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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The crypto market so far this year has been notoriously volatile. It has mostly been positive after a rough 2022 but we have also seen some down periods too. However, the beauty is even during a bearish period for the market we can always look forward to the next crypto bull run. crypto bull run

Waiting for the bull run however, is not enough as the market moves so fast if you do that you will miss out on potential profit. The best tactic is to spot cryptos that will pump when the next crypto bull run comes along and then you will be able to reap the rewards. In this piece, we have researched the 19 cryptos that are best to buy now and that will see you make a profit during the next bull run.

The Best Crypto For Next Bull Run to Invest in 2023

We left no stone unturned for you in our search for the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in before the next crypto bull run.

We mostly focused on the best crypto presales as these always give the most room for growth and therefore profit. However, we also looked at coins that may be lying dormant at the moment and are just waiting for the right conditions.

So without future delay let’s get into it.

  1. Wall Street Memes – One of the hottest presales on the market now this one was an easy decision to include on the list. The best crypto for next bull run list will be full of presales and none is hotter than $WSM. They also bring along a huge community with them from their various social media sites and past performances tell us this can be huge for a meme coin’s price.
  2. Evil Pepe– We have seen many coins try to piggyback off the back of the success of Pepe Coin and some of them were quite profitable. However, we think this project will be the best one so far thanks to its hilarious nature and the fact it cleverly combines two of the internet’s favorite memes together.
  3. BTC20– What if we told you we could transport you back to 2011 when Bitcoin was worth $1, you would invest right? Well, this project is looking to recreate that time in today’s market. Add to this users can earn passive income and the project is more green and we are surely onto a winner.
  4. yPredict – AI technology is taking over the crypto world now and one area that this is evident is the formulas and algorithms that are being developed for trading. This presale has over 20,000 people already on their waiting list to use their platform and will have the top AI developers displaying all their work for traders to use.
  5. Launchpad XYZThe next crypto bull run 2023 will likely feature a lot of coins that utilize Web 3.0 technology. This industry is always developing and it can be difficult to keep abreast with all the new developments. This project will give you everything you need to know about Web 3.0 all in one place, on their platform.
  6. Chimpzee– . A crypto bull run prediction in today’s market should always include a green coin. There is so much to do within this ecosystem that there will be something for every kind of investor. While you use their site you can also have the satisfying feeling of knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.
  7. Ecoterra – The second green coin on our list and it is just as likely to pump in the next crypto bull run as Chimpzee. The market is going to have to go greener in order to survive with worldwide regulation. The best option is to get on a project like this one as quickly as possible. Its real-life benefits will likely be very popular with those concerned about green practices
  8. DeeLance Another presale coin we are monitoring very closely, this decentralized platform could immediately become a number one choice among freelancers and employers once it is launched. The Web 3.0 technology will allow them to improve on sites that currently connect the two so we can see it pumping during the next crypto bull run
  9. Copium The market seems solely focused on one type of coin at the moment and that is meme coins. Their volatile nature also means they pump the most so this list will be heavy with them. $COPIUM has the chance to pump thanks to the virality of its meme and the security measures put in place by its team.
  10. Spongebob Token – The first non-presale coin on our list, this token once looked like it was going to be the successor to Pepe Coin before market conditions turned sour at the worst possible time. The next crypto bull run could lead to a revival of a meme coin based on the internet’s favorite tv show.
  11. Thug Life Token– The second meme coin on the list but when that is more original than any of its competitors. It doesn’t try to be anything isn’t and only wants to create a community and a brotherhood with only one thing in mind; pumping.
  12. AiDoge – Although the presale has ended for this meme coin the hype hasn’t. Money is still pouring into the project as investors want a piece of the first meme-to-earn site. We also imagine they are excited about the pairing of meme coins and AI, two of the hottest trends in crypto at the moment.
  13. Mr. HankeyShitcoins have taken a back seat in recent months so what better way to revive them than by introducing a literal shitcoin to the market. That is what the founders of Mr. Hankey have done with their coin based on the fictional character from the hit tv series South Park.
  14. Pepe Coin – Some readers may be surprised to see this coin on the list as many think the PEPE run has finished. However, a coin that experiences as good a run as this meme coin did is never dead. There are also some substantial whales still holding onto the coin which could indicate it will pump during the next crypto bull run.
  15. Ripple – Before the SEC’s lawsuit against it XRP was one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. Since then it has had to ensure a never-ending court case and has somewhat fallen off the map. However, revelations from the trial seem to indicate it could be due a comeback right in time for the next bull run.
  16. Dogecoin – With all the investment in the meme coin market at the moment one coin that isn’t receiving that much attention is the original meme coin. As we have mentioned, community is a huge part of a meme coin’s potential and DOGE still ranks number one in that regard so a comeback could be on the cards soon.
  17. Shiba Inu –  This is a selection made in the same light as DOGE. Its long-time challenger at the top of the meme coin market has made a valiant effort lately to grow and develop their ecosystem but to no avail. We think during the next crypto bull run however, it could be rewarded for the effort it has put in 
  18. Pikamoon – Any list predicting a coin that could make a profit during the next bull run has to include a P2E game due to its popularity. This one has used the clever tactic of basing their game off another that has a huge following in the traditional gaming world. That and its excellent reward system means it could take off during the next crypto bull run 2023.
  19. Mooky – We have mentioned that meme coins will be heavily featured in the next crypto bull run and we have also commented on the fact green cryptos are only going to grow in popularity. So a coin that combines both, like this one, is going to have a chance of pumping once itspresale has concluded.

Analyzing the Best Crypto to Buy for the Next Bull Run

Let’s now take an in-depth look at all the 19 cryptos that we believe could make profits during the next bull run. Just a reminder that when looking for potential projects to get behind you are best placed looking at presales as they give the most room for growth both price-wise but also the project in general.

That being said, presales are also the riskiest investments so make sure to diversify your portfolio by also looking at some more established projects. In this case, we advise you to look for tokens that may not be performing well at the moment but have previously and have the potential to recover in the right conditions.

So, let’s get into it!

Wall Street Memes – The number one meme coin for the next bull run

wall st memes 4 r5 As we have already alluded to we cannot be sure when will the next crypto bull run happen however we know judging by current market patterns that meme coins will perform significantly well during it.

We are willing to put our neck on the lines and say that the one most likely to provide significant profit is Wall Street Memes ($WSM).

The project has already given us a lot of signs that it is the meme coin to be behind during the next bull run. The presale for example, has been a resounding success, raising close to an average of 500k a day for the first couple of weeks.

wall street memes

You cannot fully trust a presale but numbers like this do show that there is significant interest in the project. You can learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

The high presale numbers are likely a reflection of how large the Wall Street Memes community is. With over 1 million followers across their various social media platforms, they bring with them a ready-made support base.

This can be lethal for a meme coin price in particular and the fact that they have famous followers in the crypto world, like Cameron Fous, only extends the potential reach this meme coin can have.

The last reason we think Wall Street Memes will be part of the next crypto bull run is because of Google’s new AI chatbot Bard. Crypto users have already started to prefer it to chatGPT as it gives much more detailed crypto predictions.

The technology has high hopes for $WSM predicting it could pump by 352% from its original price. This could be a case of causation vs correlation as the prediction could lead investors to pile in thus fulfilling the Bard prediction.

Token Info Wall Street Memes
 Presale Started 26 May 2023
 Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap Hard Cap
 Min Investment 100 $WSM
 Max Investment  None

Evil Pepe- Finally, a success to 2023’s hottest coin

evil pepe logo It’s hard to think of a coin that has changed the landscape as much as Pepe Coin did just a few months ago. You could even argue no crypto has such an effect after Bitcoin and possibly Doegcoin after its pump to an all-time high price. Many have tried to replicate this success and it has proven a successful formula for some. We think, however, Evil Pepe (EVILPEPE) is by far the best spin-off so far.

The main reason we think it will be a success is due to its combination of two of the most popular memes on the internet. They are classics from different eras. The first is obviously Pepe which was the meme that led the original project to have so much success a few months ago and then that is coupled with the evil Kermit meme which is based on the famous muppet.

evil pepe 2

Both are frogs and that is the genius part. Instead of having Kermit being the frog in the evil Kermit meme, they have replaced him with Pepe the frog. This combination is likely to contribute hugely to its virality capabilities as we think crypto lovers on social media will get a lot of use out of this one.

Evil Pepe is part of a group of new meme coins changing up the norm when it comes to their presale. They are doing this by setting a pretty low hard cap when compared to what has gone before it. $1,996,002 is the target and then they have a plan to begin listings almost immediately after. Of course, the best price will be available during presale.

Pepe 2.0 and Saudi Pepe are two examples of imitation coins that have pumped quite a lot however we believe they pale in comparison to Evil Pepe which mixes imitation and originality perfectly with their meme. The next crypto bull run could always be just around the corner and a coin like this that can pump at the drop of a hat is always one worth investing in.

Token Info Evil Pepe
 Presale Started July 2023
 Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $1,996,002
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

BTC20- Earn passive income from this Bitcoin clone

btc2.0 logo The next crypto bull run could be just around the corner, that is the beauty of the market it can come from nowhere. This is why it’s important to pinpoint projects that are ready to pump. We think BTC20 (BTC20), which gives investors a chance to feel what it was like to invest in Bitcoin back in April 2011, is certainly one of those projects.

BTC20 really goes all the way to help investors feel like they are back in April 2011 when Bitcoin cost $1 by charging the exact same for BTC20. What is great is this will be the price of the coin throughout presale so they really are trying to give every investor the chance to experience Bitcoin before the explosion. 


That isn’t the only similarity to 2011 either. There will only be 6.05 million tokens available to purchase which is tiny in today’s market but is similar to how much Bitcoin was available in 2011. This scarcity of course gives BTC20 much more value in today’s market. It also will have 100% of the token available to the public which encourages decentralization and builds more of a trust between the community and the project itself.

We don’t want to try to compare cryptos number one currency with a brand new one too much but for a lot of investors, considering the price of Bitcoin it is just a better option for the next bull run. For example, investors will also have a chance to earn passive income with BTC20. Their staking system means the remaining 14.95 million coins will be locked into a staking contract after the presale. Users that stake their coins can earn a passive income from them as well as adding an extra level of security to their investment.

The final reason to consider BTC20 for the crypto bull run is its environmentally friendly nature. Bitcoin mining has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent times and that is only going to increase until improvements are made. Thanks to its proof-of-stake nature BTC20 does not have to mine and thus is the most environmentally friendly option. In the long run, this is likely to prove advantageous to its popularity.

Token Info BC20
 Presale Started July 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, BNB
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $6,050,000
 Min Investment $1
 Max Investment  None

yPredict – Investors Can Gain an Edge Over the Market 

ypredict logo The evolution of the trader has always correlated with the development in technology. We have come a long way from reading the newspaper to try and get an edge on the market.

However, in recent years traders have been left in the dust by computer algorithms and even more so now by AI. A human cannot hope to compete against this so where do they turn?

The answer is likely going to be yPredict (YPRED). They have looked at the state of the market right now and come up with the idea of gathering all the best Ai/ML experts, financial quants, and traders in one place.


Their whitepaper impressively states that they will have the top 1% of AI developers on their site and that over 20,000 users are already on the waiting list to use the site once it is officially launched. This alone is enough to include it on a list of cryptos that will pump during the next bull run.

How it works is just by purchasing YPRED users will have access to all the data the top developers come up with on the market. If they wish to get the exact strategies certain successful traders use they can buy a subscription to their work.


70% of every YPRED purchased will go to the developers so this will attract them to display their world, while 10% goes to current holders, giving the token some utility. Learn how to buy Ypredict here.

There is real buzz surrounding this project and many experts are predicting it to pump once the listings begin.

Token Info yPredict
 Presale Started February 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $6,507,511
 Min Investment 200 YPRED
 Max Investment  None

Launchpad XYZ – Making Web 3.0 Manageable Could Prove Very Profitable

launchpad xyz logo The crypto world is obsessed with Web 3.0 technology and of course, it is as its future is intertwined with it. However, if you are not involved with a crypto project or are not an expert it can be a little overwhelming.

This is something that is constantly moving and developing with a lot of complicated vocabulary so if it is not your full-time job it can be alienating.

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) has recognized this and decided to act on it. Their platform aims to be the link between a new wave of people interested in technology and Web 3.0 itself.

What is particularly impressive about the whitepaper is its commitment to guiding investors through all the stages of Web 3.0.


What we mean by this is they first aim to break it down into easily digestible information to give their users a grounding in it, but then they will continue on their journey by recommending to them the best projects they can invest in or even the best Web 3.0 games they can play. By doing this they will become a hub for Web 3.0 users of all levels.

They aim to onboard 10 million to the technology so if we dig a little deeper we can see the potential this project has. There are new cryptos that incorporate some kind of Web 3.0 technology into their plan so they will all want to feature on the Launchpad XYZ site considering there will be such a big customer base there.

This is a key reason it has made our best crypto for next bull run list, the potential it has is linked with its utility so getting involved early. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

Token Info Launchpad XYZ
 Presale Started April 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $12.5 million
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

Chimpzee- The green token promising to help the rainforest

chimpzee logo Green cryptos are only going to become more and more valuable. However, finding ones that actually help the environment as well as can give their investors a platform to earn native currency are few and far between.

That is where Chimpzee (CHIMPZ) comes in. They have promised to donate 10% of the allocation of their tokens to charities that fight for the conservation of the rainforests in many different ways. Not only this but they will also donate a portion of profits that come from the ecosystem. There are sure to be a lot of profits too when you consider how much users can do.

chimpzee 3

For the first time, Shop2Earn, Trade 2Earn, and Play2Earb will all be available in one ecosystem. It is the Trade2Earn that interested us the most even though the other two include a great online store and a super fun game. The Tade2Earn NFT platform though will be the first that gives a portion of its profits to its investors.

This of course will create more interest and traffic on the site. NFT passports will also be able to be purchased and these will give holders access to more of the site as well as more potential profit. The site focuses a lot of its rewards on the presale such as up to 100% bonuses and the possibility to purchase a diamond NFT passport that will open all sorts of doors for holders. These can only be bought from original owners after the presale ends so again another way activity will increase in the Tade2Earn sphere.

Token Info Chimpzee
 Presale Started June 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
 Chain Ethereum (ERC20)
 Hard Cap $9,367,625
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

Ecoterra – Green Projects To The Lead in Future Bull runs

ecoterra crypto logo The crypto market is heading toward a crossroads when it comes to regulation. Within these regulations will be the Trojan horse of green practices. The crypto market will need to adopt greener methods or it won’t survive.

We cannot for sure make a crypto bull run prediction but it is very likely that green projects will do well in the next crypto bull run and beyond. This is why getting involved with presales like Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) sooner rather than later is best.

The project is also head and shoulders above fellow green projects thanks to its real-life benefits for the environment. A lot of its rivals claim to be green but it is hard to measure what benefits they have for the planet.

ecoterra 1

Ecoterra will reward its investors for recycling with native currency. For individuals, this will involve using reverse vending machines in partner supermarkets. 

While on a much larger scale, businesses will be incentivized to buy their own reverse vending machines to implement a recycling program on a company-wide basis.

The native currency can be exchanged for carbon credits which is an industry that is currently exploding so we think businesses will be clamoring to get involved with this project.

Not only is this recycling program doing measurable good for the environment but even their reward schemes will be beneficial for mother earth.

ECOTERRA can also be used to pay for green activities like beach clean-ups, and tree plants, and companies can even pay for environmental courses for their employees. Of the green options we think it is best poised to make profits during the next bull run.

Token Info Ecoterra
 Presale Started March 29
 Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $6.7 million
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  N/A

DeeLance – This Could be the Number one Platform For Freelance Workers 

deelance logo 150 The gig economy has grown at a rate no one could have predicted, mostly because of the pandemic.

Workers realized that the office was not a necessity and remote offices have become increasingly more popular since workers are turning towards freelancing as a way to work. However, the infrastructure for connecting freelancers and employers has not developed since this growth in popularity.

DeeLance (DLANCE) believes that the introduction of Web 3.0 technology can help improve on the current sites that exist.

Their decentralized platform aims to take over from legacy sites like Upwork to become the number one destination for connecting freelancers and employers.


They will target numerous areas that they wish to improve on to make it easier for both parties. Starting with fees, because it is decentralized, they will have a peer-to-peer payment system, this will allow them to charge less than legacy sites as there is no 3rd party payment company involved.

In terms of payments from employers to freelancers, an escrow service will ensure there are no longer issues in this area.

Employers will need to pay the freelancer fee at the beginning but it will be held in escrow until the freelancer has successfully completed the job and the employer is in possession of it.

The last improvement we like is the most innovative. Ownership issues have been a big problem for years as the lines are blurred between when a piece of work transfers from being owned by the freelancer to the employer.

NFT tokens will be given to employers to indicate ownership, this will make it easy for any employers that have a bulk of orders. 

A great tactic for looking through presales is picking projects that use the new technology available to the crypto community to improve on existing services.

DeeLance does this in an industry whose facilities have not caught up with its new-found popularity. It is likely to perform very well during the next crypto bull run.

Token Info DeeLance
 Presale Started March 30
 Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $6.8 million
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  N/A

Copium Coin – A Meme Coin with the Potential to Replicate PEPE Success 

copium logo As we have mentioned, meme coins will feature heavily on this list. This is because it is where all the market attention is at the moment.

There have never been more eyes on the sector and thus money is flowing in and projects are popping up all over the place.

Of course, this is a double-edged sword. It means that when the next crypto bull run comes a lot of meme coins will likely pump, however, the huge number of meme coins on the market now means it can be difficult to identify which projects have the potential to replicate the success of Pepe Coin (PEPE) and which are going to fall by the wayside.

Copium Coin ($COPIUM) is the next meme coin we believe can have this success. While Wall Street Memes and AiDoge are more likely to be long-term successes that eventually lead the industry.

$COPIUM is the kind of meme coin that can pump out of nowhere like PEPE and make its investors rich overnight.

copium crypto

The reasoning behind this is two-fold, it is first of all based on a very popular internet meme which is crucial for a potentially successful meme coin. However, more importantly, it is a meme beloved by the crypto online community.

This means it has the power to create community backing and that is the key to pumping.

The other reason is how Copium Coin has set up the project. The presale is invite-only which is very unique but also the maximum amount of $COPIUM an investor can buy is 1 ETH worth of the token.

This is likely a reaction to rug pulls that have blighted other meme coin projects and it very cleverly gives them a position of security. Users can get invited to the presale by making memes and interacting with the $COPIUM socials.

Spongebob Token – Next Bull Run Could Trigger a Comeback

The next meme coin on our list is one that has already come close to replicating the success of Pepe Coin (PEPE).

In fact, it has had a very similar lifespan to the famous meme coin, and other than some poor luck we could be talking about it rather than PEPE.

Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) also was a little-known meme coin and it pumped by 1200% out of nowhere.

Just as it was starting to gather some attention and was flying up the crypto index the market hit a bearish period and the price collapsed.

So why do we think it could be one of the successful meme coins during the next bull run? The meme the token is based on is a big reason.

sponge token 100x

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the internet’s favorite shows to meme. This meme in particular is very popular but especially with crypto enthusiasts.

Whether you are on a Reddit discussion or a Twitter thread with other crypto lovers you are likely going to see this meme as a way of poking fun at someone.

This gives it the potential of pumping at all times. The other reason is that its success was cut short by a bearish market. When this happens and the price tanks it always represents a great buy-low spot.

However, it requires careful attention from investors as you have to make sure to buy before the next crypto bull run. Find out where to buy $SPONGE here.

Thug Life Token- The meme coin for investors that have been burnt

thug life logo The meme coin sector of the crypto industry has been the star of the show so far in 2023. There have been many projects that have pumped from nowhere and made their investors rich overnight but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. Meme coins have always been the most vulnerable coin to rug pulls and other scam-like activities and their increased popularity has only increased that.

Thug Life Token (THUG) was created in response to this. On their website, they state how they are the meme coin for those that have been left holding the bag. They want to be a place of refuge for those that followed an influencer’s advice only for them to bail and the project to tank once you had invested. 

thug life

They only want to do one thing and that’s to create a community based on humor, brotherhood, and, of course, thuggin. They know meme coins are meant to be fun and not taken too seriously so it doesn’t try to claim to be anything it is not. On the site, Thug Life Token says it only exists to pump and we think investors will love this.

They have backed up their stance too as they have promised to immediately lock liquidity upon the DEX launch. This means they cannot run off with the presale fund once it ends and thus no rug pull is possible. The presale hard cap being just above $2 million also showed that they wanted to get through the process quickly so they can capitalize on the hype and pump.

Mr. Hankey- A shit coin ready to reignite the market’s interest

mr hankey crypto token Meme coins have taken all the spotlight in recent times thanks to Pepe Coin but are we forgetting that shitcoins are the original meme coins. The no utility token that investors used to love! Mr. Hankey is the token that is hoping to put the shit back in shitcoin, literally. 

The shitcoin is based on the character of the same name from the popular tv show South Park. The show is an X-rated cult classic and we guarantee that a lot of crypto lovers will also be fans. Mr Hankey is literally a piece of shit in the show but in his first appearance and the ones after he normally shows up to save Christmas.

mr hankey crypto

This is maybe the idea behind the project except instead of saving Christmas, Mr Hankey is going to save shitcoins. The honesty mixed with humor behind the project is likely what will draw investors. They lean into the shit jokes and even call their white paper a brown paper instead. The project doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t and even says on the site it doesn’t want to be the next Bitcoin it just wants to be a shitcoin that pumps.

This attitude will endear to the crypto community and they will be hopeful they can build a community of their own. The total allocation of coins is quite low compared to rival projects and the presale hard cap was only set at $500,000 so there are real tactics at play behind the scenes too. Everything is nicely set up for My Hankey to be in a good position to pump during the next crypto bull run.

AiDoge – Ideally Placed to Pump During the Next Crypto Bull Run

aidoge logo AiDoge (Ai) looks like as good a selection as any for the best crypto for next bull run list.

It crucially has more than one property that makes it stand out from the hyper-competitive meme coin market. Its biggest green flag though is its utility which we will get to.

The presale of AiDoge was an early indicator that this coin could make a list like this. It sold out in approximately a month and raised $14.9 million in the process. Clearly, there was an appetite for the native token of the first meme-to-earn platform.

The timing of the launch is also perfect as AI and meme coins are the golden children of the market right now. Find out how to buy AiDoge here


The meme-to-earn factor though is the one we think stands out. The site will essentially be a meme generation platform where users can go to make their favorite meme about the crypto market.

The AI technology will be highly advanced with a vast knowledge of the crypto market so all you will have to do is type a scenario and it will be able to make a meme for you. It will cost Ai to make a meme which gives the coin great utility.

It will be much quicker and easier than any other form of meme-creation platform out there but it will be the competition aspect that likely draws in the masses. Regular competitions on the site will reward the best meme creators with native currency so the skill of meme creation can finally be rewarded.

As the memes will be of the best quality they will also likely end up all over the internet which only widens the net for the project.

Pepe Coin – Could a Revival be on the Cards During the Next Bull Run?

pepe coin logo We have talked about Pepe Coin (PEPE) a lot in the past tense in this article as if it is a relic of the past.

Indeed the market also seems to be treating it like this as the meme coin has most of the gains it made when it pumped by 20,000 percent and made its investors rich overnight. 

The meme coin fired up into the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the rankings and established itself as a leading meme coin in a matter of weeks.

This is where the potential for a price revival is on the cards. We have mentioned how important a community is to meme coins, well a coin pumping as much as PEPE will have automatically built one.

pepe crypto

Pepe Coin was following in the footsteps of the traditional meme coin giants Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) when it pumped massively in a short period of time.

One thing about both these coins is that they both had initial price pumps and then lost a lot of their value after that before pumping to all-time highs.

This is the formula for a lot of meme coins and as the community exists from Pepe Coin’s initial pump it is not out of the realm of possibility it can replicate the two biggest meme coins in the industry.

Even getting back to half of its previous high would be a great feat so we think it is worth a gamble to include this as a coin that could be involved in the next crypto bull run.

Ripple – Trial Developments Have Already Kicked off the Ripple Renaissance 

xrpRipple (XRP) is by far the most established crypto on this list and therefore, it is an outlier when you apply our normal criteria. Of course, circumstances dictate why it makes the list because of the SEC lawsuit against them.

It has been ongoing since 2020 and it has caused the price of XRP to tank over time and it has relegated the currency to an afterthought.

That was until recently. The latest news coming from the SEC trial against Ripple indicates that the crypto project could be on its way to a victory.

E-mails have been made available from before the lawsuit which shows that the SEC was strongly advised not to process as Ripple could not be considered a security.

ripple xrp

This has caused investors to pounce, and XRP’s price has seen a revival.

Where does it leave the coin though, for the next crypto bull run 2023? Well, experts have forecasted that Ripple could reach $1 if the case ends positively for the project. This leaves plenty of room for growth.

Ripple was one of the market’s biggest currencies before the lawsuit. This is the basis of the trial that it is so big it should be considered a security.

If the next bull run coincides with the verdict going positively for the crypto you can be sure that it will be heavily invested in during the next crypto bull run.

Dogecoin – Still the Biggest Meme Coin Community 

dogecoin logo A strange thing about the meme coin era we are currently experiencing is how it has affected the traditional big two of the market Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Both have not experienced any of the market capitalizations that some of the newer projects have. This would seem to indicate investor fatigue when it comes to the older coins but that may not last forever.

We already mentioned with PEPE that a community is normally created when a meme coin pumps and that has never been truer than with DOGE.

The meme coin, which was originally created as a joke, has been the king of meme coins since its existence, and although there has been a move away from it this year that likely won’t forever.


We mentioned with Wall Street Memes that the community it already has with its 1 million fans across social media platforms and how valuable that can be for its long-term future. Well, Dogecoin absolutely dwarfs all other meme tokens when it comes to its social media power.

Its Twitter account alone has 3.8 million followers which just shows that even though these new projects are getting more attention at the moment they are still nowhere near DOGE.

There is also an ace in the hole that DOGE will always have and that’s Elon Musk. The owner and most followed account on Twitter he has long been tied to Dogecoin. When he talks about the crypto it invariably pumps.

Musk’s hold over the crypto market cannot be understated, meme coin projects pop up based on throw-away statements he makes and crypto projects try their best to be noticed by him.

Even though he has not mentioned them, DOGE still seems to be his favorite project so if he mentions them you need to be on board before the next crypto bull run.

Shiba Inu – It Made a Real Effort to Add Utility and Investors May Reward The Coin

shiab inu logo Our reasoning behind including Shiba Inu (SHIB) on this list is very similar to Dogecoin.

Shiba Inu was originally created as a joke as well but in this case to try to topple the success of DOGE. Since then their fate has been somewhat intertwined and if you look at their history from a wide lens they are very similar. 

SHIB also pumped an incredible amount, this time in 2021, and made its investors very rich. It has since enjoyed a decline over time with brief spikes in its price just like DOGE has.

It has also grown a big community since its inception and recently went viral when it was discovered it was one of the coins the ‘meme lord’ made a significant amount of money on.

With over 788k followers on Twitter and Reddit threads solely dedicated to the meme coin, it is comfortably the second most popular meme coin on social media.

shiba inu

With SHIB we are hoping for a similar situation as with DOGE and even PEPE. The community already exists, and the meme coin sector is in the spotlight, so the next crypto bull run 2023, could easily feature Shiba Inu.

However, SHIB has done more than this and has tried not to sit still this year.

While the DOGE ecosystem has more or less stood still Shib Inu have been making significant strides to try and add utility and grow theirs.

The most notable addition was the layer-2 network called the Shibarium which was the first of its kind for a meme coin. Although they haven’t been rewarded for their progress yet they very much could be during the next crypto bull run.

Pikamoon – It Can Attract Traditional Gamers

pikamoon It would be unprofessional to not include a P2E game on this list considering their popularity and the explosion in growth in Web 3.0 gaming in general. One we are keeping our eyes on in particular is Pikamoon (PIKA).

P2E games are popping up with extreme regularity so it can be difficult to pinpoint ones that will succeed. Especially during a presale as we do not fully know what the game will be like. However, judging by the Pikamoon whitepaper we think this game will resonate with users.

In particular, it might attract a base that P2E games have been targeting for a long time; traditional gamers.


The traditional gaming sphere is still way ahead of blockchain gaming. This is why basing your P2E game on a traditional game with the popularity of Pokemon is a very smart move.

The inventors understand this is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time so even if they can attract a small amount of those over to their game it will be immensely popular. 

The coin is still going through presale so in terms of the next crypto bull run it is likely perfectly poised to be involved in it.

Like we have already said we don’t know when will the next crypto bull run happen so targeting presales is always a good option.

Mooky – A Powerful Combination of a Meme and Green Crypto

mooky logo If AiDoge is a powerful combination of AI and meme coins then Mooky (MOOK) is arguably just as strong as it is the combination of a meme coin and an environmentally friendly one.

The meme part is based on a cute money that investors are bound to love.

The green part will involve MOOK using the blockchain to contribute to green charities all around the world but especially ones that deal with rainforests.

At all times 3% of the overall token supply will be put into the charity wallet which will be available to view by users to ensure integrity. This means that the more the project grows the more the charities will receive.

mooky crypto

The utility of the project comes from its NFT collection. There will be 1000 different monkey NFTs that users will be able to buy and mint within the ecosystem. Each one will be linked with a real-life tree plant that investors will be able to track.

The NFTs will be divided into collections too; Uncommon, Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary. The users that purchase the rarer NFTs will get access to premium content.

So, there are a lot of interesting things going on with this project and as it is going through presale it makes it a contender for the best crypto for next bull run whenever that is.

The combination of meme coin and environmentally friendly practice is particularly apt for now so gives it the chance to also get more popular in the future.

What is a Cryptocurrency Bull Run?

A cryptocurrency bull run is when the market as a whole is experiencing prices that are trending upwards.

It is when the majority of crypto sees its price rise due to outside market conditions rather than anything particular that may have happened in the ecosystem. 

There is no set time for a bull run and they can last up to months at a time but they do not last forever. A bull run is distinguishable by how fast and sharply the prices of crypto go up and by the number of different crypto projects that benefit from it.

When Is The Next Crypto Bull Run?

It is impossible to predict exactly when the next bull run will be and anyone that says they know for sure is lying. There are statistics and data we have available that indicate when it could happen but we have had many in the past that no one has been able to predict.

Outside factors like government decisions, bank runs, and inflation have all caused bull runs in the past.

If we are forced to pick a most likely time now though it would be 2024 during the next Bitcoin halving event.

This involves a Bitcoin burning event which will create the scarcity that normally is very popular in the crypto market. There could be one before this but if there are no big outside changes regarding inflation or legislation then this is the most likely time.

How Long Does A Crypto Bull Run Last 

Unfortunately, there is no set time that a bull run lasts. However, if investors are savvy enough they will be able to keep abreast of if the crypto bull run might keep going or if it is going to end.

Pinpointing what started the bull run is very important, if you can do that you just need to keep up-to-date on the news surrounding this event to make sure you know how long the bull run will last.

The other way is pinpointing the currency that might have triggered the bull run.

This will most likely be Bitcoin (BTC). Crypto’s number one coin is normally a canary in the coal mine for the rest of the market, if it stops pumping during a bull run expect it to end for the rest of the market too.

Tips to Maximize Your Profits During the Next Crypto Bull Run

There are some things you can do to make sure you make the most of the next crypto run:

  • Try to identify the most profitable coins that are pumping. This is easier said than done but generally, there might be a sector of crypto that pumps more than the rest. If there was a bull run today it would likely be meme coins.
  • Diversify your investments. You can’t hope to make the most out of the next bull run if you are just investing in one coin. Make sure to target a few projects that you think could exceed. This also protects you if one project fails.
  • Target presales. These are the riskiest investments but also the most profitable. If you are doing this you will need to make sure you invest before the next bull run as you will not maximize profits unless the coin is listed. If you get involved early with the best crypto ICOs though you will make the most profit possible from the project.

Important Factors That Could Drive the Next Crypto Bull Run

We have touched on this already but there are many factors that may drive the next crypto bull run.

  • Adoption of crypto as a currency is the golden factor that every crypto investor is hoping for. It may not be in the immediate future but when this happens we will likely see the biggest bull run the market has ever seen.
  • Political events/decisions are other outside factors that may cause a bull run. In the United States at the moment there is a great example of this. The next election seems like it will be a battleground for crypto and lines in the stand are already being drawn. Depending on who wins it could cause a bull run.
  • A burning/halving event. This is what we have already suggested could cause the next bull run. Bitcoin has a halving event in 2024 and many experts are already predicting this will cause the next crypto bull run.

Why You Should Invest Before the Next Crypto Bull Run

There are many reasons why you should invest in projects before the next crypto bull run begins. The most obvious of course is to maximize your profit. The earlier you invest the likelihood of the increased return you will see during a bull run.

Very savvy investors could be able to even identify projects during a bear run that should receiver to really see maxim profits.

Another reason is to decrease your risk. This goes hand-in-hand with us mostly targeting presales. A bull run causes prices of crypto to rise across the project so you will have to pay more to get involved.

If you invest before the next crypto bull run you will get much better value for your buck so you can take hits and not take as much damage.

The last reason revolves around FOMO. Fear of missing out can cause people to act irrationally. Every crypto investor should have a strategy they stick to but a bull run can cause panic as investors feel like they are missing out.

This can then lead to poor decisions and from that a hit to your wallet. Getting involved before the next bull run ensures you have your research done and are confident in all your decisions.

Best Crypto for Next Bull Run – FAQs

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Final Thoughts

So to wrap it up, we hope we have both given you a grounding in what to expect from the next crypto bull run and also what cryptos have the best chance of pumping during said bull run. While we are sure there is enough information here to deduce what projects you wish to invest in, we believe Wall Street Memes deserves a special mention.

With all the market’s attention focused on meme coins and especially new projects, it is perfectly poised to be a success during the next bull run. We do not know when that will be but be it tomorrow or even in a year we feel $WSM will likely reap the most rewards. 

That’s it for our ‘19 Coins to Buy and Make Profits in the Next Crypto Bull Run’. If you have any comments or insights please feel free to leave a comment below.

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