Cryptocurrency 13 Best Low Cap Crypto Gems with 100x Potential in 2023

Investors are always looking at different ways to get an edge on the crypto market. The crypto market has been volatile in 2023 so far, it has made it difficult to generate consistent profits.

That being said, there are some tried and tested strategies that, over a long period of time, should see investors reap the rewards. One such tactic is opting for low-cap cryptos.

Low Cap Crypto Gems

These are typically tokens with a market capitalization of under 2 billion. The thought process behind this is that these currencies can be undervalued, and so have a lot of room for growth.

To boil it down as simply as possible, it is discovering the best cryptos before they become popular and pump so you get the best possible returns.

We have done the groundwork for you and unearthed the 13 best low cap crypto gems available to invest in.

The Best Low-Cap Crypto Gems to Invest in 2023

We’ve added a few coins that are currently in the presale phases because investors can 10x their investment by investing in such coins. It would not make sense to look for the best low market cap crypto without mostly focusing on the best crypto presales.

These coins will have the lowest market cap of all, and therefore they’ll give investors the most chance for profit.

There will also be some listed crypto with a low market cap that we think have been undervalued up to now by the market but could see 100x gains by the end of 2023. The main thing to remember besides a coin’s market cap is its potential. Does the project have properties that mean investors will either adapt it or love using it?

So, let’s take a look at the 13 best low-cap crypto gems we have identified that could yield huge gains in 2023.

  1. Wall Street Memes Meme coins are gaining massive traction in 2023 and so we will feature some on this list. One such meme coins project is Wall Street Memes. No project has as much hype behind it as Wall Street Memes. Bringing a huge community with it from their social media pages, this coin has real potential.
  2. Bitcoin BSC– There are now so many Bitcoin-inspired coins that they have become a market in their own right. Bitcoin BSC has some great features that help it stand out from the crowd. Its low market cap also makes it the perfect alternative to the original.
  3. Launchpad XYZ – While Web 3.0 technology seems to be incredibly commonplace now in crypto projects there has never really been anywhere for a grounding in the new technology. Launchpad XYZ aims to be your one-stop shop for everything to do with the technology converting you from novice to expert.
  4. yPredict – Some of the stats this project boasts already make it an easy choice for our low market cap crypto gems list. The project expects to have the top 1% of AI developers sharing their trading algorithms on their platform for their investors to use. 20,000 investors are already on the waiting list so watch this space.
  5. Chimpzee–  The ecosystem of this coin is absolutely thriving, investors will be spoiled for choice while also doing their bit to save the environment. 10% of the allocation will go to charities that mostly work for the conservation of the rainforests.
  6. Sonik Token – Not many crypto projects set out with the aim to be the fastest project to reach a market cap of $100 million, but then again not many projects are Sonik coin. This ambitious meme coin project not only will win over fans with its hilarious concept but also with its utility thanks to a staking program
  7. BTC20– Every investor has thought about what it would have been like investing in Bitcoin before it took off. Well BTC20 is offering investors the chance to experience that in real life. The token will be sold for $1 just like the price of Bitcoin was back in April 2011.
  8. Copium Coin– Meme coins will feature heavily on this list as it is by far the sector of crypto receiving the most investment in 2023. The market’s volatile nature means a coin like Copium can pump out of nowhere and make investors rich. These coins are always worth the risk.
  9. Spongebob Token – Similar to the last selection meme coins generally fall under the low market cap crypto section. Spongebob token represents one of the most popular meme templates on the internet and this always gives a meem coin a chance at pumping.
  10. Pepe Coin – The meme coin that exploded and drew all the attention of the market deserves a place on this list. Despite its initial success, it still falls into the best small cap crypto category and therefore deserves a place on the list because of the community it has built.
  11. Pikamoon – P2E games remain popular in 2023 and will likely see more growth as a sector in 2023. The saturation of the market means it can be difficult to pinpoint the best crypto with a low market cap from a selection of so many. Games that potentially draw a huge audience like Pikamoon give it an edge.
  12. Scorpion Casino – Trying to sniff our industries that will see significant growth is a great way to find low market cap crypto with huge potential. The sports betting industry is exploding in America, and this will grow as more states legalize it. Scorpion Casino is a project set to capitalize on that.
  13. DigiToads – Rounding off our best small-cap crypto to buy now list is another meme coin. This one has an interesting community-owned property though, the best traders will be rewarded with the most control which will likely lead to the best project decisions being made. A very smart way of running things that gets it on our list.

Analyzing the Best Low Market Cap Crypto Gems

We will now go through an individual breakdown of each member of our low cap crypto gems. One thing you may notice is meme coins dominate the list but other than that the projects are quite diverse. The thinking behind this is that 2023 has been dominated by meme coins so they deserve to feature prominently as they will likely reap the most rewards.

Despite them, it is important when looking for low market crypto gems to look for different projects. Spreading out your investments in different areas of the market will ensure that you don’t suffer significant damage to your wallet if that sector starts to turn red. 

Okay now, let’s see why these low cap crypto gems could see 100x gains in 2023.

Wall Street Memes – Huge Community Makes it an Automatic Selection

wall st memes 4 r5 Meme coins are the most volatile of all cryptocurrencies. We think this is what makes them so enticing to investors, they can be dangerous, but they are also a get-rich-quick scheme.

A big community can cause a meme coin to pump way more than 100x, but normally these can take a long time to build. That is not the case for Wall Street Memes ($WSM) which comes with a ready-build following that most projects can only dream of.

For those that don’t already know who they are, Wall Street Memes came to prominence after a group of Reddit traders grouped together to take on Wall Street. They targeted hedge funds that were banking on shortening GameStop stock.

By causing GameStop to pump they bankrupted one major hedge fund and caused such a splash it ended up as international news. The legacy of this group lives on through their social media accounts which have over 1 million followers across their platforms.

12 Best Low Cap Crypto Gems with 100x Potential in 2023

The Twitter account, in particular, is known to most crypto lovers. It has over 220k followers, including very prominent accounts in crypto circles like Youtuber Cameron Fous and NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

These accounts give Wall Street Memes a much bigger reach than just their 1 million followers as any interaction from prominent accounts spreads the word of their project further through the crypto community.

The white whale for all crypto projects is being discussed positively by Elon Musk. Twitter’s owner and most followed account has for a long time nearly fully controlled how Dogecoin (DOGE) performs. Just by tweeting about the meme coin, he can cause it to pump.

Well, the controversial billionaire has twice interacted positively with the Wall Street Memes account and retweeted their content as well. There are rumors he could be changing allegiance from DOGE to $WSM which gives the coin the potential to pump an immeasurable amount.

The last reason why $WSM is number one on our best low cap crypto list is because of an AI chatbot. Crypto users have been obsessed with the idea chatGPT can give them the edge with its predictions, however, it generally does not like providing them. Google has recently come out with its own chatbot Bard AI, which has no such problems.

The chatbot when asked for  $WSM price prediction for 2023 forecasted the meme coin could pump by 352% from its original presale price. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

Token Info Wall Street Memes
 Presale Started 26 May 2023
 Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap Hard Cap
 Min Investment 100 $WSM
 Max Investment  None

Bitcoin BSC- Experience what it was like investing in Bitcoin at the beginning

bitcoin bsc logo These new ‘inspired coins’ have been a stroke of genius. They have the benefit of looking at years of market experience and they can then choose a successful coin and add what they think will work best. Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is the latest Bitcoin-inspired coin and it is offering investors the opportunity to feel what it was like to invest in Bitcoin all the way back in 2011.

Other projects have done similar things but this is the first to offer their token at the low price of $0.99. This tactic is sure to provoke not only nostalgia but FOMO for all of us who missed out on Bitcoin when it was merely a shadow of what it would soon become. This low price truly makes it a low cap crypto gem. Find out how to buy Bitcoin BSC here

It is not just the price that sets it apart from other Bitcoin-inspired projects, however. It is also built on the Binance Smart Chain which gives it a few key advantages over its rivals. It uses the same code as Ethereum so security and smart contract capabilities are just as good but crucially gas fees are lower. This means the BSC can process transactions faster and for cheaper when compared to rival projects

bitcin bsc

Alongside these ‘inspiration coins’ one of the more successful trends has been new projects adding staking to their ecosystem. This happens almost immediately and has worked well for similar projects like BTC20 which pumped right after listings began. Not only is staking well for investors but it adds a layer of security to the project as investors are less likely to dump their coins.

This is actually a way Bitcoin BSC improves on Bitcoin too. While Bitcoin has come under a lot of pressure due to its mining process which requires a lot of energy, Bitcoin BSC is a proof-of-stake coin meaning no mining is necessary. This is of course better for the environment and investors who can earn a passive income through staking and a pretty impressive APY. 

Token Info Bitcoin BSC
 Presale Started September 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain BNB
 Hard Cap $6,125,000
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  None

Launchpad XYZ – Become a Web 3.0 Expert With This Platform 

launchpad xyz logo It is impossible to be even slightly interested in crypto without encountering something to do with Web 3.0 technology. The industry is intertwined with the development of this new technology and we are seeing more and more projects that incorporate it into the very foundation of their token.

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) has realized that not everyone might have a PhD in this very new technology and we might need to take a step back.

The genesis of their project is to be the one-stop for anyone looking to get involved with Web 3.0 technology. However, it is much more than that and that is why it was an easy selection on our low market cap crypto list.


Not only will the site give you a grounding in Web 3.0 technology but it will take you to the next step too giving you information on the best projects to invest in or even the best Web 3.0 games to play.

The ambition of the project attracted us as well. Their aim is to onboard the next 10 million users onto Web 3.0 technology. If that is the case it means this project has a huge chance to pump in 2023 due to its utility.

Even if a small percentage of these also invest in the project you are guaranteed to see big returns when compared to its low cap now.

The project also has ambitious plans to revive the NFT market, they believe that the market is now underrated and a comeback could be on the cards.

While this is further down the list of things that make it one of the best small cap crypto investments for us it is still important. If their gamble pays off on NFTs expect a huge return. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

Token Info Launchpad XYZ
 Presale Started April 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $12.5 million
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

yPredict – The Platform to Give Investors a Market Edge

ypredict logo The crypto market never stands still, and that statement has never been more true than it is now in 2023. Strategy and algorithms have always been developing at a rate of noughts but AI technology has thrown a wrench in the work.

Those that can use it have excelled; ones that you can’t leave behind. yPredict (YPRED) is the genius idea to combine both sides so everyone can profit.

The platform will employ a simple model where the best algorithm makers will display their work for investors to look at. Investors benefit as simply by purchasing YPRED they will have access to all the best data from the best AI developers on the market.

Uniswap's Spectacular 90,000% Surge Points to an Upcoming Price Explosion -the next AI Crypto Gem?

If they want to take it a step further and follow their favorite creator’s exact strategy they can buy a subscription to them.

This is why the developers will want to display their work. They can sell their algorithm on a subscription service but also 70% of every YPRED token purchased will go to the developers while 10% will go to the investors. 

It is another low cap crypto gem that attracted us because of its sheet ambition. According to the site, the top 1% of developers will be employed on the site. If this is accurate it will surely attract every investor looking to make a profit right?

Well, there are already over 20,000 investors on the waiting list to use the site so clearly the hype is real. One to keep an eye on in 2023 for sure. Learn how to buy Ypredict here.

Token Info yPredict
 Presale Started February 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $6,507,511
 Min Investment 200 YPRED
 Max Investment  None

Chimpzee- The green crypto with something for everyone

chimpzee logo Without doubt, green cryptos will be a big part of the industry’s future. Another project that certainly looks like it is worth getting involved with is Chimpzee (CHIMPZ). It is nearly borderline extreme with its dedication to the environment (the Play2Earn game is a big hint) as they promise to do its bit to help the environment and in particular to help conserve the rainforests.

They will do this by donating 10% of the total allocation to various charities and will also donate a share of the profits. Users will have a great time on the site too as they will have, for the first time ever, a choice between Shop2Earn, Trade2Earn, and Play2Earn.

chimpzee 3

The Shop2Earn is fairly self-explanatory, users will be able to earn native currency and purchase some cool Chimpzee merchandise and of course, some of the money will go to charities. The Play2Earn game is called ‘Zero Tolerance’ and in it, players can earn native currency by completing missions that revolve around protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants from those trying to destroy it.

The last way to earn native currency is Trade2Earn. Chimpanzee will be the first NFT trading platform that sees a percentage of each transaction go to their users which is a very smart way to get interest growing in the market. NFT passports will grant users access to lots more content and give them a chance to gain bigger rewards. The diamond passport is the highest level a user can have but these can only be bought in the first 6 stages of the presale where there are also up to 100% bonuses available to investors if they purchase before the coin starts its listings

Token Info Chimpzee
 Presale Started June 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
 Chain Ethereum (ERC20)
 Hard Cap $9,367,625
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

sonik coin There is an exciting new trend hitting the meme coin market at the moment and it involves adding more utility to the projects. While a lot of meme coin projects lately have been inspired by the no-utility success of Pepe Coin some of the smarter ones are realizing that you can have your cake and eat it too. 

The perfect example of this is Sonik Coin (SONIK). This meme coin is based on, but not affiliated with the super successful SEGA franchise Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonik himself is physically ultra-fast as well but let’s just say mentally he may be a little slower. You can see this by checking out the hilarious original illustrations and memes on the project website.


Some say that Sonik can run at the speed of light (299,792,458,000 m/s) well, the total token supply has been set at that amount too. The breakdown is very simple and very investor friendly. 50% of the total allocation will go toward the presale, 10% to liquidity once the listings begin, and finally, 40% will go toward staking. It is this huge staking number that really gives the meme coin the chance to be the fastest crypto to reach a market cap of $100 million.

The best example we have lately of this staking strategy working is with the ‘20’ trend that is very popular at the moment. This basically involves projects taking existing coins that are very successful and tweaking some details so they can launch their own version of them. BTC20 (BTC20) had great success with this mostly thanks to its staking. Two-Thirds of the coins held were staked and BTC20 pumped once it was launched.

To be honest Sonik Coin has the potential to dwarf the initial growth that BTC20 experienced thanks to its volatility as a meme coin. The staking has already begun and things are looking very promising already. We think although inspired by Sonic the comedic edge to Sonik Coin and the great art, coupled with the utility staking brings makes it a perfect selection for a low cap crypto gem. But remember if Sonik is as fast as we think it won’t be low cap for too long.

BTC20- Relive the original Bitcoin experience

btc2.0 logo We are sure everyone reading this has at one time fantasized about what it would have been like investing in Bitcoin back in the day. We have all done the math and calculated how little it would have cost us to invest back in the day to be millionaires right now.

Well BTC20 (BTC20) is the hot new coin going through presale that is going to offer a taste of what this would have been like. They are selling their tokens for just $1 to replicate the price Bitcoin was at in April 2011. What is great is this price will remain the same during all the presale so investors won’t miss out on the Bitcoin experience.

Obviously, the main advantage BTC20 will have over the original Bitcoin is its low cap. As we mentioned this will always be beneficial for investors due to the low-risk and high-reward potential they hold. However, if we want to really stick our necks out there are actually more advantages to BTC20 when compared to the market’s number one token.


The main advantage, that there is no arguing over, is BTC20 is simply the more environmentally friendly coin. There is a lot of talk about Bitcoin mining and how sustainable it is in the long run. There is no such worry for BTC20 as the project employs a proof-of-stake system that does not require any mining. This of course gives it a better outlook should future environmental regulations be introduced.

Lastly, BTC20 gives its investors a chance to earn passive income through staking. Just like in 2011, there will be a limited number of BTC20 tokens to purchase, only 6.05 million in fact. The rest will be locked in for staking purposes after the presale. This is how investors can earn income and rewards. Not only this but this adds a level of security to the project too. Certainly, one to keep an eye on for 2023.

Copium Coin – Contender To Replicate PEPE’S Success

copium logo Pepe Coin is on this list itself so we will not talk about it too much here. However, it is its success that has inspired so many investors to try to find the coin to replicate its success. We think there are two coins on the market currently that represent reasonable options for this.

One is Copium Coin ($COPIUM) which has some interesting quirks that get it onto the low cap crypto gems list.

Pepe Coin was a strange phenomenon as it seemed like investors were moving away from meme coins whose only quality was their virality.

Since then two lanes of investment have come in, one that is looking for coins that can be the next Dogecoin and be king of meme coins and one that can pump out of nowhere and make people rich overnight like Pepe Coin. $COPIUM falls into the second bracket.

copium crypto

The meme coin is based on a meme that has been adopted almost entirely by crypto lovers. If you were to visit any social media site and found a crypto discussion or thread we can nearly guarantee you will see the $COPIUM mean somewhere.

It is used to mock people who are upset about something and the user is suggesting that they cope with it by consuming copium.

Memes like this have a kind of built-in community as it can trigger a feeling of nostalgia in investors. This is likely what happened with Pepe Coin and can happen to Copium Coin too. Read our full Copium Price Prediction here.

Another thing we like about the project is its commitment to the future. During the presale, which was invite-only, users could only purchase a max of 1 ETH worth of $COPIUM. This shows the commitment to prevent a rug-pull and adds to its chances of being one the best small cap crypto options in 2023.

Spongebob Token – The Internet’s Favorite Meme Can Pump Again

  The next meme coin that falls into the Pepe Coin category is Spongebob Token ($SPONGE). Like with $COPIUM, this is one of those low cap crypto gems that could pump overnight and make its investors rich. It has already experienced a volatile history so we know it has the potential to repeat its previous feat.

This volatile history involved the meme coin pumping 1200% out of nowhere when hardly anyone knew of its existence. This was very soon after the Pepe Coin run and investors were looking for the next big meme coin.

It looked like it would be Spongebob Token after its initial run but unfortunately, the project had the bad luck of pumping right as the market hit a bear patch and since then the meme coin has lost a lot of its value.

sponge token 100x

Many have written the token off for good as its price has gotten smaller along with its market cap. We think it still has potential though mostly because of its meme.

Not only is Spongebob likely the internet’s most memed show, but this particular meme is also one of the most popular among crypto lovers on social media.

This along with its previous performance means we cannot write off the meme coin for good. It is more of a long shot on our low market cap crypto list but it is still worth a shot. The next bull run will likely contain a lot of meme coins so keep an eye on this project before that. Find out where to buy $SPONGE here.

Pepe Coin – Previous Success Makes It a buy

pepe coin logo We have referred to Pepe Coin (PEPE) too much so far not to include it on this list. It is one of the more interesting inclusions on this list as it is currently the coin with the highest market cap of the 13 but also many have already written it off as dead.

This is what gets it on our low cap crypto gems list. A lot of the time the best time to get involved with a meme coin project is when it is written off as finished by experts. This goes double when the coin has experienced the success that PEPE did.

This is a project that pumped by 20,000% and made its early investors millionaires overnight. Since then it has been a volatile performer but its price has been slowly falling south. However, this community doesn’t just disappear.

Nostalgia has been a powerful force in the meme coin market before and we expect it to rear its head again sometime in 2023 with PEPE.

pepe crypto

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been the top new meme coins since their inception. They still blow most other meme coins away when it comes to market cap, except for Pepe Coin which is only a few places below Shiba Inu.

Both these coins enjoyed secondary pumps after their top performances and a lot of similarities can be drawn between them and PEPE. This is why it makes our best low market cap crypto list.

Pikamoon – The P2E Game To Convert Traditional Gamers 

pikamoon Blockchain gaming is always growing but it has a long way to go before it even comes close to replicating the success that traditional gaming has.

One way this breakthrough could happen is through a game that inspires a lot of traditional gamers to transfer over to blockchain gaming. Pikamoon (PIKA) has that potential.

The cleverest thing the project has done is provide a link between the traditional gaming and blockchain gaming world. The latter can be confusing to newcomers and may overwhelm them, Pikamoon has found a way to solve this.

By basing their universe on the traditional Pokemon games with a Fortnite feel, they can attract traditional gamers over to their world.


The Pikamoon metaverse will be based on Pokemon but with a blockchain spin. Users will be able to earn native currency by completing tasks just like gamers used to earn badges in the original games.

There will also be a reward for early investors as they will be able to receive one of the 18,012 free NFTs that have already been minted and will represent them in the game.

Just like Pokemon, you will also be able to battle other players, except this time, you will be able to earn NFTs from the Pikamoon universe as a reward that reinvents the traditional game with a perfect blockchain spin. As P2E games go, this is our favorite on the market, and it represents the best small-cap crypto in this category.

Scorpion Casino – Capitalize on the Explosion in Gambling Popularity 

scorpion casino logo This selection on our low crypto gems list is comparable to DeeLance. Just like that project Scorpion Casino (SCORP) has realized a decentralized platform can greatly improve on what is currently available to the market.

Their timing is also very important as just like DeeLance their market of choice is experiencing exponential growth.

The gambling industry in America has exploded in recent years as every year more and more states legalize gambling, it seems it is only a matter of years before most of the country has fully legalized the industry.

This has meant a huge increase in sportsbooks and casinos. Scorpion Casino has recognized there is room for a decentralized platform that can improve on aspects of the current products.

scorpion casino

The site offers a collection of over 200 casino games and 160 live games which fares comparably with traditional sites. Most importantly the games are provided by the most reliable game suppliers on the market including; Evolution, NetEnt, and Play N Go. This will be crucial for tempting users over from traditional casino sites.

SCORP also has utility as it is the only currency accepted in its ecosystem. There are great benefits available for investors as well as being able to earn a passive income.

SCORP holders will be able to avail of weekly bonuses and free games giving them the chance to bolster their wallet. An easy selection on our low market cap crypto gems list due to its potential in an exploding market.

DigiToads – A Meme Coin To Reward Best Traders

digitoads logo The last coin to make our crypto with a low market cap list is another meme coin but with a difference. The project is called DigiToads (TOADS), and it is the newest project on this list which, depending on when you are reading this, likely gives you the chance to get involved at the best possible price. 

The meme itself is based on The Teenage Mutant Turtles. We have spoken about the power of nostalgia already in crypto circles, and this is sure to trigger that emotion for a lot of investors. However, there is a lot more to this project. The ecosystem aims to increase trading volume, and they have thought of a very novel way of doing this.

A monthly trading competition will take place within the ecosystem to crown the best traders. These winners will also receive platinum toads which grant them access to the DigiToads treasury. It is a very smart way to make sure that within a community-run project, that the best traders are the ones making all the big calls. digitoads

But why would a trader really want this as a prize? Well, the traders that get access to the treasury will receive 10% of future trading profits.

So, not only does this motivate traders to compete in the competition but it also ensures that the winners will take their responsibility seriously as they will have some skin in the game too.

DigiToads finishes out our low cap crypto gems list due to its novel idea, let’s see how it turns out for the meme coin. 

What is Low Cap Cryptocurrency?

We have already touched on this in the opening but after all the information you just received regarding low cap crypto gems, it is no harm for a refresher. A low cap cryptocurrency refers to projects with low market capitalization.

It is hard to define exactly what ‘low’ is in a very fluid market but 2 billion is a good jumping-off point and the market normally runs with this. For reference sake, depending on how the market is performing, there should be around 25-40 currencies above 2 billion meaning the rest classify as low cap cryptocurrency.

Main Reasons for Low Cap Crypto Market Capitalization 

So this is pretty simple. The crypto market is regularly very volatile which means it is one of the riskiest places for investors. Of course, the positive side of this is that you can reap the most rewards if you are clever with your investment.

Low cap crypto gems are the gold dust of the crypto market. They represent the lowest risk but the highest potential for return. As they have a low market cap their price will be lower as it does not draw as much attention from the rest of the market. This means they have the best chance to pump and for you to make a profit.

The other benefit of this is they tend to pump much quicker than coins with higher market caps. These are more established so the market is familiar with them, just look at Bitcoin. At its most volatile it still doesn’t move up or down by an amount that will drastically affect investors.

With cap crypto gems on the other hand these are normally much less heralded so they can pump a lot as the market suddenly becomes familiar with them and wants to be involved, this causes a chain reaction most benefiting investors that were there from the start.

How To Find Low Market Cap Crypto

Well, after reading the above 13 best low market cap crypto recommendations, you shouldn’t need to look much further but if you are looking to keep up-to-date with fresh information, you can come back to this site as you will find daily articles talking about the hot new low cap crypto gems.

Other than that social media is a great spot to keep up to date on where to find low market cap crypto. Twitter and Reddit in particular will have dedicated spaces where you can see other investors discuss what is currently on offer.

You can also check out new upcoming listings on popular exchanges like Binance, these will normally be full of low-cap cryptos that may be about to explode.

Lastly, regularly checking in with sites like Coingecko is a great way to educate yourself as they will have up-to-date lists of all the crypto rankings including a low market cap crypto section.

What Low Cap Crypto Coins You Should Buy?

As you can see from our 17 best low cap crypto gems list you already have plenty of options to choose from. However, eventually this list will be out of date and you will be wondering what next. Well, as you can see the majority of these coins are still going through presale, this is no coincidence.

Presales represent coins that have not reached listings yet so have no market capitalization. By investing in these presales not only will you likely receive greater bang for your buck with some sort of reward scheme, but you will also get a low cap crypto before it explodes in price and turns into a high cap one.

Another tactic is to isolate popular crypto and examine underrated projects. For example, at the moment the market loves meme coins but there are only two projects that qualify as high-cap cryptos. Look for meme coins that may be undervalued and you may find some low cap crypto gems.

Why Invest in Low Market Cap Crypto?

We are sure your ears are numb from this topic already but we cannot reinforce how much opportunity there is by investing in low market cap crypto. As we already said above it is the low-risk high-reward factor that makes low market cap crypto so appealing.

This is especially important in the current crypto market. With impending regulation hovering over everything like a storm cloud, the market is as volatile as ever.

Spreading out your investments is crucial so you do not get caught by one failing crypto. This is why identifying low-cap crypto gems is so important

If you cannot afford huge investments or even worse losses, these will allow you to invest in many different projects while not worrying as much about the hit you will take. Then of course the more these projects pump the more you can earn.

Which Low-Market Cap Cryptocurrency Offers a Significant ROI?

There is a reason that Wall Street Memes was top of our low crypto gems list and that is because it offers the biggest ROI opportunity. This is mainly for one reason and that is its built-in popularity already within the crypto community.

Every meme coin aficionado already knows the power any sort of following has and that is what $WSM brings to the table.

The meme coin is the first project we can think of that has the power to pass Dogecoin and Shiba Inu on the market cap list but for now, isn’t even ranked. This means investors have the chance to get involved at a price that could be a distant memory if Wall Street Memes takes off like many expect it to do.

Final Thoughts

So we will leave you with these final thoughts, low market cap cryptos are where most of your investments should be going. They have time and time again proven to be underrated in the crypto community as investors instead look for the hot trending coin.

Focus on presales and find the hit new coin before it becomes hot and new. This is the secret to success, and with such low-risk options, we are unsure why every investor does not do it.

As we mentioned above, we think all 13 coins on our list are low-cap crypto gems, but Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is our number one choice if we can only recommend one.

Will Macmaster Editor

Will Macmaster Editor

Will is a crypto expert from The United Kingdom who has been working and investing in the cryptocurrency industry for over 7 years. He has not only been an active investor but has also gained extensive experience working for reputable companies like Acroud, RakeTech, and Kindred Group.

Beginning his career as a journalist before progressing to content project management, he has worked within the digital sphere his whole career. Making him an experienced, trusted, and reliable source about all things tech that you can trust for in-depth and knowledgeable information about all the latest goings-on from the world of crypto, cybersecurity, and more!