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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

To find out how to buy Dogecoin20, read this guide. We explain the buying process step-by-step, analyze the project’s features, and assess its value proposition – by the end, you’ll know if Dogecoin20 is a worthy buy or a hard pass.

Dogecoin20 is not affiliated with the original Dogecoin, but it’s an upgrade from the former. It’s more sustainable and eco-friendly, and it offers a staking functionality for passive income. It’ll also have faster transaction times thanks to the proof-of-stake protocol.

The DOGE20 presale has raised almost $2.9 million in less than six days of going live, with one DOGE20 currently worth $0.0002.

But there are many fake DOGE20 scams surfacing these days – none of them are legit. Only the official Dogecoin20 website, which we’ll link below, is the real deal.

Keep reading to learn where to buy Dogecoin20.

Dogecoin20 Crypto Project Key Features

Before we explain how to buy the DOGE20 coin, let’s analyze the project’s key features to understand its value proposition:

  • Launch and PlatformDOGE20 is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Tokenomics – 140 billion fixed token supply, smart contract staking for high APY, sustainable liquidity.
  • Presale – 35 billion tokens (25% of total), over $2.7 million raised in less than six days, with 1 DOGE20 valued at $0.0002.
  • Staking – 21 billion tokens ($15% of total), early staking for higher APY (up to 300%) coupled with long-term staking incentives.
  • Key Features – presale staking with higher APY, Ethereum chain flexibility, no inflation due to capped token supply.
  • Long-Term Vision – to continue Dogecoin’s journey with on-chain staking and build sustainable passive income for people.
  • Roadmap – six phases, from presale to long-term staking, focused on providing utility and building a trusted model.

How to Buy Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) – Step-by-Step Instructions

In case you’re wondering, ‘where can I buy the dogecoin20 coin?’ keep reading. You first need a Metamask or Trustwallet crypto wallet and either ETH or USDT. You may also use fiat to buy DOGE20.

Follow the steps below:

1. Download and Install MetaMask

First, visit the official MetaMask website and select ‘Download for’. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and Edge for the extension.

The ‘Download for’ button highlighted on MetaMask

Select ‘Continue to Installation’ on the top-right notification that appears.

The ‘Continue to Installation’ option highlighted for MetaMask

Click ‘Add’ when asked to add MetaMask as an extension to your browser.

The ‘Add’ button highlighted on the MetaMask notification2. Open MetaMask

Open your Extensions tab and select MetaMask from the list.

The Extensions tab and MetaMask options highlighted
3. Create a MetaMask Wallet

Agree to MetaMask’s Terms of Service and select ‘Create a new wallet.’

The ‘Create a new wallet’ option highlighted on MetaMask

Enter a password for your MetaMask account, check the password disclaimer box, and select ‘Create a new wallet.’

The password fields, disclaimer, and ‘Create a new wallet’ option highlighted

Select ‘Secure my wallet’ when asked about the secret recovery phrase. While you don’t have to do this, we highly recommend it – it’s a backup of your MetaMask wallet in case you forget your password.

The ‘Secure my wallet’ option highlighted on MetaMask

Copy the secret recovery key somewhere safe (in a notebook, ideally) and select ‘Next.’

The secret recovery key and the ‘Next’ button highlighted on MetaMask
4. Buy DOGE20

Select ‘Buy Now’ on the official Dogecoin20 website.

The ‘Buy Now’ button highlighted on the Dogecoin20 website

When asked to select a wallet, click ‘MetaMask’.

The ‘MetaMask’ option highlighted on the Dogecoin20 website

Enter your MetaMask password and agree to the terms to connect the wallet to the Dogecoin20 website. Then, enter the amount of Dogecoin20 you want to buy and select ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Buy and stake for 309% rewards.’

The purchase screen on the Dogecoin20 website

You will also need to cover the gas fees when buying Dogecoin20, so remember to have more funds in your wallet than necessary.

Alternatively, you can buy DOGE20 with BNB (Binance Coin) or fiat. And now, you should know how to buy Doge20.

What Is Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)?

Dogecoin20 is the spiritual successor to Dogecoin, the ‘doge’ meme that reached a valuation of 74 cents and over $85 billion market cap at its peak in May 2021.

Compared to Dogecoin, the new version operates on the proof-of-stake protocol (PoS), which has several benefits:

  • Is more eco-friendly
  • Allows staking for passive income
  • Has faster transaction times and lower energy usage
  • Provides greater scalability and throughput
  • Is more versatile and can fit more use cases
  • Has fewer inherent risks for manipulation

DOGE20 is currently valued at $0.0002 and raised almost $300,000 in less than 24 hours during the presale. It’s now at almost $2.9 million in less than seven days – a good sign.

We’ve shown you how to buy the Dogecoin20 crypto. Let’s now go into more detail below to see what makes the new doge ‘Do Only Good Everyday.’

What Makes It Interesting

The meme aspect, coupled with the doge lineage, gives Dogecoin20 an almost mythical presence in the crypto market. But we prefer analysis over hype, and several things stood out:

  • On-chain staking functionality (dual utility of passive income and contributing to the ecosystem)
  • The perspective of long-term passive income if the project takes off
  • Early staking incentive with smart contract staking (up to 300% APY)
  • Simultaneous release of the DOGE20 tokens and the Uniswap listing (equitable launch)
  • Healthy yearly staking tokenomics for long-term ecosystem stability
  • The project’s noble goals of supporting community projects and charities

Looking back at Dogecoin, it might not be a stretch to assume DOGE20 will follow in its footsteps, especially with the support of the doge fanbase.

We also liked the returns calculator on the Dogecoin20 website, showing you the estimative gains if you bought DOGE20 at the current price.

Returns Calculator on the Dogecoin20 website

If you’re curious about the best crypto to buy today, there’s no shortage of new projects, just make sure DYOR when it comes to new teams.

Project Functionality

Staking is the core of the DOGE20 project.

It’s seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem through PoS, encouraged at all levels, and incentivized during the presale period with high APY rewards (up to 300%).

Another function natively embedded into the project is its non-inflationary nature, thanks to the limited token supply. The old Dogecoin had an infinite supply, which drastically reduced its future potential.

There isn’t much else to say about Dogecoin20’s functionality – it exclusively focuses on building a trusted source of long-term passive income for investors while continuing the Doge journey.


In the Dogecoin20 whitepaper, we looked over the staking tokenomics – 12.5% allocation in the first year (17.5 billion tokens) and 2.5% in the second year (3.5 billion tokens).

This shows a long-term vision from the team, at least on paper.

The general tokenomics are also looking good, with a clear emphasis on getting the word out and sustaining the project long-term.

Dogecoin20’s tokenomics

The 14 billion tokens allocated for DEX liquidity also ensure proper market trading and support price stability, giving the project a longer lifespan.


Dogecoin20 shows a classic roadmap focused on building interest and slowly growing the project through staking, trades, and HODL-ing.

Dogecoin20 roadmap

Currently, we’re in the presale stage, with a price-per-token of $0.0002 and $2.8 million raised in funds. It’s unclear when the presale will end, but Phase 4 will see the DEX listing and an influx of liquidity.

Coupled with the early staking incentive, DOGE20 might be a profitable venture for meme coin enthusiasts and doge fans. It remains to be seen whether the project reaches Phase 6 – long-term passive rewards.


Dogecoin20 maintains a healthy social presence on X and Telegram, with over a thousand followers on each platform.

Dogecoin20’s X and Telegram channels

Amassing this many followers in less than a week since launch is a good sign, though not necessarily indicative of the project’s future success.

Messages on a Dogecoin20 X post

The community is supportive, though it’s safe to assume many are interested in the speculative aspect of the meme coin at this time. And others are content creators looking for a partnership.

Once the project goes out of presale and officially launches, its social presence should explode if it manages to attract enough investors and stabilize.

Why Buy Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)?

Dogecoin20 is one of the best presales crypto this year – a meme token with a powerful legacy and plenty of improvements to boast about.

Let’s summarize the key reasons you might want to buy it:

  • Promising staking mechanism – higher APY during the presale, and on-chain and smart contract staking for long-term passive income
  • Healthy-looking staking tokenomics – progressively lower yearly staking allocations for building long-term stability
  • Security audited by Coinsultno issues identified with the smart contract
  • Faster transaction times – increases adoption rates and scalability and reduces volatility risks
  • DEX launch on Uniswap – seamless trading experience on the biggest DEX exchange
  • Simultaneous token release and Uniswap listing – equal footing for all participants in the token’s distribution

As a meme coin, DOGE20 bears a lot of promise, given enough community support. We won’t deny that hype plays a big part in most meme coins’ success, and there’s a high risk of FOMO.

But Dogecoin20 should be something you invest in because you like the project and are passionate about the doge crypto lineage.

DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making financial decisions in crypto. Study the whitepaper and roadmap, notice the community interaction, and make an educated investment.

For instance, you can read our guide on the best cryptocurrencies with low market cap for a detailed analysis of investment opportunities.

7 Red Flags of Crypto Scams

Not everyone in the crypto industry is a good boy like Dogecoin20, unfortunately. There are scams and pump-and-dump schemes aplenty.

Here are seven red flags you should watch for when investing in crypto presales like DOGE20:

  • Vague whitepaper with poorly-defined project mechanics
  • Extravagant promises of huge gains
  • Unclear or generic roadmap with no specific goal or value proposition
  • Hype as the core element of the project
  • Toxic community
  • Exaggerated time-gating and FOMO
  • Fake project sites (‘www.doge2.cc’ is fake – ‘www.dogecoin20.io’ is the real one)
  • Anonymous team members
  • Reliance on MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) tactics
  • A lack of security audits

The crypto market is gigantic and largely unregulated, so it’s easy for scam projects to thrive. However, the old adage ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t’ still rings true, especially in this industry.

Read our cryptocurrency statistics guide to learn more about the crypto space, and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to do your diligence.

Buy Dogecoin20 Verdict – Is It a GG?

To buy Dogecoin20, you need a crypto wallet – MetaMask, TrustWallet, or any Ethereum-based wallet.

Visit the official Dogecoin20 website, connect your wallet to the platform, and buy DOGE20 with fiat or crypto (ETH or USDT). You can stake it immediately for a 309% APY.

The project has good potential for growth, according to the whitepaper. There’s a healthy token allocation for staking and liquidity, which shows an emphasis on long-term stability.

But it remains to be seen if Dogecoin20 makes good on its promises. As always, DYOR ruthlessly when investing in crypto, as there are many scams running amok.


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