cryptocurrency 12 best cryptos to buy invest in 2023 according to reddit

12 Best Cryptos to Buy & Invest in 2023 According to Reddit

When you are interested in cryptocurrencies, trends in the crypto market and everything else related to crypto investments, it is normal to want to find additional information that will serve as a guide. Many crypto investors, and those who just want to become one, find all that information on the popular forum Reddit. Below, we will discuss with you the 12 best cryptos to buy/invest in Reddit in 2023. Well, let’s get started.

 12 best cryptos to buy/invest in Reddit 2023 are:

  1.  Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)– Top New Gaming Platform
  2. Fight Out (FGHT)-Top Move-2-Earn Platform
  3. RobotEra (TARO)– Top Metaverse Crypto Coin Project
  4. C+Charge (CCHG)- The Best Eco-Friendly Platform
  5. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)– The Best Platform for Crypto Users
  6. Calvaria (RIA)– The Most Interesting Battle Card Game
  7. (IMPT)– The Best Eco-Friendly Coin to Invest In
  8. Tamadoge (TAMA)– The Most Successful Crypto Presale in 2022
  9. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Popular Crypto on Reddit 
  10. Say Network (SAY)- One of the Best Crypto Presales in 2022
  11. EstateX (ESX)- New Real Estate Crypto Presale
  12. LunaOne (XLN)- Popular Crypto Presale Metaverse Project


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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)- Top New Gaming Platform

MEMAG coin, a native con of the Meta Masters Guild platform, is a hot topic on Reddit. This gaming platform is focused on providing users with a free Play and Earn gaming experience and it offers users much more than just gaming. 

In addition to interesting games, you have the opportunity to win various in-game rewards that you can later convert into MEMAG tokens, but also to buy rare NFTs or to stake your tokens. This last option will allow you to generate a monthly yield. If this sounds interesting to you, hurry up to buy MEMAG ASAP, while the price is favorable!

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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Fight Out (FGHT)

One of the most popular crypto projects at the moment, without a doubt, is Fight Out. The native coin Fight Out move-2-earn platform, FGHT, is being grabbed at an incredible speed because users are aware of how useful and good it is for them. By using the FGHT token, users get complete access to all segments of the 

Fight Out platform, that is, they get different video lessons with exercises, fitness challenges, consultations with trainers, and much more. Every progress through physical activity brings new rewards to the participants, which, you must agree, is a great motivation! FGHT will undoubtedly position itself as the best move-to-earn crypto in 2023, so buy it now, before its price rises!

FGHT is here

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RobotEra (TARO)- Top Metaverse Crypto Coin Project

Another top choice, when we talk about cryptos you can invest in, is undoubtedly RobotEra, i.e. its TARO coin. By owning a TARO coin, you have the opportunity to peek into the RobotEra multiverse and experience all that it has to offer.

So, you can, as a robot, create the world according to your idea, you can arrange it the way you want, you can organize concerts, and exhibitions, create works of art, but also win different in-game rewards, and in the end, profit well from that investment. TARO coin is now on presale, meaning its price is now cheaper than it will ever be. 

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C+Charge (CCHG)-The Best Eco-Friendly platform

Access to carbon credits is no longer available exclusively to large companies, thanks to the revolutionary green platform C+Charge

This platform democratizes access to carbon credits and finally enables individuals to use them, thus greatly influencing the reduction of pollution on our planet. In short, C+Charge will enable those individuals, i.e. drivers of electric vehicles, to pay for EV charging with native CCHG tokens, and for that, they will be rewarded with carbon credits.

CCHG is at the moment on presale, so it would be wise to take advantage of the moment and the current price and buy these tokens today. You will have a lot of benefits from that and you will experience them already in 2023!

C+Charge presale

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)- The Best Platform for Crypto Users

If you are dealing with cryptocurrencies or intend to start, then the Dash 2 Trade platform will certainly be useful to you. Dash 2 Trade provides all the information in one place that could help you make the next crypto-related decisions correctly. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about price predictions, social analytics, trading signals, or some other information, you will be able to find it all in one place. The only thing you need to access all that information is to have a D2T coin. 

The first month of 2023 brings the first listings of D2T tokens on the most respectable crypto exchanges such as,LBank, Uniswap, BitMart, and Changelly. All this gives hope that 2023 will be an amazing year for D2T and you can kick it off with a trading competition now live at d2t trading comp

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Calvaria (RIA)- The Most Interesting Battle Card Game

If you are a fan of play-to-earn games, then Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is something that will surely interest you. That is, then Calvaria’s RIA coin is one of the best cryptos you can buy in 2023. RIA coins are attracting huge interest from users and selling equally fast. This means that if you want to buy it with the most favorable conditions and at the cheapest price, you should invest in it as soon as possible. 

Hurry up and buy RIA while its price is this good. It is a matter of time before the presale of RIA coins is completed


>>>Buy Calvaria Now<<< (IMPT)- The Best Eco-Friendly Coin to Invest In

According to Reddit, one of the best cryptos to buy/invest in at the moment is IMPT coin, the “green coin of the future”. platform offered users something completely new and revolutionary. The possibility to earn from their investment, but also to influence the improvement of the environmental situation at the same time. This concept is the main reason for the successful presale of the IMPT coin, which completed before the planned deadline. It seems that IMPT will experience even greater success in 2023, so invest in it ASAP!

IMPT listing

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Tamadoge (TAMA)- The Most Successful Crypto Presale in 2022

The appearance of the Tamadoge universe caused a huge hype among crypto users, and not without reason, since we can freely say that this is a completely revolutionary project precisely because it combines P2E (play-to-earn) gaming mechanisms with meme coins.

When we consider investing in a certain crypto, one of the most important questions that arise is related to the price, but also to the future potential price that that crypto can reach. If you are wondering what the situation is with the TAMA coin in this sense, we will tell you that Tamadoge finished its presale phase long before the deadline with raising $19 000 000 – and that is the fact that put Tamadoge in the very top of the crypto presales of all time. 

Talking about the future of TAMA coin, you should know that it shows a tendency to reach a higher value in the following period. When it comes to price prediction, it is predicted that in 2023 TAMA could even gain between 10x and even 100x!

Almost every day, new and interesting things come from Tamadoge Universe that additionally affect the growth of the value of TAMA coins, and the latest among them is the launch of the Tamadoge NFT Collection, which is available on OpenSea.


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Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Popular Crypto on Reddit 

There are really a lot of interesting cryptos that you can invest in, and one that has achieved great success, and which is predicted to be even more successful in the future, is definitely Lucky Block (LBLOCK).

Investors choose to invest in Lucky Block because it guarantees transparency, fair game, and huge potential for winnings. Although the current price of Lucky Block is solid, predictions are that there will be more and more investors in the future. That means that the price of the Lucky Block is going to rise even more.lucky block 2

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Say Network (SAY)- One of the Best Crypto Presales in 2022

Say Network is a platform that the crypto world has been missing for a long time, and the whole idea revolves around the protection and privacy of the users. The Say Network ecosystem is designed to function completely decentralized, using the native $SAY token. Therefore, all transactions will be enabled with the use of this token, as well as prizes that users will win.

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EstateX (ESX)- New Real Estate Crypto Presale

There is one more interesting crypto investment that can capture your attention and that is EstateX (ESX), whose main goal is to make real estate investing more simple and affordable to all people, no matter where they are stationed. The EstateX platform plans to offer users the so-called ‘fractional ownership’ of properties and all transactions on this platform will take place with the help of the native token ESX.

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It is certain that no matter how long or short, thoroughly or superficially, you follow the crypto market, you notice that there is a really huge number of cryptos that you can invest in at the moment. 

Logically, you have a dilemma and a question in front of you: “Is it better to invest my funds in a crypto A or a crypto B?”. Fortunately, trends in the crypto market are here to make our decision at least a little easier. Just by observing the trends, we can conclude which crypto we should never invest in, and on the other hand, which cryptos can provide us with a high probability of profit. 

As you can see, there are currently several really good options, and the ones that stand out are MEMAG, TARO, CCHG, D2T, RIA, IMPT and TAMA. There is no mistake with opting for these cryptos because they have already positioned themselves at the very top.