cryptocurrency memag presale is selling fast with 200k raised 4 days left of stage 1

MEMAG Presale is selling fast with 200k raised – 4 days left of stage 1

Who needs more play-to-earn games, when there are already more than enough of them, right? Well, we agree, there are too many similar play-and-earn games, but it would be nice to see something new in this field, do you agree? Well, all of you who agree, be sure to check out the Meta Masters Guild platform, because it offers a completely different and innovative play-and-earn experience! The uniqueness and usefulness of this gaming platform have already been recognized by users. If you want to find out more about it, stay with us until the end of the article.

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The year 2023 brought us a fantastic play-and-earn platform: Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

For a long time, play-to-earn games have been extremely popular among users around the world. Simply, everyone likes to use their free time by having fun with interesting games, and the fact that at the same time, there is also the possibility of earning money from that activity is certainly an additional benefit. But at one point, there really was a “flood” of play-to-earn games that, you’ll probably agree, weren’t so much fun. The play-to-earn games over time became, we can even say boring, and everything started to come down to routine clicking, with one goal: earning money. And the fun, which should remain an integral part of gaming, simply disappeared.

And just when we thought that the popularity of play-to-earn games was slowly decreasing, an innovative and revolutionary gaming platform appeared, and that is the Meta Masters Guild. It is a play-and-earn gaming platform, where fun is guaranteed, and which is primarily oriented towards crypto games for mobile devices.

A huge number of users have already decided to get MEMAG, the native coin of the Meta Masters Guild platform, and one of the most important reasons for this is the predictions of crypto market analysts, which are extremely positive. As early as 2023, they predict that the price of MEMAG coins could potentially increase at least 10x!

The presale of MEMAG tokens started only a few days ago, and in the next few days, it will move to the next stage, because the first milestone has almost been achieved. At the moment, almost $300,000 has been raised so far, and hardly any crypto presale can boast the same success in the same time frame! This success of the MEMAG’s presale only further strengthens the predictions of crypto experts, and as things stand, MEMAG will indeed explode during 2023!

The Meta Masters Guild presale: Don’t miss the chance to get MEMAG at the best price!

The native coin of the Meta Masters Guild platform is currently extremely popular due to its presale price of only 0.007 USD. Such a favorable price of the MEMAG token influenced a huge number of users to buy it immediately! But this good price will certainly not last much longer. In just a few days, as soon as $490 000 is raised, it will move to the second stage of the presale, when the price of one MEMAG will be 42.8% expensive, that is, it will amount to 0.01 USD. Don’t wait for the price to go up, grab some MEMAG while its price is this good!As for the presale of MEMAG tokens, there will be a total of seven stages, and as it is moved from one stage to another, this coin will be more and more expensive. So, the wisest move is to take advantage of the lowest price, and buy it now!

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Gaming fans are eagerly awaiting three games from the Meta Masters Guild platform

We have already mentioned that the Meta Masters Guild platform will enable users to enjoy amazing games, and those games that gaming fans are looking forward to are:  Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT.

Meta Kart Racers

A game that is now in an advanced stage of development and that we will have the opportunity to enjoy very soon is Meta Kart Racers. To have fun in this game, you will only need to choose your favorite drivers and karts, and then the battles will follow on one of the many race tracks. To purchase or upgrade your features within this game, you will be able to peek into the Meta Masters Guild Store and purchase something using your MEMAG coins. What is particularly interesting is that Meta Kart Racers also allows you to win rare NFTs representing various 3D characters. And with them, you can play in all Meta Masters Guild games.

Meta Masters World

If you are curious and like to explore and conquer, then the Meta Masters World game from the Meta Masters Guild platform will be particularly interesting to you. Within this game, you will be able to conquer land and NFT characters by solving different challenges. What particularly pleased users is that the Meta Masters World game will be free, but if you want to upgrade the level of your NFTs, you will, at the same time, be able to purchase something at the Meta Masters Guild Store. 

Raid NFT

What is known at the moment is that the Meta Masters Guild will delight us with another game, and it is Raid NFT. We will have more details about Raid NFT as the project progresses.

In all these games, gamers will use the MEMAG token, but this token can also be converted into Gems, that is, into assets outside the chain.

MEMAG will explode in the coming period, and this extraordinary success of its presale is only the beginning. We can conclude that from the fact that Meta Masters Guild products will be available on both Apple and Google App Store! This will certainly affect the even greater spread and popularity of this coin!


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The year 2023 pleased us with the appearance of an amazing Web3 gaming platform created mainly for mobile devices. It is obvious that gaming fans all over the world realized that this is a truly revolutionary gaming platform, as soon as they rushed to get MEMAG in such large numbers, and influenced that MEMAG presale gets positioned at the very top of crypto presales.


MEMAG’s presale sells extremely fast, and it is a matter of days before it will move to the next stage and its price increases. But, MEMAG’s time is yet to come, and this is just the beginning. Therefore, be wise and get yourself MEMAG coins at a favorable price. Relying on the predictions of crypto market analysts who announce a minimum growth of MEMAG coin value of 10x, we conclude that this coin is, at this moment, the best choice!