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Connor Brooke
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New meme coin $COPIUM has caused mass excitement as its price pumps while other altcoins dump in recent days. Crypto has seen a sea of red recently, as DOGE, BNB, ETH and XRP are all down.

However, Copium has surged, leaving many traders wondering if it will be the next meme coin to pump. In this article, we take a closer look at the Copium Club project and also provide a $COPIUM price prediction to help you decide whether or not to buy the coin.

COPIUM Surpasses 2,600 Holders Following Bullish Announcements

Copium has seemingly established itself as a longer-term meme coin recently, breaking its downtrend and moving to new ATHs.

After launching on Uniswap on 18 May, it quickly surged 900% within three hours to $0.006982. However, the price action was short-lived. Not long after, the coin dumped to $0.0048, leading to some criticism over whether it could sustain itself.


That said, the explosive meme coin has surged 34% in the past 24 hours following several bullish announcements over the past week.

The most significant announcement is that the team will burn 300,000,000 $COPIUM in the coming days. This equates to ⅓ of the total supply.

The burning should reduce the future sell pressure, in turn giving $COPIUM more long-term potential.

Another announcement which has come in recent days is that Copium is now live on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

The recent announcements caused a flurry of new investors to buy the coin, with the total number of holders climbing from 2,200 to 2,600.

In summary, the series of recent bullish announcements regarding Copium have caused the price to break out of its downtrend and begin creating higher highs.


Currently, Copium has a market cap of $5,728,916 and a 24-hour trading volume of $4,372,455. Based on CoinMarketCap’s data, its market cap is currently ranked 2697 out of 9.9K, whereas its volume is ranked 281 out of 9.9K. This illustrates the current level of hype surrounding the coin, and considering its recent trend breakout, it could lead to further bullish momentum in the coming days.

Why Are Traders Hyped About $COPIUM?

One of the interesting things about Copium is that its price chart has followed a similar path to Pepe’s. The chart below shows Pepe on the 1-hour chart following its launch. Immediately after its launch, it suffered an initial dump, followed by a recovery before dumping again. Finally, the coin then gained momentum, and the rest is history.


We have seen similar moves from Copium in recent days, initially surging before selling off and now climbing again. With this in mind, Copium’s high trading volume could be in anticipation of the coin following Pepe’s upward trajectory.

In a recent analysis, YouTuber Jacob Bury added fuel to the fire by stating that Copium could be the next 100X meme coin.

One of the factors highlighted in other Copium analyses is its strong social media presence. So far, Copium has amassed 18.1K Twitter followers and 2.3K Telegram members and also published many viral tweets receiving over 5K likes.

The reason for its social media success is that Copium’s team advertently grasp the crypto culture. Everything it does seems web3-native, from the coin’s central ethos of “coping with missed meme coin opportunities” to its engaging social media posts.

Moreover, before the project launched, it carried out an invite-only private sale that offered 200 high-profile crypto influencers the chance to purchase the coin before it was released to the masses.

The move resulted in lots of social media coverage from top influencers. In recent days, several Crypto Twitter accounts with 10K+ followers have touted the coin as the best new meme coin.

Copium Token Price Prediction

One of the things that Copium has done well so far is authentically connecting with the community. Its relatable memes, presence on all social media channels, unique website and ethos have sent waves through the meme coin space.

Therefore, we could see immense growth in the size of its community, particularly following CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings.

The two factors mentioned above, combined with the token burn, signify Copium has strong growth potential for the coming months. With the price recently breaking its downtrend, our Copium price prediction estimates it could reach a new all-time high of $0.017 in the coming weeks.

Taking a longer-term outlook, it could reach $0.05 by Q3 2023 if it continues to generate hype and demand.

However, it is also crucial for investors to do their own research. Meme coins are volatile, and the price can quickly change in either direction. This has caused many investors to lose money in the past (something Copium aims to make light of).

Connor Brooke

Connor Brooke

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