cryptocurrency fght hits 2 6 million as new year fitness goals pumps pre sale

FGHT Hits 2.6 Million As New Year Fitness Goals Pumps Pre-Sale

New Year fitness goals have another meaning this year, as Fight Out (FGHT) coin reaches another presale milestone. Raising $2.6 million in this climate is no mean feat and the developers are extremely happy with the success so far.

The new Web 3.0 token, described as Move-to-Earn (M2E), is attracting a lot of attention from investors. The presale started less than two weeks ago and FGHT has already raised more than 50% of the target funds set for Stage 1. At this point, the only real concern is whether all interested investors will manage to get their hands on it before the presale ends. FGHT is here

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Metaverse M2E Platforms Like FGHT Are the Future of Health and Fitness

The health and fitness industry is one of the most valuable (and profitable) sectors on the global market. According to Statista, it was worth $96.7 billion in 2022. By 2028, the value is projected to increase to $131.9 billion. That is a very big pie and it is no wonder why so many investors want a piece of it.

Fight Out offers them a chance to get a sizeable slice. It offers a new approach to fitness, combining metaverse and crypto into an engaging package that is sure to attract a lot of users. It will be especially beneficial to people who struggle with motivation and have trouble keeping their fitness regime. By offering monetary rewards for regular gym-goers (hence the Move-to-Earn designation), FGHT provides incentives that can play a huge role in making people stick to their New Year resolutions.

Fighting Fit Is a Dominant Theme for FGHT

Adding to the appeal of FGHT is the Fighting Fit theme the platform is running. Building on the whole functional strength concept, Fight Out is promoting a brand of fitness that has a purpose, something that will play a big role in attracting new users. Health and fitness can be too abstract ideas for many people and having another goal will be a key motivator to getting them into a gym.

This plays well with the increasing popularity of combat sports like MMA and boxing and one of the fastest-rising fitness activities among younger people.

To that end, FGHT has signed up several ambassadors to promote the platform.  Their lineup includes Savannah Marshall, one of the world’s leading women boxers, and Brazilian MMA and UFC stars Amanda Ribas and Talia Santos. Combined, the ambassadors have more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, providing a lot of influence and ensuring a global reach.

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FGHT as a Crossover Between Digital and Real World

The crucial part of the entire Fight Out project is a chain of affiliate gyms, designed as hubs for FGHT communities. They will provide a vital link between the digital world of crypto and the real world where users can exercise and connect with other members. These gyms will also provide a source of revenue independent from the whims of the crypto market, securing an income flow even if crypto experience another bad year like 2022.

Apart from the standard amenities and equipment one would expect to find in a gym, FGHT gyms will also feature a health bar, a co-working space, and a studio where successful athletes would be regular guests. They will provide valuable insight into their lifestyle, fitness regimen, and diet to help users reach their maximum potential. Athletes will also provide video lessons on how to perform various exercises, host one-on-one training sessions, and post various challenges.

The initial plan calls for 20 gyms to start the process and the location will be determined by the number of Fight Out users in candidate cities. This will ensure that the gyms have a steady market and can start to generate profit almost immediately.

Fight Out Mobile App Provides A Convenient Way of Accessing the Platform

The full launch of the Fight Out mobile app is planned for Q2 2023, providing an easy and convenient way for users to access all the features the platform has to offer. It also allows them to easily track their progress in five key areas, strength, cardio, muscular endurance, technique, and wellness, deemed essential for becoming fighting fit.

The app also provides a training assistant feature, aimed at inexperienced users. With it, they can easily create custom training programs, based on factors like goals, equipment availability, workout duration and frequency preferences, and several others. Access to the app will be provided to all FGHT token holders.

Buying FGHT Tokens Today Ensures the Lowest Prices

As of today, the FGHT price is set at $0.0166 (60.06 = 1 USDT), but it will increase to $0.0333 once the $5 million milestone is reached, ending Stage 1. Considering that we are already at halfway mark, it won’t be long before Stage 2 begins and the price increases. The end of the presale is planned for March 31st.

The start of the presale was followed by an announcement of a $250,000 giveaway in FGHT tokens for one lucky holder. To qualify, you need to perform nine tasks, including signing up for various social platforms and following Fight Out accounts, and have $250 worth of FGHT at the time of the draw.

FGHT Offers Lucrative Bonuses for Early Investors

To reward early investors, the Fight Out team has come up with generous bonuses, offering up to 50% to people who buy FGHT during the presale, depending on the amount of tokens they have bought and the chosen vesting period, as described here. Here is a handy breakdown of what early investors are entitled to.

fight out rewards

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Not much time remains before the price of FGHT doubles, so you need to hurry up and get some while they are cheap. This is one of the tokens that is almost guaranteed to explode once the presale ends and it appears on the market, securing a massive ROI for early investors.