cryptocurrency what is metaverse crypto why do you need to buy them in 2023

What is Metaverse Crypto & Why Do You Need to Buy Them in 2023?

The term metaverse has been thrown around everywhere in the past few years. However, most people heard about this new revolutionary technology when Mark Zuckerberg announced it as the next step for Facebook. In simple terms, the Metaverse is a virtual world designed to make online communication feel more realistic and personal. 

There are hundreds of metaverse platforms in the works, and each of them has its metaverse crypto that works as the native currency used for trading and completing transactions. Let’s discuss the newest metaverse projects like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, RobotEra, and Tamadoge, and explain why they are the best investment options in 2023.

So, What is The Metaverse Exactly?

The metaverse concept has been around since 1992. It was first mentioned in the novel “Snow Crash,” and the idea instantly made its way into online communities. The first game that adopted the idea is Second Life, but the metaverse found its way into many other online communities over the years.

The modern definition of the metaverse builds on the idea with new technologies. The basic idea of using avatars to connect to online virtual communities stayed the same, with the addition of cryptocurrencies. The new metaverse allows users to purchase in-game items, virtual real estate, and other digital products using the platform’s native currency. Think of it as a digital representation of the real world. Some more advanced projects allow users to use virtual reality headsets and haptic gloves to interact with the digital world realistically. 

The concept entered the mainstream only recently and has attracted millions of new users. Furthermore, the metaverse concept and blockchain technology combination unlock many advanced features that apply to different products and services. As a result, the metaverse has the power to redefine how we communicate online, which is precisely why it became so popular. 2023 is becoming the most exciting year for metaverse projects, so let’s look at the three most anticipated new metaverse crypto platforms.

Best New Metaverse Crypto Listings in 2023

Here is a quick overview of the best metaverse crypto projects in 2023. You can read more about each one in the section below.

  1. Meta Masters Guild – World’s First Mobile Focused web3 Gaming Guild Platform
  2. Fight Out – New Move-To-Earn Metaverse Project With Excellent Rewards
  3. RoboetEra – Robo Builder Game Set In a Shared Multiverse
  4. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project With Play-To-Earn Mechanics
  5. Battle Infinity – World’s First Blockchain Fantasy Sports Platform

Best New Metaverse Crypto Listings In More Detail

Here are the top three metaverse crypto projects on the market. All three are in the earliest stages, so you still have time to invest early and enjoy high returns in the future.

1. Meta Masters Guild – World’s First Mobile Focused web3 Gaming Guild Platform

Meta Masters Guild is also a new blockchain project in the works, and once it goes live, it has the potential to build a massive community. The project’s goal is to spread the adoption of new technologies, and it’s the world’s first mobile-focused web3 gaming platform. It offers a completely decentralized gaming ecosystem with multiple rewards and prizes for active players.

The project will feature dozens of new games for players to try, with many more planned for the future. Playing these games allows players to earn Gems they can later exchange for MEMAG tokens. Of course, MEMAG token holders will be able to sell the coins for a profit, but they can also invest them into the platform to earn even more rewards in the future. 

Meta Masters Guild is a web3 mobile-focused gaming platform that promotes fun games more than blockchain features. It offers an excellent way of earning cryptocurrencies since everyone loves playing mobile games. Moreover, the impressive selection of titles will keep the experience fun indefinitely. The tokens can also be used to buy in-game NFTs, various customizations, and much more. The platform entered presale recently, so you can become one of the earliest investors.

meta masters guild

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2. Fight Out – New Move-To-Earn Metaverse Project With Excellent Rewards

Fight Out is one of the most exciting new metaverse projects on the market, and it’s showing huge growth potential. It’s a brand-new crypto that uses the Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanic to allow users to generate tokens while working out. It’s similar to STEPN but offers higher token rewards and includes more exercises and challenges.

Similarly to STEPN, users have to register and buy their first pair of virtual gym sneakers. These sneakers double as NFTs, allowing users to generate REPS tokens while running, going to the gym, or doing any other exercise. Users can then exchange REPS tokens for native FGHT tokens that are used to purchase better in-app features or for trading on open markets. 

Fight Out’s unique approach to crypto generation, and the overall use of M2E mechanism makes it the best lifestyle app and incentivizes people to improve their physical health and overall well-being. FGHT tokens are available in presale right now, so don’t miss your chance to invest early and enjoy the highest returns in the future. Visit the official Fight Out site to learn more about one of the best cryptos of 2023.

FGHT is here

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3. Robotera – Robo Builder Game Set In a Metaverse

RobotEra is an excellent new metaverse project ideal for Minecraft and Lego enthusiasts. It might seem like another online block-builder game, but it’s also designed according to the best blockchain industry practices. Apart from providing its users with endless building options and customizations, it offers multiple DeFi services, NFTs, and more. 

Namely, users can pick one of five camps and build their robots from scratch. After that, they can team up with other players and build incredibly detailed worlds to mine resources, build facilities, and even rent their creations to earn extra tokens. The platform’s native token, TARO, works as the utility coin and is used for all transactions within the metaverse. 

The entire project is currently in the alpha testing phase, so you can’t try it yet. However, the official release is planned for early 2023, when the community finally sees what Robotera has in store. They will be able to build virtual real estate, buy plots of land to build factories, set up trade routes, and much more. 

Robotera allows players to set up virtual businesses and conduct all kinds of operations to earn extra TARO tokens. Best of all – all community members will vote for the members of the Robotera government and platform managers. Therefore, if you’re a Minecraft lover or want to invest in the highest-growth potential cryptocurrency in 2023, Robotera is an excellent choice.

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4. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project With Huge Growth Potential

Tamadoge is the latest addition to the meme coin ecosystem and the first platform to feature a metaverse, a built-in NFT store, play-to-earn mechanics, and other advanced blockchain features. In addition, it’s the first meme coin that will release with excellent tokenomics and token utilization, which is enough to make it one of the best new cryptos to invest in 2023.

The game’s core revolves around training digital pets that double as NFTs. The game is loosely inspired by a popular hand-held game from the 90s called Tamagotchi. If you’re not familiar with Tamagotchi, the idea is that you have to spend time with your digital pets every day. You have to feed them, pet them, and ensure they are happy, or they could die, and you will lose them forever. The same approach is used in Tamadoge and its incredible virtual reality – the Tamaverse. 

All pets double as NFTs, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade them using the native utility token, TAMA. There are 2 billion TAMA tokens, but 5% of all tokens used will be burned at the end of each month to diminish supplies and increase value. Players can also win TAMA tokens by completing challenges and playing one of many available platformer games using their pets. Tamadoge ended the presale phase, which raised over $19 million months ahead of schedule, and has been growing steadily after every CEX/DEX listing.


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5. Battle Infinity – World’s First Blockchain Fantasy Sports Platform

Lastly, we have Battle Infinity, another blockchain metaverse project likely to set the bar for many similar platforms that will go live in the future. It’s the first project mixing fantasy sports games and blockchain technologies, which gives it massive appeal and huge growth potential. 

It’s already dubbed the next Axie Infinity, but it’s made better than AI from day one. For one, Battle Infinity offers six different services packed in a super-exciting virtual reality where users can meet, hang out, battle their teams in the arena, and much more. Every player will be able to create a fantasy sports team and battle it against other teams in the IBAT Premier League. The IBAT tokens are used for all transactions within the game, and players can also win them by completing challenges and reaching the top of the league.

Apart from providing users with super-exciting sport-themed games, players can also build and rent virtual real estate, enjoy a variety of DeFi services, and much more. Battle Infinity’s presale was a huge success, and the token gained over 500% even before its first official CEX listing on LBank. The project has a lot of exciting new updates and features planned for the future, so it’s undoubtedly one of the best new metaverse crypto releases.

battle infinity

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of new metaverse cryptos to invest in, you just have to know where to find them. The three projects above are all expected to lead to high gains in the foreseeable future, but if you’re looking for the option with the highest growth potential, our vote goes to MEMAG. It’s the newest project on the list, and if you invest right now, you can get tokens at a significant discount.