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Get IMPT on Presale Now! One Week Left to Buy This Revolutionary Green Crypto Cheap as IEO Looks Set to Explode

IMPT, the impactful new carbon offset program, is set to be out of presale in just a few days, with three different exchange listings set to start on 14th December. Trading on the centralized exchanges (CEX) of Changelly Pro and Bank as well as the decentralized exchange (DEX) of Uniswap will begin on that date.

Many crypto insiders believe that as soon as that happens, the price of the IMPT token is sure to soar. That’s why they’re buying up as many IMPT tokens as they can now while it’s still in presale. The $0.023 price is very low and provides great potential for huge growth in the future.

Let’s take a further look into why you need to hurry and buy IMPT now in its final few days of presale. 

IMPT listing

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Carbon Offsets Are a Critical Part of Climate Change

Countries around the globe have set some lofty goals for impacting climate change in a positive way. They have set major emissions-reduction goals for both 2030 and 2050. The only way those goals are going to be accomplished, though, is through the use of carbon offset credits.

These credits will allow companies and individuals who can’t reduce their own carbon footprint as much as others to purchase credits that will go toward eco-friendly projects to “offset” their emissions. 

This and other ESG projects are expected to soar in popularity in the coming years, which is sure to increase the value of projects like IMPT. In fact, Broadridge Financial Solutions has estimated that ESG assets overall will be valued at about $30 trillion by 2030. IMPT is a part of this asset class, so it’s sure to benefit from returns like those.


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IMPT is Changing Carbon Offsets

The big problem is that the carbon offset market is very inefficient — until now, that is.

IMPT is a new carbon offset program that’s based on the blockchain. The decentralized aspect of it is what’s providing amazing transparency into the project, which prevents against double counting and fraud. 

Individuals, businesses, organizations and even governments can buy and sell carbon offsets right from the IMPT platform. They can even choose to retire them, and gain a unique collectible NFT in the process. These NFTs will be designed by recognizable artists and will be tradable, which only adds to the value of the IMPT project as an investment vehicle.

Those who decide to hold onto the IMPT assets they purchase can also see the value of their asset grow over time. They can then sell or exchange them down the line to cash in on the expected growth in value.


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IMPT Playing a Direct Part in a Better World

IMPT is also helping individuals reduce their carbon footprint directly in unique ways. The platform has partnered with an impressive list of 10,000 retail brands, including Amazon, Macy’s, Lego, Boomingdales, Dominos and many, many more.

People who make a purchase from one of these partners using the IMPT mobile app or web widget will see that a portion of their purchase will be sent to eco-friendly projects around the world. All of these projects have been fully vetted by IMPT, which ensures that the money these brands are dedicating to them will actually go to worthwhile projects that will benefit the environment.

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Exchange Listings Coming Soon

IMPT will only be in presale until 11th December. Starting 12th December, those who purchased IMPT in presale will be able to claim their tokens. All they have to do is connect the wallet they used to purchase them to make their claim. The tokens will then automatically appear for them.

Then, on 14th December, IMPT is set for listings on the DEX of Uniswap and the CEXs of Changelly Pro and LBank. The fact that all three of these highly-respected exchanges have agreed to list IMPT is a testament to just how impressive the project is. It adds a lot of validity to what IMPT has set to do thus far, and serves as a solid sign for investors that the project is going to be quite impactful for quite a long time.

IMPT has already raised more than $14.5 million during its presale stages, but there isn’t much time left.

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Don’t Delay Any Further; Buy IMPT in the Last Few Days of Presale

IMPT is clearly one of the most impactful new crypto projects to hit the market in recent memory. Not only is it going to be a great investment to those who purchase the token, but it’s going to serve the world well by making it a better place to live. These are all reasons why IMPT should be atop your list of cryptos to buy now.

If you need more reason, just remember that IMPT is only going to be in presale for a few more days. It’s going to be listed on Uniswap, Changelly Pro and LBank on 14th December, so now is the best time to get in on ground-level pricing.

Once it hits those exchanges, the value of IMPT is likely to soar. So, don’t delay any further; buy IMPT in the last few days of its presale.

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