cryptocurrency d2t will pump in 2023 with two early releases to cexs more incoming

D2T Will Pump in 2023 with Two Early Releases to CEXs & More Incoming

Dash 2 Trade, an innovative and crypto-intelligent platform, is ready to evolve its operations and take things to the next level after declaring its intention to end the presale event of its native cryptocurrency, D2T, earlier than planned, and officially become listed as a crypto exchange asset.

As a social trading and analytics platform, Dash 2 Trade was able to sporadically harvest a lot of interested investors and buyers from the market with real-demand features, which help cut down on risks and expose risky assets, and is taking steps to improve on those features.

Venturing into an early exchange listing, Dash 2 Trade will be scrutinized more than ever before and will be required to live up to its expectations. The D2T token has an extremely high earning potential because it is going for an entirely untapped cryptocurrency market industry. This guide will analyze “why D2T will pump in 2023 with an early release to crypto exchanges.” 

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D2T’s Prompts for an Early CEX Release

Dash 2 Trade initially opted for 9 presale stages to sell off its token volume to investors and traders. Still, with a tidal wave of investors and consideration of other factors encountered mid-presale, it has had to change its plans and reduce the number of stages and market cap it formerly estimated.

Dash 2 Trade recently hit a $8.5 million mark in the 3rd stage of its ongoing presale and is expected to move into its 4th and final stage as soon as the market cap reaches $8,757,000, which leaves little time for the early adopters to get a discounted price option. It plans to end the presale when its market cap is at $13.4 million, cutting down on its previous milestone to ease the minds of its prospects, and take measures to maneuver the risky crypto environment.

The Dash 2 Trade developers have spent ample time and money building an all-inclusive platform, concentrating efforts and performing beta testing on a very anticipated product in the crypto intelligence space. This presale dashboard will successfully incorporate data tracking and analytics technology to the highest degree on the platform. Dash 2 Trade plans to build an all-in-one tracking and analytics product that hosts pertinent crypto information and analyzes appropriately all the data it receives, which allows traders and investors to enjoy the offers they were promised.

Presales are essential in the market because outsized investment returns can be easily secured during this event. Since presale tokens fall into the category of the unknown and untested, investors and retail traders stand to gain from Dash 2 Trade’s compilation of valuable features infused in its dashboard, which include curated signals, auto-trading, social trading technical indicators, backtesting, social sentiment analysis and many other features and metrics that provide insight and protects them from questionable assets.

Starting at $0.0476 in its first stage, D2T’s pricing gradually increased in each stage of the presale event. It is set to commence its fourth phase, selling at $0.0533 for the remainder of the presale.


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Dash 2 Trade Recruits New Staff to The Team to Boost Progress

To show commitment to their users and accelerate the platform’s progress, onboarding new staff was essential to facilitate plans for its upcoming CEX venture.

Ilyes Kooli has joined Dash 2 Trade as its new chief technology officer. Kooli’s role is to refine its offerings further and optimize customers’ changing requirements and the fast-paced development of crypto assets. He was formerly a technical team leader at Consensys, an Ethereum-focused blockchain lab and incubator. He was also a leading software engineer at the eCommerce framework services project CacoLabs. This has led to his onboarding due to his vast experience and expertise.

Dash 2 Trade has invited another interesting personnel to join its ranks, Trevor M, a video producer for CoinMarketcap and a promising Youtuber with over three years of track record. He has gathered experience in industry-leading crypto data, analytics and community portal. He has accepted his position and is already preparing explanatory content on Dash 2 Trade’s features and simplifying complicated concepts of the platform.

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CEXs Planning to Take on D2T 

To compound the successful events around them, Dash 2 Trade has been able to get commitments from two crypto exchanges – LBank and BitMart (listed as two of the top 25 crypto exchanges in the world)- to list D2T after the conclusion of its presale. These commitments will increase the confidence other CEXs have in the platform.

Negotiations between Dash 2 Trade and other exchanges are in progress, and updates will be promptly communicated on their social media platforms. More importantly, having exchanges like – Lbank and BitMark – agree to partner at the onset means there will be price-supportive liquidity.

Dash 2 Trade is also affiliated and shares members with Learn 2 Trade, a thriving trading community widely recognized and highly rated with 40,000 active traders, which creates an impression on CEXs that traders from this community will be among the first to be onboarded, which boosts their confidence in Dash 2 Trade.

The Dash 2 Trade has launched a redesigned website to anchor and dominantly display the presale analytics dashboard with enticing snapshots of the functionality. It also grants prospective investors and users the opportunity to juxtapose the features of Dash 2 Trade and those of its competitors.


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Dash 2 Trade has experienced a successful presale campaign, attracting many investors and traders to buy its token, strengthening its workforce and improving product development. With innovative features at its disposal, a team of seasoned professionals, and the potential to make trading more profitable for everyone, this project is destined for success. Investors looking to make massive profits by 2023 have seen ample opportunity in D2T. Invest in D2T today!