cryptocurrency 10 best metaverse crypto coins to buy in 2023

10 Best Metaverse Crypto Coins to Buy in 2023

Ever since Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta Inc in mid-2021, the Metaverse and its exciting opportunities have caught the world by storm.

Social media, news, dinner tables… it seems that the Metaverse is being mentioned everywhere.

While the term may not mean much to the mainstream public, technology and crypto enthusiasts look at it as an untapped market opportunity.

Nowadays, it seems that every major crypto project somehow incorporates Metaverse technology, but that’s not enough to ensure the project’s success.

That’s why we did the research and came up with a list of the top Metaverse cryptos expected to explode in 2023, according to whales.

The top choices are MEMAG, FGHT, and TARO because they have the highest potential to bring huge gains, as TAMA and IBAT have. 


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Top Metaverse Cryptos to Explode in 2023 According to Whales – Quick Outline

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of our top Metaverse projects, here’s a quick outline of them that you can skim through:

  • Meta Masters GuildFirst-Ever Mobile-Based Web3 Game
  • Fightout – Metaverse Crypto that Introduces Move-to-Earn Concept 
  • Robotera – New Metaverse Game with a Futuristic Robot Planet and Shared Multiverse
  • Tamadoge – Hot Meme Coin Project with Metaverse and P2E Mechanics
  • Battle Infinity – The First Fantasy Sports Game with Metaverse and NFT Technology

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Top Metaverse Cryptos to Explode in 2022 According to Whales 

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of our projects, let’s get into the details and see why they carry so much profit potential.

Meta Masters Guild – First-Ever Mobile-Based Web3 Game 

Even though the news for this crypto only recently got out, it’s already generating massive hype in the community as it’s the first-ever mobile-based Web3 game. 

In the Meta Masters Guilde ecosystem, users will be able to participate in several exciting P2E games, meaning they will never get bored with the project. 

Each game has a unique story and concept, with incentivizing rewards found no matter which one you choose. 

All of these games and the rest of the ecosystem will be powered by the native utility token MEMAG, which gives it a lot of future value potential. 

This token can now be obtained in the early presale phase and according to experts, the price will never be this low again. 


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Fight Out – Metaverse Crypto that Introduces Move-to-Earn concept 

Over the last few years, the fitness industry has been booming quite fast. However, despite the higher levels of service and variety, traditional gyms haven’t addressed the key problem in the industry, i.e., offering flexibility in training with guidance. 

While hiring a personal trainer solves the problem, it gets costly most of the time.

Here is where Fight Out comes into the picture – a move-to-earn fitness app that has revolutionized the Web3 space. Fight Out helps in gamifying the fitness lifestyle where users are rewarded for finishing challenges and workouts. 

In Fight Out, users are rewarded as they progress with their lookalike avatar, which develops simultaneously with their effort and progress. With Fight Out, users can enter the metaverse, where they can put their fitness to the test with other members as well. 

Fight Out is bridging the gap between the Web2 and Web3 worlds by merging the fitness industry with blockchain technology. 

FGHT is here

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Robotera – New Metaverse Game with a Futuristic Robot Planet and Shared Multiverse

Robotera is one of the most anticipated Metaverse projects that has yet to go viral. 

This project has a lot of resemblances with Minecraft seeing that the main mechanism revolves around creative block-building.

The storyline is set on a futuristic robot planet where players can explore all the different Metaverse opportunities.

For instance, users can navigate the planet, create cities, purchase virtual land, communicate with each other, and more.

Notably, every single detail is fully customizable, which means players have a chance to create some spectacular designs.

Unlike some “Minecraft rip-off” projects, Robotera is a completely unique platform that incorporates robust blockchain tech, NFTs, DeFi features, cutting-edge tokenomics, and more.

There are five camps you can choose from in the virtual world, and each one includes a group of players you can cooperate with to build the perfect world.

Even though this all sounds exciting, we’ll still have to wait a bit more until the game’s released. The founders have stated that it should hit the market somewhere in early 2023.

TARO is the platform’s native governance token and it’s used for all in-game transactions and activities. Users can earn TARO tokens by executing tasks, trading their creations in the built-in NFT store, etc.

Robotera incorporates a DAO approach, which means every token holder can cast a vote on how they think the platform should evolve and develop. Users will also be able to vote for the Metaverse government, managers, presidents, and other functions.

Lastly, seeing that Robotera functions as a shared multiverse, it’s only a matter of time until it incorporates new cryptocurrencies and options in the game.

Now, the project has released its presale phase and you can get your first batch of TARO at a highly discounted price.

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Tamadoge – Hot Meme Coin Project with Metaverse and P2E Mechanics

Tamadoge is a meme cryptocurrency that connects users with the Tamaverse – the game’s official Metaverse that also includes an NFT store and a P2E game.

TAMA is the native governance token used for all platform activities, reward distribution, trading, and more.

Aside from combining advanced technology into one ecosystem, Tamadoge also provides real-world utility, something that sets it apart from other cryptos in the meme coin market.

Conversely, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have none of these things and are still leading the industry. This is why so many analysts believe Tamadoge will be able to surpass them over the next few months.

Within the Metaverse, users can try out the P2E game that revolves around breeding and taking care of digital NFT Tama pets. This concept is loosely based on the popular 90s pet game Tamagochi.

In short, players mint NFT pets and take care of them as they get older. Once they mature enough, they can use their powers in the battle arena to win fights and acquire Dogepoints. Players that win the most battles each month receive prizes from the Dogepool.

Tamadoge has already landed several major exchange listings like OKX, LBank, MEXC, and BitMart. 

Those who missed the chance to acquire TAMA tokens during the platform’s presale are now lining up to get them before this Metaverse crypto explodes.

On a final note, Tamadoge was KYC’d by CoinSniper and its smart contract audited by SolidProof, meaning that there’s absolutely zero “rug pull” danger associated with this Metaverse crypto. 


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Battle Infinity – The First Fantasy Sports Game with Metaverse and NFT Technology

Battle Infinity is a Metaverse crypto gaming project that incorporates NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain mechanisms. One of its main selling points is the cutting-edge fantasy sports game.

The platform’s native governance token is IBAT (built on the Binance Smart Chain) and it serves as the primary currency for all purchases, transactions, and similar activities that take place in the Metaverse.

The Battle Arena is Battle Infinity’s official Metaverse and it’s where all the features can be found. Furthermore, it’s a place where users can create customizable avatars and talk to each other.

When the game was first announced, players were calling it the “next Axie Infinity” due to the striking resemblances.

The five main products in the Metaverse (Battle Arena) are the Battle Swap, Battle Stake, Battle Market, and the Battle Store. IBAT Premier League, the fantasy sports game, is the fifth and main product.

This fantasy sports game is the first in the world to incorporate NFT and blockchain technology and has achieved great popularity so far in the community.

Users need NFT passes to participate in the game, after which they can choose the sport they want to try out (football, basketball, cricket, and more).

The project was KYC’d by CoinSniper and audited by SolidProof for smart contracts, which means it’s 100% secure and “rug pull” danger free.

Currently, Battle Infinity is listed on PancakeSwap and LBank, with many more CEX exchanges waiting in the pipeline.

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The Sandbox – Metaverse Game with Recently Upgraded Features

Over the past few months, there haven’t been as many Metaverse games making headlines as The Sandbox did.

The Sandbox is a virtual world game in which players can create and monetize unique gaming experiences via ETH blockchain tech.

Also, they can create customizable avatars that they’ll use to explore the Sandbox ecosystem. SAND token is the game’s native governance token and primary currency.

Players need SAND to purchase land and build properties on it. Once they’ve created an interesting piece of property, they can sell it as an NFT on secondary marketplaces.

According to recent reports, one user recently sold around 100 virtual lands for over $4 million! 


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The Takeaway

Finding the next Metaverse crypto that will explode in value is never easy, especially considering the number of projects “faking” a connection to the Metaverse.

Industry experts and analysts consider the Metaverse cryptos we’ve reviewed today to be the next ones to bring home huge profits. So hurry up and invest in coins like MEMAG, FGHT, TARO, TAMA, and IBAT to join the “rich early investors” club.