cryptocurrency how new years fitness goals will pump fight out fght price

How New Year’s Fitness Goals Will Pump Fight Out (FGHT) Price

It is the first month of 2023, and the phrase “New Year, New Me!” is in the air. Indeed, one goal for the new year is to improve your overall fitness and lifestyle. This goal is commendable, as keeping a healthy lifestyle can allow you to achieve other important goals in 2023. 

The definite way of achieving this goal is to try out a nearby gym or fitness app. However, there is a need to look beyond traditional gyms and try out a new and unique move-to-earn (M2E) platform – Fight Out. This fitness app focuses on helping you achieve your fitness goal and incentivizing you for your efforts.

This post takes a keen look at some features of Fight Out and how getting involved in this fitness platform can significantly improve your fitness and provide exciting gains. Let’s check it out!


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Overview of Fight Out

The move-to-earn space is about to witness a revolution! Past platforms have implemented M2E in their utilities and could not provide users with impressive workout routines to stay motivated. Also, these platforms track simple metrics like walking and jogging, which wasn’t enough for users to burn calories and stay fit effectively.

Hence, the introduction of Fight Out, an M2E fitness app and gym chain that goes the extra mile to ensure you become fighting fit. Taking a cue from combat athletes, Fight Out aims will introduce intensive workouts that will improve your baseline of strength, muscular endurance, cardio, wellness, and mental fortitude. 

Consequently, these intensive workouts will ensure you get into the best fighting shape and enjoy improved body conditions. Moreso, this fitness platform invites you to personalize your workouts so you can excel in your chosen routines.

Fight Out will roll out its app so you can sign up and set your goals, desired workout types, time available, fitness background, available equipment (in your home), and other valuable metrics to ensure Fight Out provides you with the best fitness programs.  

Fight Out Reward Structure

Motivation is key! A study shows that users usually quit within five months of going to the gym after signing up for the year. It was revealed that many users point out a lack of enthusiasm or motivation to carry on their workouts. 

However, Fight Out wants you to be physically and mentally fit while staying motivated. Hence, its earning mechanism allows you to become fit and earn crypto. As you engage and complete your personalized workout sessions, you earn REPS, Fight Out’s in-app currency. 

You can use REPS tokens to purchase training gear, apparel, and equipment from the Fight Out stores. You can enjoy membership discounts and remote sessions with Fight Out trainers and fitness coaches. You can maximize your earnings in REPS by focusing on overall body development.    

Suppose you have an opportunity to be close to a nearby Fight Out gym. In that case, you can use your REPS to access its health bar and co-working space where you can socially engage with other Fight Out users. 


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Fight Out inclusion of The Metaverse

While you immerse yourself in intensive workouts and earn rewards simultaneously, Fight Out implements its metaverse. The Fight Out app will allow you to create a soulbound avatar (a non-tradable NFT character) tied to you. 

Here is where it gets interesting; as you physically develop yourself, Fight Out’s fitness app takes note of these improvements and reflects them on your avatar. Hence, your avatar will have recorded stats that will let you know how progressive your workouts have been. 

Once your avatar has built enough strength, thanks to your resilience in workout routines, it enters the metaverse. Your avatar can compete with other fighters’ avatars in tournaments and earn $FGHT, Fight Out’s primary token. 

Fight Out’s Tokenomics and Presale Event

Fight Out utilizes its primary token, FGHT, to run its metaverse. You earn in FGHT as you battle with your avatar and purchase items in the metaverse. FGHT token is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum Network. 

You can use the Fight Out token, FGHT, to purchase more REPS, which you can use to exchange in-store items and enjoy membership discounts. There are 10 billion FGHT tokens minted in the Fight Out ecosystem. 

Fight Out is selling 70% of its FGHT in its ongoing presale event. It is already recording success, raising over $2.6 million in capital. The capital raised in this presale event will be used to acquire and refurbish Fight Out gyms, product development, and platform marketing. 

Additionally, if you purchase FGHT tokens right now, you can claim an extra 50% presale bonus. Fight Out is introducing a vesting period that allows you to lock your purchased FGHT tokens for at least three months. If you lock your tokens for a long time, you can earn up to 25% bonuses.  

FGHT presale

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Final Thoughts: Stay Fighting Fit

There you have it! Fight Out, is set to get you started on your new year’s fitness journey. Its intensive workouts and earning mechanisms ensure you become physically fit and enjoy incentives as you engage in the platform. 

As you engage in Fight Out, you earn more REPS, its in-app currency, and enjoy discounts and access its health bar. Also, owning FGHT tokens provides access to its metaverse and exciting investment opportunities. 

All these intensive workouts will make your fitness journey worthwhile. Hence, stay motivated this new year as you participate in Fight Out’s presale event and engage in this revolutionary fitness platform. Undoubtedly, you will increase in physical strength and enjoy impressive investment returns.