cryptocurrency2m raised as memag proceeds to stage 4 less than 5 days to buy before price jump
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2 Million Raised as MEMAG proceeds to Stage 4 – Less Than 5 Days to Buy Before Next Price Jump!

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) has raised an extremely impressive amount of money in its presale stages. Thus far, it’s raised more than $2.1 million as it’s blown through the first three presale stages. MEMAG has proceeded to Stage 4 of the presale already, but there are already less than five days left to buy before another price hump.

Currently, Meta Masters Guild is selling for $0.016 in Presale Stage 4. In Stage 5, that price will increase yet again, this time to $0.019. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s significant enough that it can erase some of your potential returns if you don’t act fast.

If you’re looking to get the best return on your investment, you need to get in at the lowest entry price available. That’s the opportunity you have right now, before the price increases in just a few days.

Below are some of the main reasons why MEMAG is doing so well in presale and why it’s likely to soar in value even more once it launches CEX listings.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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Making the Gaming Industry Fair

The gaming industry is one of the most predatory industries in the world. A few gaming companies make billions of dollars on gamers who dump loads of money into the games they play, with nothing in return except for in-game accomplishments, badges and recognition. Outside of the game, though, they don’t get to join in on any of the profits that they helped the gaming companies make.

This is why the concept of Play-to-Earn (P2E) has caught on so well. The developers of Meta Masters Guild believe that every player on their ecosystem should be compensated fairly for the time, effort and money they put into the games. After all, the player community is what makes MEMAG so special, and it’s going to be what contributes to growing it into a powerhouse in the crypto gaming world.

One of the best features of Meta Masters Guild is that players don’t even have to make an upfront monetary investment in order to start playing. This is a lot different than a lot of P2E games, which require all their gamers to purchase an NFT in order to start playing and earning.

With MEMAG, players are only required to contribute their time and effort at first. They can immediately start earning some of the amazing in-game rewards, which can be converted to real-world value – even if they don’t spend any actual money to do so. Of course, over time, players on MEMAG are likely to contribute some of their money, too, so they can build up their characters and their ability.

This cyclical format of Meta Masters Guild is one of the main reasons why it’s performing so well in presale now, and why the overall outlook for the fastest-growing mobile Web3 gaming guild is so high.

Taking P2E to the Next Level

Meta Masters Guild isn’t just another P2E game. The developers believe that the general concept of P2E is fundamentally flawed, and so they decided to take it to the next level with their guild.

Most P2E games are designed with the earning potential front and center. They work so hard at finding ways to ensure players can earn rewards and value. This, of course, is great, but it often comes at the cost of having the games themselves not being too fun to play. 

Initially, players will try out these P2E games because they are intrigued by the earning potential. But, after a while, players start to sell their assets and depart the game because it’s simply not fun to play. That ultimately really hurts the P2E game’s value and reduces the potential of it from an investment perspective.

Meta Masters Guild is doing the opposite. They are focusing on creating fun and addictive games first, so that gamers have something they are going to truly enjoy playing and coming back to time and again. While there certainly are great tokenomics, earning mechanisms and blockchain integration, they aren’t going to get in the way of the games being fun.

To this end, Meta Masters Guild is more of a Play-And-Earn (P&E) format rather than P2E. In other words, gamers will be playing and earning at the same time, instead of playing for the sole purpose of earning.

memag 2.1 m

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Many Games Keep It Fresh

Another exciting aspect of Meta Masters Guild is that it’s just that – a guild of Web3 mobile games. It isn’t just one single game. In this way, MEMAG isn’t putting all their eggs in one basket. There will be multiple exciting games that people can play, which will help to create the very diverse gaming community that it’s going to have. 

In addition, the developers at MEMAG are hoping to support future gaming developers as well. They’re going to help gaming creators meet their dreams of bringing their ideas to reality, and these games could eventually be featured and available on the MEMAG ecosystem in the future.

It’s just another way that Meta Masters Guild is going to be including all of its users into the future of the ecosystem, and giving back to them in unique and powerful ways.

Buy Meta Masters Guild Before Yet Another Price Increase

Meta Masters Guild is already well on its way to being the biggest and best Web3 mobile gaming guild on the planet. They are quickly separating themselves from the competition when it comes to design, availability of games and attractiveness from an earnings’ perspective.

This is all playing out in real-time, too, as MEMAG has blown through its first three presale stages in record time. After raising more than $2.1 million, there are less than five days remaining in the current presale stage. Another price increase is on its way for Presale Stage 5, so act now before your investment level gets more expensive.


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