cryptocurrency dash 2 trade just passed the 7m milestone get involved in this years biggest presale

Dash 2 Trade just passed the $7M milestone – get involved in this year’s biggest presale

The crypto space, as we all know, is full of unpredictability, and the market can swing either way at any given point. Be it global issues or increasing economic uncertainty, it is bound to influence the crypto prices, making it difficult to find a lucrative opportunity that may give long-term profit.

Most investors, for this reason, prefer to analyze the presale performance of a project to evaluate its long-term value. In this article, we will talk about the five most profitable crypto projects at this moment: Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT, Calvaria, and Tamadoge but with a focus on the first one. 

However, in most cases, the presale phase gets a bit challenging for the project as it doesn’t sell fast for most coins, leading investors to think that the project won’t be valuable enough in the near future. Keeping this in mind, currently, one token has been performing phenomenally even in the crypto winter phase, and that is D2T, the native token of Dash 2 Trade. 

The presale started on October 19, and the token has already raised more than $7.3 million, which may remind one of IMPT, the green crypto that is breaking records in terms of raising funds in its presale. 

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List of the most likely cryptocurrencies to win in 2022:

  • Dash 2 Trade
  • RobotEra
  • Calvaria
  • Tamadoge

Dash 2 Trade – the crypto platform to raise $7 million within a week 

Dash 2 Trade is the new crypto analytics platform that also serves as a social platform for investors to make market-beating decisions in the volatile market. With its ability to integrate with multiple cryptocurrencies, Dash 2 Trade creates a decentralized global platform that can be used by users worldwide to trade goods, assets, services, and more in a P2P system. Users can gain access to a variety of trading tools, metrics, and signals that can aid in identifying the underlying factors of cryptocurrency price movement. 

With hundreds and thousands of projects on the market at present, it can be challenging to make wise choices consistently without the proper tools. Dash 2 Trade bridges the gap by providing actionable insights that can help traders tackle the volatility of the market. The key to success in the crypto industry is to take decisions that can be proven to be profitable even in the long run. Dash 2 Trade helps create the social ecosystem that helps traders discuss different market strategies as well. 

The features and benefits are all possible thanks to the team’s years of experience in trading and dealing with complex market streams. It is worth noting that the veterans of Learn2Trade are behind Dash 2 Trade. They are well-known for building a strong community of thousands of active traders. 

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What makes Dash 2 Trade the next big thing?

Dash 2 Trade is in its third stage of presale and going strong so far, which naturally stirs up the question: What is the reason behind the demand for Dash 2 Trade? 

In the crypto space, the future potential of a coin is often determined by analyzing how well a coin’s presale is going. Naturally, if a coin’s presale record is extraordinary, it is quite self-explanatory that the project is grabbing the attention of the investors. The track record of D2T is highly extraordinary, especially as an emerging crypto in the bear market. D2T, after launching its presale on October 19, has raised more than $7 million so far.

The entire presale is divided into 9 stages, where the token will be priced at $0.0662 by the end of the 9th stage. Only 700 million tokens are available in the presale out of the total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens. 

When it comes to the tokens that are performing exceptionally well in the presale phase, there is another project that is worth mentioning, and that is The eco-friendly blockchain project is breaking all the records through its exceptional presale phase. 

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RobotEra – Sandbox-style P2E platform

RobotEra is a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse where users have to become robots, acquire resources, and manage their own land. It gives users the freedom to create anything they can imagine in a highly immersive world. Users can create, share, operate, and trade in RobotEra with several NFT communities. RobotEra lets users participate in world creation, construct buildings, or create NFTs. 

RobotEra aims to provide an immersive gaming experience for all players, regardless of age, gender, occupation, and social class. Users can trade continents, robot companions, and other NFT commodities. This presents an exciting opportunity for players to list them on the market and earn an income. RobotEra also provides editing tools that assist players in adding buildings to their land or creating robots. 

Robotera (TARO)

>>>Buy Robotera Now<<< – another promising blockchain project of this year is a recent green crypto project that is revolutionizing carbon offset programs by merging them with blockchain technology. With IMPT, users can become a part of a large ecosystem that helps connect socially responsible brands with individuals and businesses by reducing their carbon footprint with carbon credits. 

Users may get these carbon credits in two ways: through shopping from the selected brands that IMPT has formed partnerships with or by purchasing the carbon credits directly from the IMPT marketplace. These carbon credits can be bought, sold, and retired through a platform by minting them as NFTs, which also helps to prevent fraud. IMPT always focuses on choosing only the most impactful projects that are free of any fraud and guarantees that the Global Certification Protocols are followed.  


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Calvaria (RIA)

The Calvaria cryptocurrency project, which is currently doing well in the first phase of its presale, is another noteworthy entry on this list. The platform intends to make the blockchain and bitcoin interfaces more user-friendly for everyone.

Both gamers and cryptocurrency lovers are the focus of the P2E card game, where players have the opportunity to make money without even installing a wallet. Instead of requiring users to buy cryptocurrency tokens and NFT in-game items, Calvaria exclusively concentrates on the P2E aspect.


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Tamadoge – the future of P2E

When it’s about presales, we simply cannot miss Tamadoge, the memecoin that has raised about $19 million in its presale this year. Tamadoge has changed the way memecoins operate by merging the metaverse and NFT with play-to-earn. TAMA is listed on, OKX, MEXC, Bitget, and BitMart.


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With the continuous bearish trend in the crypto market, there are only a handful of crypto projects that are turning the heads of investors. So far, Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, RobotEra, and are thriving in their presales journey. 

If you want to take advantage of these investment opportunities, go ahead and start investing right away.