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AiDoge could be the next crypto to explode, with the project revolutionizing the way people create and share memes. Its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tool allows people to instantly generate high-quality and distinctive memes just by entering a text prompt.

This guide takes a closer look at AiDoge and its native digital asset, $Ai token. We also explain how to buy AiDoge tokens now the presale has ended to secure the lowest price possible.

AiDoge Key Points:

Let’s kick-start this guide by exploring the key points of AiDoge:

  • AiDoge has created a new AI-based tool that instantly generates memes. Users do not need to spend hours creating the meme design or slogan – everything is automated. Users simply need to provide AiDoge with a text prompt. For example – “Create a funny meme about the 2024 presidential election”.
  • AiDoge takes just seconds to develop memes, including unique text and an image. The user can then share their meme on social networks, knowing that they are the original creator. Users can also create an NFT on AiDoge, verifying via the blockchain that they own the meme.
  • $Ai is the native token that is required to generate AiDoge memes. Tokens are currently being sold by AiDoge at presale prices. The AiDoge presale has a hard cap target of $14.9 million and 50% of its one trillion supply will be sold.
  • The presale accepts ETH, USDT, and BNB. Investors will need to connect their wallet to the AiDoge presale website and choose their preferred coin for payment. Credit cards are also accepted. After the presale, investors will need to claim their $Ai tokens manually. A full step-by-step guide on how to buy AiDoge tokens via the presale can be found below.
  • Do note that while AiDoge offers an innovative product with real-world use cases, presales are risky. There is no guarantee that $Ai tokens will increase in value after the presale. Therefore, investors should conduct their own research on AiDoge and presales in general. To follow, we offer a more comprehensive AiDoge project overview.

What is AiDoge and its Presale?

AiDoge has a clear goal – to revolutionize the meme industry. After all, while millions of memes are shared daily, most are repurposed. This means that the same memes are often used over and over, providing no real uniqueness or value. AiDoge has solved the monotony of memes via artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

In simple terms, AiDoge has created an automation tool that creates memes based on user prompts. This requires a simple text prompt that instructs the AI tool on how the meme should be generated.

Example prompts might include:

  • Create a meme that makes fun of the technological struggles of adults.
  • Create a meme that shows the difference between reality and expectations.
  • Create a meme that shows the happy feeling of finally finishing a big project

The possibilities are endless with AiDoge. Due to its AI capabilities, the tool can create any meme imaginable. Most importantly, AiDoge memes are unique, ensuring that users can share new and fresh concepts.

AiDoge has developed a revenue framework that requires users to pay for the memes they generate. Each meme requires a certain number of credits. The only payment method accepted when buying credits is $Ai token. This is why some analysts believe AiDoge could be the next crypto to explode – considering its real-world utility.

AiDoge presale

Analysts are also bullish on the project’s NFT feature. This allows users to provide ownership of their memes by minting an NFT. Not only that, but $Ai holders can stake their tokens to earn extra credits. $Ai holders also receive additional perks, such as exclusive access to advanced meme software and token airdrops.

Now onto the AiDoge presale. In a nutshell, it was a roaring success. AiDoge raised funds from investors at a pace even the most optimistic person could not have predicted. $14.9 million was raised and the presale concluded, but that hasn’t stopped the investors from coming in as they can still buy Ai at the presale price until June 19th when the official listings will begin.

Investors may have missed out on some of the benefits of buying $Ai tokens during the presale. However, as the buzz continues to build around the project they still have a chance to buy the meme coin before the official listings when the price could pump.

Steps to Buy AiDoge before June 19th listing

Like a lot of cryptos, AiDoge.com has a period of time between the presale ending and the listings beginning where the token can still be bought. It is still just as easy to invest, as no account or financial details are required.

Those new to buying crypto will find step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

AiDoge presale investors will first need to ensure they have a compatible crypto wallet. This is because investors will need to connect their wallet to the AiDoge dashboard and make a payment in a supported token.

AiDoge accepts ETH and USDT on the ERC-20 standard. The presale also accepts USDT and BNB on the BEP-20 standard. Both of these blockchain standards are supported by the Metamask wallet.

Download Metamask wallet

Metamask will appeal to crypto investors of all experience levels. It is safe, user-friendly, and free to download. Not to mention trusted by over 30 million people.

Plus, Metamask is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.  Those using a desktop device can install the Metamask browser extension. This is supported by Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox. The Metamask app is available for both iOS and Android.

Setting up Metamask takes just seconds after downloading it. Open the browser extension/app and create a new wallet. Choose a strong password and write down the recovery phrase. The latter is 12 words, and this should be written down in the correct sequence.

Step 2: Obtain Enough Crypto to Pay for the Presale Purchase 

First and foremost, we should note that the AiDoge presale also accepts credit card payments. This is a convenient option for beginners but do remember that this requires KYC documents. Plus, fees will be much higher than investing with crypto.

Those wishing to use a credit card can proceed to step four of this walkthrough.

Buy ETH at eToro

Prefer using crypto to remain anonymous? If so, buy one of the supported cryptocurrencies from an exchange. Most exchanges list ETH, USDT, and BNB – so choose one that offers low fees and suitable deposit methods.

After choosing an exchange, create an account and make a deposit. Then, search for ETH, USDT, or BNB. Set up an order to buy the chosen crypto – then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Transfer Tokens From an Exchange to a Private Wallet   

In the previous step, ETH, USDT, or BNB tokens were purchased from a crypto exchange. The next step is to transfer these tokens to Metamask (or any other compatible wallet). For the remainder of this walkthrough, we will use Metamask. But the steps remain largely the same for other wallets.

So, before transferring the tokens from the crypto exchange, the investor needs to copy their wallet address from Metamask. If opting for ETH or USDT (ERC-20), the address can be found in the ‘Assets’ tab. The ‘copy’ icon is displayed under ‘Account 1’ – click it.

Get ETH address in Metamask

Looking to use BNB or USDT on the BEP-20 standard? An extra step is required, as the Binance Smart Chain will need to be added to Metamask manually. Here’s a handy guide on how this works, provided by Binance.

  • After copying the relevant wallet address, head back to the crypto exchange currently holding ETH, USDT, or BNB.
  • In the account dashboard, look for the ‘Withdraw’ button. Choose the token to be transferred and paste the wallet address.
  • It is crucial that the tokens are sent to the right network standard.
  • For instance, transferring the BEP-20 version of USDT to an ERC-20 wallet address can result in a loss of funds.

Finally, confirm the transfer and wait 1-2 minutes for Metamask to credit the funds. A notification will appear when this happens.

Step 4: Go to the AiDoge Presale Website and Set up an Order   

Once there is a suitable amount of ETH, USDT, or BNB in the Metamask wallet, visit the AiDoge presale website.

The presale order box is situated at the top-right of the homepage. This displays the current presale price and how much has been raised so far. The first step is to choose the cryptocurrency that will be used to pay for AiDoge ($Ai) investment. Alternatively, click on ‘Card’ to use a credit card.

aidoge buy now

For example, we have selected ‘USDT’ and typed in 1,000 USDT as the investment size. But if opting for ETH, this needs to be stated in ETH, and so on. If opting for a credit card, the investment sizes should be stated in US dollars. Either way, the number of equivalent $Ai tokens will update in the box to the right. For instance, 1,000 USDT gets us over 37 million $Ai tokens.

Check the payment currency and figures entered and click on ‘Buy Now’ to proceed.

Step 5: Connect Crypto Wallet to the AiDoge Presale   

After clicking on ‘Buy Now’ a pop-up box will appear. This requires the investor to choose the crypto wallet they will be using to pay for the presale investment.

There are two options in this regard, Metamask, and Wallet Connect. The latter is a third-party tool that connects to most wallets via a QR code. Choose a suitable wallet and complete the required steps to connect to the AiDoge website.

AiDoge presale

This entails opening the chosen wallet and authorizing the connection. When opting for Metamask, a notification will appear. Click it and confirm the connection with AiDoge.

Step 6: Buy AiDoge Tokens    

The order box has been filled out, including the payment currency and the number of $Ai tokens to buy. The final step is to confirm the presale investment via the connected wallet. This is largely the same as the previous step. For instance, Metamask will generate a notification – click it.

Then, review the order details and confirm. This will trigger a smart contract. In simple terms, Metamask will transfer the tokens to AiDoge’s presale wallet. This confirms the presale investment has been made.

Step 7: Claim AiDoge Tokens    

Like most presales, AiDoge distributes the purchased tokens after the fundraising campaign has ended.

After the presale, go back to the AiDoge website and claim the tokens. This will require the investor to connect their wallet to the presale dashboard one final time.

Confirm the connection, and AiDoge will automatically transfer the $Ai tokens to the wallet. Do note that this needs to be the same wallet used when the investment was made.

Tips for a Successful AiDoge Presale Purchase

While most presale investments are made without hiccups, this isn’t always the case.

Here are some tips on how to buy AiDoge on presale smoothly.

Ensure GAS Fees are Covered

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when investing in presales is they don’t have enough crypto to cover GAS fees. This refers to the blockchain fee required to execute transactions.

  • If opting for ETH or USDT (ERC-20), fees are paid in ETH.
  • If opting for BNB or USDT (BEP-20), fees are paid in BNB.

AiDoge automatically deducts 0.015 ETH or 0.0025 BNB from the presale order amount to cover GAS fees. But depending on network demand, this can be higher.

If the transaction fails after confirming the presale order, it’s likely because there is not enough in the crypto wallet to cover the GAS fee. If this happens, simply reduce the investment amount slightly. Keep doing this until the presale purchase goes through.

Join the AiDoge Telegram Group

The best way to stay informed about the AiDoge presale and any project developments is via the Telegram group. Although the presale has just launched, the AiDoge Telegram group already has over 12,000 members. This number continues to grow as each day passes.

AiDoge Telegram group

The Telegram group not only provides real-time updates on the presale but also offers direct access to community support members. This is handy when investors wish to ask questions that aren’t covered in the whitepaper or on the website. The AiDoge Telegram is also useful for communicating with other $Ai token investors.

Use a Reliable Wallet

As noted above, most investors will use Metamask to buy AiDoge tokens via the presale. This is a secure wallet trusted by over 30 million people.

The AiDoge presale also accepts Wallet Connect. In turn, Wallet Connect supports more than 170 wallets. However, that isn’t to say that any wallet should be used.

Instead, consider factors such as the reputation and security features of the wallet and which devices it supports. Plus, ensure the wallet supports the chosen payment currency, such as Ethereum (ERC-20) or Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

AiDoge ($Ai) Presale Details and Tokenomics

In this section, we’ll take a much closer look at the AiDoge presale fundamentals. This information will prepare investors and enable them to make an informed decision.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $14,900,000
Min Investment 38,461 $Ai
Max Investment None

AiDoge Presale Stages

As per the table below, there are 20 stages to the AiDoge presale.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens Total Raise Price Step
$0.00002600 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $650,000
$0.00002640 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $660,000 $0.00000040
$0.00002680 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $670,000 $0.00000040
$0.00002720 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $680,000 $0.00000040
$0.00002760 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $690,000 $0.00000040
$0.00002800 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $700,000 $0.00000040
7 $0.00002840 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $710,000 $0.00000040
8 $0.00002880 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $720,000 $0.00000040
9 $0.00002920 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $730,000 $0.00000040
10  $0.00002960 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $740,000 $0.00000040
11  $0.00003000 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $750,000 $0.00000040
12  $0.00003040 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $760,000 $0.00000040
13  $0.00003080 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $770,000 $0.00000040
14  $0.00003120 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $780,000 $0.00000040
15  $0.00003160 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $790,000 $0.00000040
16  $0.00003200 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $800,000 $0.00000040
17  $0.00003240 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $810,000 $0.00000040
18  $0.00003280 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $820,000 $0.00000040
19  $0.00003320 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $830,000 $0.00000040
20  $0.00003360 5.0% 25,000,000,000 $840,000 $0.00000040
Total 100% 500,000,000,000 $14,900,000

AiDoge Tokenomics

The total supply of AiDoge is fixed at one trillion $Ai tokens. 50%, or 500 billion of the supply was sold during the presale. The remaining 500 billion will be used to support the project. This includes marketing, liquidity, and development.

Additionally, 25% or 250 billion $Ai tokens will be vested by the team. Crucially, this allocation of $Ai tokens will be locked for 10 years. Not only does this show long-term commitment but it means that 25% of the total supply will be out of circulation for a decade. This is favorable news for investors of this project.

Moving on, each of the 20 presale stages sold 5% of the 500 billion $Ai token allocation. Moreover, each stage increased the presale price. The entire 500 billion $Ai tokens were sold during the presale, so they raised $14.9 million. Subsequently, AiDoge will be listed on exchanges with starting market capitalization of $29.8 million.

Risks of Investing in Presales and How to Mitigate Them

Irrespective of the product, concept, or niche – all presales should be considered risky. After all, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market and only so much liquidity on hand at any given time.

Not only that but there are other risks to consider. For example, some presale projects will run out of operating capital. This means that the project no longer has sufficient cash to meet its roadmap objectives. In this instance, the project will simply fade away – leaving presale investors with worthless tokens.

Another risk is that the presale turns out to be a scam. Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence with presales, considering the anonymous and unregulated nature of cryptocurrency. Otherwise known as a ‘rugpull‘, the team behind the presale will dump their tokens once listed on an exchange. The rugpull will also run away with the presale investment funds.

  • While there are no guarantees that AiDoge will be successful, the project has taken steps to reassure investors of its legitimacy.
  • For example, the AiDoge whitepaper notes that its smart contracts are “open-source, security-audited and permanent”.
  • Plus, the AiDoge roadmap states that its Certik contract audit will be complete.
  • Certik is a leading smart contract auditor, often considered the gold standard for presale credibility.

Another safeguard for investors is that 25% of the total token supply will be locked for 10 years. Moreover, 50% will be sold during the presale. This removes a significant chunk of tokens from the AiDoge team – at least for the next decade.

How to Evaluate the Potential of AiDoge as a Cryptocurrency Investment

As empathized, it is important to conduct due diligence when assessing the potential of a new presale investment. And AiDoge is no different.

In this section, we explore some of the key metrics for investors to consider before buying $Ai tokens.

Token Use Case

It is important for investors to assess the use case of the presale token being purchased. If there is no identifiable use case, it’s best to look at other options.

$Ai token, on the other hand, has clear utility within the AiDoge ecosystem.

Here’s why:

  • To create new memes on AiDoge, users need to have a sufficient number of credits
  • Those without credits will need to buy some
  • The only payment method accepted when buying credits is $Ai tokens

In turn, should its AI-backed meme tool go viral, this will increase demand for $Ai tokens.


Another notable feature of AiDoge is its stake-to-earn tool. Put simply, the user will lock their $Ai tokens for a certain number of days. In doing so, the user will earn passive rewards – paid in AiDoge credits.

This is beneficial from an investment perspective. Because the more tokens staked, the less $Ai there is in circulation. This means that the locked tokens cannot be sold while they are staked.

AiDoge memes

There is every chance that the staking tool will be popular with users, considering credits can be obtained without needing to spend more money.

Market Demand

It is also wise to evaluate how much demand there will be for the project’s product or service. This can be determined by assessing how innovative and unique the project is.

For instance, to the best of our knowledge, AiDoge is the only blockchain-based project that has developed a meme generation tool that is backed by AI.

Moreover, its meme generation tool serves identifiable issues. This is because it can take several hours to manually create a meme. In light of this, most people share memes that have circulated on the internet many times over.

But with AiDoge, new and unique memes can be created at the click of a button. Users only need to provide a simple text prompt, and AiDoge does the rest in a matter of seconds.

Roadmap and Future Plans

It is rare for crypto startups to have a completed product at the presale stage. This is why presales offer their native tokens at a discount, as it encourages investors to provide funding. That said, it is important to have a firm understanding of the project’s roadmap objectives and when it aims to achieve each goal.

For example, most of the focus in Q2 2023 will be on the presale, token development, and Certik contract audit. In the following quarter, AiDoge will launch its stake-to-earn tool, enabling $Ai token holders to build up their credits.

AiDoge roadmap

Q3 2023 will also focus on new platform signups, product developments, and exchange listings. In the quarters to follow, additional features and developments will be made. This includes the public wallet for viral memes and a fully-fledged launch of its AI generation tool.

Ultimately, a well-defined roadmap assures investors that the project remains on course to achieve its objectives. Seasoned crypto investors are generally happy as long as these objectives are met on time.

Early-Bird Discount

Another factor to consider is whether or not the presale offers a reasonable discount for investing in the project early. After all,  presale investors take considerable risks by investing in a project before its concept is proven. This is why presale investors expected a generous discount, at least when compared to the proposed exchange listing price.

For example, the AiDoge presale rewards early investors with a discount of up to 22%. This translates into an immediate upside of almost 30% once $Ai tokens begin trading on exchanges.

Ethereum is another example of a presale that offered early investors a discounted price. During its 2014 presale, ETH was sold to investors at just $0.31 each. In the following year, ETH was listed on its first exchange. CoinMarketCap notes that trading opened at $2.80 – a huge upside for those invested in the presale.

AiDoge presale

That said, post-presale tokens still need to attract buying pressure once listed on an exchange. In other words, if everyone has the same idea – selling the tokens immediately to secure an upside, this can quickly result in its value declining. As such, it’s important that presale projects have sufficient visibility in the crypto community.

This can be achieved through a solid marketing plan. If AiDoge reaches its hard cap target of $14.9 million, it will have plenty of resources to market its meme generation tool before the exchange listing.


In summary, AiDoge is attracting a lot of interest from growth investors even after the presale has ended. The main attraction of AiDoge is the product itself. AiDoge has developed an AI-generation tool that will enable users to create and share unique memes instantly.

Users can even mint an NFT that verifies ownership of their meme. Investors are also bullish on the tokenomics of AiDoge, considering that $Ai tokens are required to buy meme generation credits.

Investors should conduct their own research before investing in AiDoge. Consider both the risks and rewards that blockchain startups like AiDoge provide for an investment portfolio.


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