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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BTC20 is a newly launched Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto presale, smartly building on Bitcoin’s basic structure with modern blockchain innovations.

This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to buy the BTC20 tokens and highlights the platform’s uses and features.

The $BTC20 tokens are priced at $1 during the ongoing presale, looking to capture the appeal of Bitcoin in 2011. This effort has helped them raise over $2.5 million a week after its official debut.

Key Points of the BTC20 Presale

Below are a few key points summarizing the BTC20 presale;

  • BTC20 is a new crypto based on Bitcoin’s basic structure but with modern blockchain features. It aims to recreate the excitement of the early days of Bitcoin but is environmentally friendly due to its PoS mechanism.
  • The presale price of $BTC20 tokens is $1, an attempt to mirror Bitcoin’s appeal in 2011.
  • Purchasing BTC20 involves setting up a digital wallet compatible with the presale site, buying USDT, ETH, or BNB, and linking the wallet to BTC20’s presale platform.
  • After the purchase, BTC20 tokens remain secured on the presale site until the presale ends, after which users can claim them.
  • It plans to control its token release over a projected span of 120 years, which aligns with Bitcoin’s original block distribution timeline.
  • BTC20 has already secured over $2.5 million just over a week after its official launch, showing positive market sentiment.
  • The platform’s goals extend beyond simple staking; it intends to establish strategic partnerships, enter into dApps, and offer voting rights within its platform.

Buying BTC20 Tokens: A Detailed Guide

In 2011, many missed the boat on buying Bitcoin when it was just a dollar. The prelaunch of the BTC20 token offers a similar chance to early buyers. 

Here’s a detailed how to buy BTC20 tokens guide:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

Begin by setting up a compatible digital wallet with BTC20’s presale website. MetaMask is a popular option, with a browser extension and mobile app.


Other Options: You can consider Ledger or Trust Wallet, accessible via the WalletConnect Widget on the presale site. BTC20’s platform also allows email connection through Web3Auth for added simplicity.

Step 2: Buy USDT/ETH/BNB or Use a Card

BTC20’s platform accepts USDT, ETH, and BNB. These can be obtained at a crypto exchange and transferred to your wallet or purchased directly from the wallet.

Also, card payments are supported via Wert, an external provider. In this case, you must have your crypto wallet address ready.

To get the BTC20 token, connect your crypto wallet to the project’s presale platform. Click ‘Connect wallet,’ select your wallet, and establish the connection. Then, select the crypto you want to trade for BTC20.

BTC20 Presale Page

Step 4: Get BTC20

After linking your wallet, decide how much crypto you want to swap for BTC20. Press ‘Buy BTC20 Tokens’ and follow the instructions to complete the purchase. Remember, extra transaction fees, or gas fees, may apply.

Step 5: Collect Your BTC20 Tokens

After buying, your BTC20 tokens stay secured on the presale website until the presale ends. To claim your tokens, go to the BTC20 prelaunch page, hit ‘Claim,’ and confirm the transaction. The platform will provide more information about claim dates and the official launch.

Step 6: Stay Informed

Post-purchase, make it a priority to stay updated on the BTC20 token’s progress. Check for official presale platform updates and follow the project on their social media channels. Information about essential milestones, announcements, and the launch date will be shared there.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of BTC20

BTC20 is a brand new crypto amid the ongoing market recovery that aims to recreate the initial excitement of Bitcoin when it was only $1. Unlike Bitcoin’s energy-intensive mining, BTC20 uses the green Proof-of-Stake mechanism.

The PoS mechanism at the heart of BTC20 is energy efficient and democratic. Giving weight to the number of tokens held rather than computational power gives every investor a chance to contribute and benefit from the network’s growth. 

Verifying each block distributes a fixed quantity of BTC20 tokens among stakers. This creates a fair reward system that incentivizes long-term involvement.

Rather than mining, users can earn by just staking their tokens. This approach reduces the environmental footprint and provides an income stream for its token holders.

The pace of staked token distribution mirrors the Bitcoin block generation rate, aligning with Bitcoin’s original block distribution timeline. This model ensures a controlled release of the BTC20 token over a projected span of 120 years.

This decision to reflect Bitcoin’s block distribution timeline shows a long-term commitment to the project and its community. This extended timeline indicates the project’s intention to provide a steady, stable source of value for its token holders, making it one of the top ICOs on the market.


As stated in the BTC20 whitepaper, the platform is dedicated to decentralization and transparency, making all its tokens accessible to the public.

Moreover, being an ERC-20 token, BTC20 is part of the broader Ethereum ecosystem. This means that it benefits from the innovations and upgrades of the Ethereum network. It also means the token can be easily stored in most major Ethereum-compatible wallets, providing further flexibility and convenience to its users.

BTC20’s goals go beyond simple staking. It aims to bring benefits and utility to its users. The project’s plans include creating strategic partnerships, entering decentralized applications, and providing voting rights within the BTC20 platform.


BTC20 offers a new opportunity for those who missed the initial Bitcoin rally, making it one of the best crypto to buy amid the current market recovery. Combining Bitcoin’s original design with the latest blockchain tech creates an exciting investment alternative for buyers.

To keep up with the project’s developments, consider joining the BTC20 Telegram group.

Presale Started July 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $6.05 Million
Min Investment 10 Tokens
Max Investment None

Why Join the BTC20 Presale? Key Benefits

Investors are searching for the next big opportunity as the crypto market rebounds. Here’s why BTC20 could be your next smart move;

  • Early Bird Advantage: The BTC20 presale mirrors the early Bitcoin era, offering tokens at just $1, much like Bitcoin’s price back in 2011. This low-cost entry provides an enticing opportunity to join the project early – a chance many missed during Bitcoin’s initial rally. It’s worth noting that presales, like Tamadoge, have seen significant growth after their Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).
  • Green and Rewarding: BTC20 uses the environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake system. You reduce crypto’s carbon footprint by staking your tokens while earning rewards.
  • Long-term Vision: BTC20 plans to release tokens over 120 years, echoing Bitcoin’s original distribution pace. Thus, investing in the BTC20 presale isn’t just about immediate profit but long-term returns. Plans for strategic partnerships and integration with decentralized apps hint at growth potential. An early presale entry could put investors in a good position to benefit from these developments.

BTC20 Token Distribution and Presale Info

The decision to price each presale token at $1 is aimed at mirroring the historical success of Bitcoin while making it accessible to everyone. This price allows everyone to participate in the crypto journey from the early stages, just as with Bitcoin in 2011.

Simultaneously, BTC20’s plan to release 6.05 million tokens during the presale and initial phases keeps supply scarce and appealing to investors, reflecting the supply dynamics of Bitcoin’s early circulation.

The staking model is a vital part of BTC20’s strategy. By locking the remainder of the 14.95 million tokens in a staking contract, BTC20 encourages investors to become active network members. Staking allows investors to earn passive income while supporting network security and efficiency.

BCT20 Presale

BTC20’s approach to staking also creates a sense of synergy. The more you stake, the more you stand to gain, aligning individual investors’ interests with the network’s success as a whole.

In ensuring that the entire 21 million token supply is open to the public, with no tokens reserved for the team, BTC20 emphasizes its dedication to decentralization and transparency. 

This demonstrates the principle of ‘openness,’ which sets BTC20 apart in a market that often grapples with issues of fairness and transparency.

BTC20’s unique distribution and staking strategy and its commitment to decentralization offer a potentially lucrative opportunity for investors willing to participate early in this crypto journey.

Presale Stage Price No. of Tokens % Total
1 $1 3,000,000 49.58 $3,000,000
(Additional Over Supply) $1 3,050,000 50.42 $3,050,000

BTC20 Price Forecast

BTC20 has already caught the attention of many by securing over $2.5 million in just over a week of its official launch. This highlighted the positive sentiment of the community toward Bitcoin’s green alternative – BTC20.

Consequently, this also hints at its potential for a further upside once it hits the exchange in the coming quarters. Thus, it could see a substantial upside in 2023.

Its platform is built on the proven Bitcoin model – starting at a low price and growing gradually. Using Proof-of-Stake not only incentivizes participation but also suggests steady growth.

Cryptos thrive on two pillars – transparency and decentralization. Let’s simplify these concepts.

Transparency means all transactions are public, open for review by anyone at any time, ruling out hidden activities and fostering trust. Decentralization means the control of the currency isn’t with a single entity, decreasing the chances of misuse as power is shared globally.

Shifting focus to BTC20, a new player about to be listed, some experts predict a 10x growth. But, we must see the bigger picture to make an informed decision.

We must analyze Bitcoin’s current trends and global economic factors to gauge BTC20’s long-term potential. Why? Bitcoin is the crypto trendsetter, and its moves often impact the altcoin market, including BTC20.

Finally, the price of BTC20 can be influenced by regulatory updates. Positive regulation changes could improve investor sentiment, while unfavorable developments might lead to a decrease in price.

Bitcoin ETF Token – An Alternative Investment Option to BTC20, This New Deflationary Crypto Offers High Staking Yields 

While BTC20 has the potential to offer huge returns, we believe that Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) can be an even better investment option. This new ERC-20 token is linked to the fate of the upcoming Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund).

Bitcoin ETF Token presale

Several global investment corporations have been pushing for the release of a Bitcoin ETF – which will allow traders to buy and sell BTC like a regular asset. A Bitcoin ETF also allows one to trade BTC without holding the underlying asset. At the moment, the SEC is yet to approve the first Bitcoin ETF. 

Bitcoin ETF Token is a project created to celebrate and reward its community members that support the Bitcoin ETF. On the completion of 5 important milestones which Bitcoin ETF Token has set, the project will burn 5% of its token supply. These milestones include: 

  • Official approval of the first Bitcoin ETF by the SEC
  • The Bitcoin ETF gets launched
  • The Bitcoin ETF collects $1 billion worth of assets under management
  • Bitcoin closes above the $100K mark 
  • $BTCETF reaches $100 million in trading volume 

Therefore, Bitcoin ETF Token will burn 25% of its token supply in total. These deflationary tokenomics can make $BTCETF a valuable hold for the long term, once the demand increases. As the milestones are completed, Bitcoin ETF Token will also award token holders via staking rewards. 

Bitcoin ETF Token staking

From a 2.1 billion token supply, 25% will be offered through the staking rewards. Investors can lock in their holdings on a verified smart contract, and start generating passive income. The returns depend on the number of tokens you stake, and the annual returns percentage. 

Currently, Bitcoin ETF Token is allocating 840 million tokens through its ten-stage presale. At press time, $BTCETF is priced at $0.0052 per token. The price will increase per round. Stay tuned to the presale developments by reading the Bitcoin ETF Token whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel

Hard Cap $4.956 Million
Total Tokens 2.1 Billion
Tokens available in presale 840 Million
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase NA
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, Card

Final Thoughts

Consider BTC20 as your “time travel” ticket back to Bitcoin’s early days when each Bitcoin was valued at roughly a dollar – the current price of BTC20. Today, Bitcoin’s value hovers near $29K. BTC20 lets you revisit this era but with a new spin.

You can experience the nostalgia of Bitcoin’s initial phase and today’s cutting-edge blockchain tech with BTC20. That’s what makes BTC20 an appealing option to investors.

However, just like any investment, careful research and understanding of market trends are crucial before making decisions. BTC20’s presale phase is an attractive entry point, promising upside potential over its planned 120-year token distribution.



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