stage 1 that finished in just 20 days, experts have nothing but high hopes for this coin. 

With IMPT, you can get carbon credits in various ways, including by buying them on the IMPT marketplace or picking them up while shopping. In this approach, everyone, in addition to large enterprises or organizations, can support the effort to combat climate catastrophe.

To help you offset your carbon footprint as you buy, this most acceptable carbon offset program has worked with over 25,000 of the biggest retailers in the world, including Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and LEGO. Each brand decides how much of the sales margin will impact programs.

Until you have enough IMPT tokens to buy a carbon credit, the selling margin is kept in IMPT tokens in your account. Direct purchases of carbon credits are also possible on the IMPT carbon market. The IMPT portal offers users access to hundreds of environmental initiatives that have already undergone due diligence.

With some of the best affiliate partners signed up for the platform’s network and service, IMPT has a strong basic foundation for a significant increase once its presale is finished.

impt 2

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Other Successful Presales – D2T, TARO, AND RIA

However, there are other cryptos with killer presales. We’re bringing you D2T and RIA!

  • Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Various features add value to D2T.

1.   Top-Notch Platform

The trading signal service that will present buy/sell possibilities in the market is at the top of the list. Dash 2 Trade analyses presale releases and applies its own patented rating methodology to each to let traders quickly obtain in-depth and trustworthy information on a protocol’s potential, which is unique among the different solutions already on the market.

Additionally, Dash 2 Trade offers alerts when a new cryptocurrency is listed on controlled exchanges and enters the market. Assessing market mood by accessing and making sense of data, such as social metrics, is becoming increasingly crucial for serious traders; Dash 2 Trade offers real-time feeds that do just that.

Additionally, the system is designed from the ground up with on-chain analysis—which is crucial for determining if a project is successful or not—built in.

2.   Custom Built for Crypto Traders

The dashboard, which has already been constructed and is being improved by the team of traders, quants, and developers, brings all the data, metrics, indications, and signals together. Presale buyers would undoubtedly value the fact that they are not investing in a vaporware project with an adorable video but no functional product.

 More than that, Dash 2 Trade is the culmination of concepts created by the team at Learn 2 Trade, where 70,000 traders already exist and benefit from the signals that are provided to the community. Trading is big business, but a lack of timely and useful information frequently puts retail traders at a disadvantage versus professional traders.

Dash 2 Trade seeks to rectify this. There is no doubt that what Dash 2 Trade is delivering is better than anything else available. For instance, its strategy builder tool applies the power of backtesting to retail trading, allowing users to experiment and test their ideas and tactics before placing actual trades. 

A fully functional dashboard at the core of the product offering makes it easy to analyze the universe of new and existing crypto assets.

Dash 2 trade

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  • RobotEra (TARO)

In Robotera, a sandbox-style metaverse, you take control of tokenized robot avatars to build planets, mine resources, tend to land, and make robot friends. By ushering in a new “period of robots” in the digital realm, the platform seeks to provide gamers the greatest amount of freedom, where “they can make anything they can dream.”

You can design your own universe with its own laws, geography, and dynamics with a robot and a land NFT. 

You can then collaborate with other players to create theme parks, concerts, museums, and much more in the “shared universe” of the RobotEra. RobotEra wants to make this shared multiverse into a project that is focused on the community and where people may construct worlds, explore, and make a place for brands to display their products.

All of these things, along with excellent price predictions, make TARO completely worth investing in.


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  • Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity features a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that lets you earn rewards by competing against different characters. In the end, you’ll win or lose based on your strategy and ability to beat your opponents in this game.

Splinterlands and Gods Unchained do not have the same gameplay mechanics as Calvaria. There are also DAOs, stakes, NFT stores, and minigames to play in Calvaria, besides card battles.

As NFTs, Calvaria cards are yours to keep. Additionally, players can purchase and sell NFT cards on the Calvaria marketplace and build custom decks based on their strategies.

There are two currencies in the game: $RIA and $eRIA. Upon winning a tournament, you receive eRIA tokens. Combining cards will enable you to purchase higher-level cards. In spite of this, RIA tokens are responsible for ensuring the economic stability of the system. Tokens are staked by developers, and investors earn interest on them.

It’s free, so that’s the best part. Anyone can join Calvaria, and RIA and NFT tokens aren’t needed. Playing Calvaria doesn’t require a cryptocurrency wallet, so beginners can try it out.


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Final Thoughts

In contrast to the majority of traditional markets, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and can result in substantial gains or losses over very brief times. Because of this, it’s crucial to take the time to select the initiatives with the most potential and determine an alluring entry price for each. This will enable you to take advantage of volatility. 

Due to the strong start to the presale, we believe the IMPT, D2T, TARO, and RIA tokens are the most promising assets. With sustainable features to ultimate gaming experiences or unique data analysis features, these coins seem to have it all, which is why you need to invest in them today!