cryptocurrency types of sustainable investing and how it can benefit your investment as impt ieo looms

Types of Sustainable investing and how it can benefit your investment as IMPT IEO Looms

The cryptocurrency market has recognized the importance of sustainability, which has led several projects to take steps to lessen (or eliminate) their carbon footprint or provide 

Utility for investors’ funds. Projects like the IMPT initiative, which seeks to transform the way carbon credits are exchanged and used, is one that attempts to go a step further. As the project has now decided to list the coin on Uniswap using an initial exchange offering (IEO) things look very promising for the future of this token. Considering the success of the presale in which they raised over $14 million, coupled with this new news its amazing that we can still get this coin at such a low price. An amazing opportunity. 

In light of this, this article goes into great detail about how to purchase IMPT tokens while also examining the project’s goals and potential future effects on the cryptocurrency market. The price of the IMPT token and its sustainability strategy will also be covered.

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What is IMPT ?

Simply said, IMPT is a brand-new cryptocurrency initiative with the mission of completely changing the carbon credit market. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain’s strength, the IMPT ecosystem makes it simple for users to buy, sell, and trade carbon credits by organizing them as NFTs, offering special advantages to all stakeholders.

The ability for users to receive carbon credits is the most alluring aspect of IMPT. Users can simply buy carbon credits through regular shopping activities rather than going through a laborious investment process. This is made possible through IMPT’s sustainable collaboration with more than 10,000 top brands, starting with Apple, Microsoft, and Tom Ford.


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How does IMPT plan to benefit investors?

  • Each of these brands will contribute a portion of their sales margin to worthwhile projects, as stated in IMPT’s roadmap. When customers make purchases, they will receive this margin in the form of IMPT tokens in their digital wallets. The platform’s native ERC-20 token is the IMPT token, which users may convert into carbon credits using the integrated market.

Due to its unique feature, which encourages both people and business’s investments to become more sustainable, IMPT has become one of the top cryptocurrencies to watch this year. Additionally, because carbon credits are set up as NFTs, the “double spend” problem that plagues the market today is eliminated, creating a safer and more open environment for everyone.

  • IMPT states creating a more transparent carbon market as part of its goals in the roadmap. Carbon markets, which have increased to a remarkable $270 billion, are now a viable investment class for people and institutions all around the world, according to MSCI. Although the market for carbon credits has undeniable potential, it still suffers from a lack of transparency and is largely out of reach for regular investors. This is where IMPT steps in, as this ground-breaking platform makes obtaining carbon credits simple and rapid. The IMPT project has generated a lot of buzzes because it is one of the most intriguing utility token projects of the year. It offers a wide range of opportunities for both long-term and short-term investors.

As was already mentioned, IMPT enables users to earn tokens from regular purchases. Everyone wins since it encourages consumers to purchase goods and services from particular companies. Additionally, it encourages those firms to collaborate with IMPT and advance their sustainability. Because carbon credits are organized by IMPT as NFTs, they are simple to trade. Investors of carbon credits can profit from the market rise and fall just like owners of any other asset class. As an alternative, these holders can exhaust their credits, taking them out of circulation for good.

Investors will be given a unique digital artwork NFT as payment for adopting this strategy, with ownership divided between the investor and the original artist. Another way for users to make money is through trading these NFTs on the IMPT marketplace.

  • Innovative social platform and community membership : IMPT seeks to establish itself as the market’s greenest and most sustainable cryptocurrency by employing the above-described methods. The development team won’t stop there, though, as they also plan to introduce a cutting-edge social platform that monitors the beneficial effects that people and businesses have on the environment.

Each member of the IMPT ecosystem will be assigned an “IMPT Score” based on their level of participation. For instance, people can earn points by utilizing their carbon credits or by making purchases from one of IMPT’s partner stores. Since everyone’s IMPT score is open to the public, it is simple to determine who is protecting the environment the most and who needs to do more. Once more, this offers a strong incentive for people and businesses to increase their effect because it will be obvious if they are not.

This social platform, along with IMPT’s innovative use case, suggests that it will be among the year’s most energy-efficient and sustainable cryptocurrency ventures. With that in mind, let’s look more closely at the reasons why buyers of IMPT tokens could do so.

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Final Note

The IMPT token has all the makings of a top-notch project, so those looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in should take it into consideration. This is due in part to the eco-friendly objectives of the project as well as the ecosystem’s hosting on the Ethereum blockchain.

Due to its minimal energy needs, Ethereum has established a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains. Ethereum uses a “Proof-of-Stake” (PoS) consensus process, which is significantly more energy-efficient than Proof-of-Work, which explains why these energy requirements are so low (PoW).

Ethereum’s energy consumption has decreased by almost 99% after switching to a PoS consensus protocol, making it a viable option for eco-conscious developers. IMPT tokens are essential to the operation of the IMPT ecosystem and aren’t merely used to make predictions about its expansion. These tokens are the “original money” of IMPT and are used for the purchase, sale, and exchange of carbon credit NFTs.

Additionally, IMPT holders will have access to exclusive NFT collections and certain “premium” platform features. Notably, the IMPT team hopes to convert the project into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the future, which will require a significant amount of IMPT tokens to carry out the governance.

Finally as IMPT has decided to go down the IEO route it means that investors can even be more assured of their choice. IEO’s guarantee much more security on investments as exchanges do a lot of background checks before allowing a coin to list on their exchange. Uniswap is a reliable exchange too so we are sure investors will be very happy with this. All this security on top of IMPT’s other successful feature means the coin is likely to be 10x in value as more investors pour in. At the time of launch the coin will be at a very affordable price but that won’t last so we advise potential investors to act now.