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Doge Was Pumping, But Has it Reached its Peak? These Cryptos Will Pump Next!

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, tweeted that strong projects shine in bear markets. The crypto winter came, and the market lost over half its 2021 market value. Yet, this bearish market seems to have come and gone with the end of 2022, and we now are facing into a much better market with many cryptos beginning to recover in Q1 of 2023.

While many investors have become somewhat sentimental about certain projects because of the utilities they can provide, others linger around projects that offer no real utility or use case and relies on big names and hypes to create FOMO in the market. 

This article examines Dogecoin from a technical analysis perspective. Also, it details new crypto projects, Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), RobotEra (TARO), and (IMPT), that are set for huge rallies in the coming year.


Dogecoin: Can Recent Rallies Bring Back Early Glorious Days?

The meme coin Dogecoin prides itself on as a community-driven project yet offers no real case or utility to drive its price to greater highs. However, since its creation in the market, Dogecoin has received incomparable media attention from celebrities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. 

As a result, it has led to several price spikes and pumps that many call “the Musk Effect.” While the market is still bearish, what is Dogecoin’s fate? Consider Dogecoin Technical analysis. The past weeks saw a massive rally in Dogecoin from its previous ranging price. Right now, the Price is seems to be steadily climbing back towards its previous heights.

While the recent price spike is likely due to the overall market recovery, investors should exercise caution. However, if significant market forces push the price higher, Dogecoin’s could test the resistance levels at $0.15 again before setting a higher price. 

Dogecoin may have reached its peak of trading activities, however, there are other new projects with better use cases and are therefore poised to perform better than Doge.

doge price

Meta Masters Guild 

P2E games based in the Metaverse are already very popular but that popularity will only likely grow again in 2023. So, the fact Meta Masters Guild will supply gamers with a choice of some of the best games the Metaverse has to offer, well that has investors very excited. However Meta Masters won’t stop there.

They believe that the P2E blockchain system has a major flaw and that is the games are not addictive enough. Games generally use their native currency as a reward for completing tasks which leads to players winning and leaving the game pretty quickly. This can lead to a pump and dump scenario that hurts the coin. Meta Masters will instead invest their currency back into their games which will mean they will continue to develop and head the P2E industry.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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 Fight Out

As with all new crypto trends practicing caution is always good advice. Sometimes you can see a certain number of new and flashy cryptos rocket up in value and it can be tempting to jump in. However, some of these can also crash and burn just as quickly. Within the M2E movement we think Fight Out is the coin that can go the distance.

Until now M2E coins have done well but they mostly focus on one aspect of fitness. Fight Out is a total fitness experience, where there app promises personalised workouts that tailor to their goals and strengths. Fight Out are even building their own and partnering with existing gyms which really shows their commitment to this project.


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Dash 2 Trade

Hitting the $15 million target they set out at the beginning for their presale makes Dash 2 Trade platform a fascinating crypto project to consider. Crypto traders and investors see the need to enjoy quality trading despite current market conditions. With the aid of a dashboard, Dash 2 Trade platform packs essential features which empower users to create a unique edge in the crypto market. 

One feature of the dashboard is using a Bespoke scoring system for crypto ICOs and Presales. Crypto ICOs are vital to projects’ success, and such was the case regarding the first altcoin, Ethereum. While few investors were seeded early into the project, they are now experiencing profits upward of 10,000%. 

However, some malicious actors run crypto ICOs and abandon the project, leaving the investors distraught. Hence, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard will carefully vet upcoming crypto ICOs so its users can access the best crypto projects before such projects moon.

While any user can have access and interact with the D2T platform and its product freely, there are two subscription-based tiers that users can take advantage of to improve their trading journey:

  1. Starter Tier requires users to pay a monthly fee of 400 D2T tokens which offers advanced on-chain data and automated trading tools.
  2. Premium Tier requires users to pay a monthly fee of 1,000 D2T tokens or 9,600 D2T tokens yearly with a 20% discount. Premium users can access live streams, quarterly giveaways, and trading competitions to earn more D2T tokens.

dash2trade (1)

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The latest green crypto to hit presale and that has investors and experts tripping over themselves to get involved is C+Charge. The general idea of these eco-friendly cryptos is to reward individuals who do their bit to help the environment with carbon credits, in this case electric vehicle (EV) drivers. However, C+Charge are planning much more than this.

They have spotted a big problem that EV drivers are facing that also may be stopping more people from driving electric. The charging stations tend to be operated by individual municipalities or businesses, their plan is to try unite as many of these as they can under one umbrella. Their peer to peer payment system coupled with an app that will show users the location and status of the charging station in their vicinity should solve the problems faced by EV drivers and even encourage more people to drive green.


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RobotEra: An Immersive Play-To-Earn platform

RobotEra is a revolutionary metaverse project aimed at better gaming and reward structures for its users. Based on a compelling origin story, RobotEra invites users to become robots and rebuild an open virtual world called Taro.

While on Taro, players will mine resources, explore continents, create robot companions, and battle other players. They will also enjoy earning through various avenues of gameplay, such as cultivating sacred trees, staking tokens, selling NFTs, and brand advertising.

Users can trade their crypto assets in the RobotEra marketplace for cash. The RobotEra Ecosystem is powered by its ERC-20 utility token, $TARO. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, players will utilize it to exchange assets in the metaverse, develop their lands and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

The $TARO tokens are available on presale, and users can actively participate to enjoy exciting investment opportunities.  


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IMPT. Io Platform: A Blockchain Platform Set to Provide Eco-friendly Features

Many secular industries are looking forward to achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the coming decade, and the crypto industry is not excluded from this plan. Many crypto projects are sticking with a greener initiative, with taking it further.

By initiating a carbon offset program, is connecting users with thousands of eco-friendly brands where they can shop for their products and services without releasing carbon emissions.

The IMPT platform, built on blockchain technology, actively monitors and rewards users who engage with these brands in carbon credits. Users can store their carbon credits in their digital wallets, and they can choose to trade them in the IMPT marketplace and make money. Suppose a green user wishes to invest in this exciting project. In that case, they can purchase IMPT tokens on the many exchanges it is listed on. 

LBank Listing IMPT

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Ripple: A Blockchain-based Digital Payment Network

Ripple was developed by Ripple Labs Inc, a US-based technology organization, as an actual currency exchange and remittance platform. The business subsequently designed the cryptocurrency known as XRP – a digital asset built for global payments.

Created in 2012, Ripple (XRP) has one of the most ambitious goals in the crypto ecosystem. This coin was designed to transfer transactions from closed systems controlled by financial institutions to a more open system while drastically reducing costs.

Indeed, XRP’s transactions are quick, trustless, and affordable in nature, thus making it a suitable option for cross-border transactions. The use cases of Ripple are pretty awesome. Consequently, they are primed to perform greatly in the crypto market and give good investment yields to crypto users and investors.


Bottom Line

Dogecoin has made its mark in the market in past years. Despite recent spikes and price rallies, investors have no bullish indication to buy and hold this token long-term. But there is no cause for alarm; this post has already provided other feature-rich cryptos that are worth your investments.

Considering the cryptos we have listed in this article it is evident that with their use cases and intriguing utilities, they will dominate the market for years to come. If you are a trader or a crypto user, now is the time to align yourself with these exciting projects and enjoy huge gains when they release their flagship products. 


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