cryptocurrency experts expect cardano will not recover but this coin set for early release on new exchange will explode in 2023
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Experts Expect Cardano Will Not Recover, But this Coin Set For Early Release on New Exchange will Explode in 2023

This year has been terrible for the cryptocurrency market as traders have recounted several losses on several coins in their portfolios. The market descended from an all-time high of $2 trillion in 2021 to about $800 billion right now, resulting in mass depreciation of valuable crypto tokens’ prices.

Such is the case of Cardano, a promising altcoin that caused a rave across the entire crypto community in the past year. With the present market conditions, many experts believe that Cardano will not recover. Interestingly, this article provides an overview of Cardano and showcases a nascent coin, Dash 2 Trade, which can provide impressive gains in the coming year.

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Cardano: Any Hope of Recovery? 

There is a common belief that the present market cycle will soon change, and many are prepared for the next bullish run by “Buying The Dip.” However, traders are skeptical if some crypto projects would have any chance of recovery during the next market’s turn. One such project is Cardano. 

Cardano is a platform for decentralized applications, smart contracts, online payments, and NFTs. Also, it became a reliable haven for investment that peaked at about $3 in 2021. However, this digital asset saw a massive decline in price as it presently trades below $0.5.

The recent FTX crash further depressed the crypto market as top altcoins saw a dip in their prices, leading to the overall market cap being less than $1 trillion. Experts believe Cardano could still fall below $0.25, putting it at about 90% below its all-time high. 

In essence, Cardano will continue its downward trend in price action. However, the crypto community could set their gaze on a new crypto project, Dash 2 Trade, which has had an impressive presale event despite the market adversities.


Dash 2 Trade Overview

The Dash 2 Trade presale event is drawing close to an end, having raised over $9 million since the presale went live on October 20, 20222. This crypto platform has prospects of listing its utility token, $D2T, on two top-tier centralized exchanges – Lbank and BitMart. 

These exchanges will provide the necessary liquidity to maintain D2T tokens’ presale price and organically improve its price. In addition, many exchanges are keen on listing D2T tokens, which the Dash 2 Trade team will announce as events unfold.

These early promises have led many to wonder what utility Dash 2 Trade provides and how its inherent features will benefit the entire crypto space.

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Dash 2 Trade Features

The Dash 2 trade platform aims to improve traders’ journeys by developing a world-class crypto analytics dashboard. This dashboard is not ordinary as it comes packed with essential trading tools that D2T users can utilize in developing market-beating strategies and earning in the market.

These trading tools include a bespoke scoring system for crypto ICOs, technical indicators, trading signals, strategy builder and backtester, social metrics, and many others. These features will ensure users get the best of the crypto market by expanding their earning opportunities. This crypto project is the next best thing! By becoming the Bloomberg of crypto, users can maximize profits by investing in unique assets with utilities that benefit the crypto audience. 

It is a common expression that the best things in life are free. While that is true in certain aspects, the crypto community operates differently. For users who want to benefit from the full features of Dash 2 Trade, it comes at a price – subscription fees. 

The subscription fees are payable via the Dash 2 Trade utility token, $D2T tokens. Hence the amount of $D2T tokens acquired during the presale stages or when the market goes live is crucial. Still, it is imperative to note that the Dash 2 Trade platform is freely accessible by every crypto trader.


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Dash 2 Trade Tokenomics and Subscription Tiers

The $D2T token is an ERC-20 token that serves a utilitarian purpose. It serves as the subscription fees to the platform. This way, $D2T can grow organically based on increased demand by users to access the D2T dashboard. 

Dash 2 Trade provides three subscription tiers to access the D2T dashboard. 

  • The Free Tier comes at no cost; users can check out the dashboard’s features but have limited access. 
  • The Starter Tier costs 300 D2T tokens monthly. Users can have access to better crypto watchlists and improved market insights. Also, they enjoy a members-only discord channel where they can benefit from expert insights into the crypto market.
  • The Premium Tier offers the full feature of the D2T dashboard with a monthly subscription of 1,000 D2T. Users can immerse themselves in trading discounts, quarterly giveaways, and live steam events to D2 T’s proprietary crypto trading insights.

Undoubtedly, the value of $D2T tokens goes beyond just buying and selling on the exchanges. Instead, its intrinsic value emanates from users benefitting by subscribing to the D2T dashboard via D2T tokens. 

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Bottom Line

Despite the bearish run and its uncertainties, the crypto market will consistently deliver crypto projects that will make an impact in the next run. Crypto traders should consider staying away from Cardano and set their eyes on other cryptos that would provide organic gains.

As depicted in this article, Dash 2 Trade is an excellent crypto platform that will pave the way for better and improved crypto traders when its feature-rich dashboard goes live. You can still enjoy massive gains by scooping D2T tokens before its presale event finally shuts down.

Why don’t you gift yourself some D2T tokens before the end of the year? The Dash 2 Trade presale event is reaching its climax, and top-tier exchanges are vying to get $D2T listed as soon as it is over. Take decisive Now by investing in $D2T and gain massively in the coming year.